Analyst: Sony makes $25 profit on every PlayStation 4

Game analyst Michael Pachter, like all of us, is pleased that Sony priced the PlayStation 4 at $399. In fact, Pachter believes that Sony now makes a profit on each PlayStation 4 console made. His guess: about $25 to $30 profit on each console.

However, Pachter provided a bit of inside news as well, saying that Sony waited for Microsoft to announce the price on the Xbox One. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would cost $499, but had they said $399, Sony “really couldn’t go lower than $399, they really couldn’t go to $349”, said Pachter, who spoke to a Sony executive after the announcement.

Pachter also comments on the DRM issue, saying that he doesn’t see any publishers turning on the DRM feature on the PlayStation 4. By default, Sony offers DRM on the PS4, but it’s not on — it’s up to publishers to do it.

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  • Adrian

    Hmm, whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But I am very curious is Pachter knows anything about hardware prices, as well as sony’s specific manufaturing costs…or if he is just making shiz up?

  • John Andalora

    If that is true, then I’m rather glad for this. I always get concerned when consoles sell at a loss rather than a gain.

  • bizzy gie

    I agree with Pachter on the DRM matter. However, I hate that he said he doesn’t expect DRM to be enforced on PS4.

    We all know that whatever he says, pretty much the opposite happens.

  • lonewolf88

    don’t believe anything this man says even if its good news.

  • Tecpedz94

    Ya but i wouldn’t count on Pachterinfo cuz he’s usually wrong so i dunno why he still talks and geoff is a complete idiot did any of you watch the e3 interview he had with Reggie. OMG he was acting like a complete idiot with Reggie….

    • Hussain Naseem

      like reggie and geoff must have been ass buddies in prison

  • Madmagican

    Honestly, I dunno anymore; it’s Pachter
    even the Wii U is being sold at a loss

  • Somethings that come out this guys mouth is bullshit, i can feel it. You guys have to agree with me.

    • Verrayne

      I would say most not some.

  • ItzameyaToad

    The only thing I truely agree with him on is digital distribution. I think Disc based gaming/media will be around for at least another 8-15 years. Not everyone is on the digital train yet and it is likely that it will stay that way for a long time. Also digital IMO in order for it to overtake physical needs to offer more than physical. Right now buying digital on a console cost about the same as buying the game at the store. The physical copy can come with extras/it can be lent etc. while digital is on solely one console/has no benifits over disc based media except convienience of having my games in one place.Which I already have via my games rack that holds my games.