Sony: used game DRM is up to game publishers on PlayStation 4

used playstation 4 games

There has been a lot of fuss about used games on the PlayStation 4. Would Sony do what Microsoft is doing, and setup a complex system that limits used games on the system, or would they do what they did on the PS3?

Sony has (sort of) answered that question. The company said that they won’t mandate DRM on used games on the PlayStation 4 like Microsoft. However, game publishers will be free to implement their own system if they chose to. And considering how game publishers have complained about used games for years, it’s likely that most of them will implement some sort of system that limits second-hand sales of their games.

Today on the PS3, players can purchase and play used games. But publishers can require the game to be registered, especially when playing online. EA’s “online pass” required gamers to pay $10 if they wanted to play a used game online.

At the very least, it’s good to know that Sony won’t implement a DRM system themselves on the PlayStation 4. Recently, a Twitter campaign was lobbying Sony not to force used PlayStation 4 games to be registered online.

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  • Wow its looking more and more like ps4 is gunna go the Microsoft route on this one. O well I got the Wii U anywayz

    • You do know Microsoft is forcing DRM while Sony isn’t… right?

      • Sony might end up allowing it in the first place, unlike mentioned Wii U

      • Cerus98

        Last I heard they dispelled those rumors and left it to publishers. Pretty sure there’s articles with quotes from MS about no used game restrictions. Not that it will help their sales.

      • jaytizzle

        No, it’s the individual publisher. MS could give a shit if you buy the game from a used store. They got their license fee from the publisher.

    • bizzy gie

      There’s always eBay.

  • Nintendofreak

    good i suppose but still most publishers will put drm… but some its better than all

    • EA will be the biggest offenders `

      • Nintendofreak

        fee to own the disc n for playing online… i have seen the future and its dark

      • iceazeama

        hope ea is the only one that uses it on sony, hahahah!!!!! that would show how greedy they really are.

      • jaytizzle

        Doubtful, they just got rid of that stupid online pass thing they had.

  • This is a shame because publishers like EA and Ubisoft will defiantly use this. I’m not sure about Activision as they haven’t seemed to use online codes as far as I know, but they may use it none the less.

    • Ubisoft might not use it because they just dropped the whole DRM thing seeing how so many people hated it.

      • I wouldn’t know. I kind of lost track of modern gaming. My PS3 has been neglected for a while whilst my Mega Drive has been receiving the love. It’ll have to wait for The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls

  • bizzy gie

    Well at least there’s still hope for no used game charges unlike Xbox One.

    • Well Sony might have one but if its just a simple code then all Sony needs to do is give the consumers a cheaper price say £1 per code for each game when you use a used game, in stead of having to buy the game full price just because you have “Bits” of the game in your console… if you can even call the Xbox One a console

  • At least they aren’t forcing it, unlike Microsoft who are pretty much forcing it.

  • NintendoNoob

    Well it’s good that Sony knows what the consumers want

    • Adecentboy777

      Exactly 🙂

  • Guhtere

    And what developer’s would do this? None I think.

  • Bill Bong

    Make all game on disc and downloadable. Force DRM on disc that links the disc to the console, but not on downloadable. Disable copying of downloaded games. This way there are now used games. The forces everyone to buy the game at full price. In order to play an older title you have to download it if it’s not on disc anymore. Stores should have dic recycling program. Bring in old games to stores to get recycled. Discs, cases and manuals.

  • The Unknown Legacy

    This was probably the best decision because if they were to implement DRM, people would hate Sony. And if they were to not allow DRM, publishers would hate Sony and support them less. So by giving the choice to the publishers, fans would blame publishers for putting it. ( Although you can blame Sony for giving them the choice ) I find this quite fair.

    • Adecentboy777

      I agree with you, it was a smart and rational move from SONY

  • Metal_Man_v2

    My problem with used game DRM is this. Once games cease being produced and sold new, how are you supposed to play them? Despite recent pushes for online fully downloadable purchases, which is less convenient than running to Gamestop for many people, not all games are available for online retail.

    Pokemon is among the most emulated games on the internet. Emulators, including myself, reason this because their is no legitimate way to pay for new copies of old Pokemon games. For whatever reason, Nintendo has not put the Pokemon games on their eShop. As we know from the push for used game DRM, used game purchases don’t pay the developers, which is another reason people emulate old games.

    Honestly, I don’t think that used game DRM is going to make developers a noticeable amount of extra money. What would help more is requiring games that cease production to be available for online downloadable retail.

  • Damon Wells

    already talk of a playstation 5! check it out guys. looks pretty pricy to me

  • Shey Qwan

    Sony pretty much said “There will be DRM but it will be the publishers fault”. No matter which one you buy there will be DRM. Publishers would rather DRM both consoles then just one.