PlayStation 4 vs PS3 size comparison

PlayStation 4 vs PS3
Sony released the full PlayStation 4 dimensions and specs yesterday, which means it’s now quite easy to compare with previous Sony consoles. A Redditor compared the PlayStation 4 to the PS3 and the PS3 slim consoles, as as you can see above, the PlayStation 4 is about the same size as the PS3 slim. It’s a bit wider but a bit shorter as well.

And we have to say, we’re really digging the PS4 design so far. The PlayStation 4 ships this Fall for $399 and will include a 500 GB hard drive, DualShock 4 controller, and all the cables needed.

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  • bizzy gie

    PS4 has the best console design this generation.

    • Laud

      I disagree, I think it looks ugly.

      Unless you mean the internal design but we haven’t seen it.

      • greengecko007

        “Unless you mean the internal design but we haven’t seen it.”

        Please, use your brain.

        • Laud

          What are you going on about? Is my opinion not valid because you disagree? I think the console looks ugly as does the Xbox One.

          And it’s true, we haven’t seen the inside of the PS4 or Xbox. The PS3 had over heating issues aren’t you worried about that at all?

          • greengecko007

            Again, please ,use your brain.

            Do you see where I quoted you? This means that I am responding to that particular part of your comment. I said nothing about your opinion of the PS4 looking ugly. You can have your opinion, it doesn’t bother me at all. Now that you are more informed, let’s try this again.

            “Unless you mean the internal design but we haven’t seen it.”

            Obviously he isn’t talking about the inside of the console, because as you said, we haven’t seen it…

          • Enigma

            Laud, illogical Nintendo fanboys don’t belong here.

            Please, return home where you belong.


          • Laud

            I am no fanboy.

            I owned all three consoles last gen and I’ll do the same thing this gen. (Unless the Xbox doesn’t change it’s used games policy.)

            All the consoles look uninspired this time around, is it such a bad thing that I dislike it? You’re the illogical one.

          • Enigma

            “I am no fanboy”






          • datdude

            Actually, pics of the Xbox One internals are available online, as is the fact that there is no internal power supply and the Xbox One will still require a ridiculous power brick. Sony engineers kick Microsoft’s ass once again by building a more powerful console, which I’m sure will be quieter, while including an internal power supply in a smaller form factor. Microsoft’s box, on the other hand, requires the strength of two men just to lift the apparatus onto your entertainment console. Way to innovate, Microsoft.

          • James Michaelis Franklin

            I am with it’s very small design and internal power it will most likely over heart majorly

          • Dan Martinez

            explain to me why the slightly smaller launch 360 , with an EXTERNAL power supply and relativity large empty holes in it had a 65% failure rate compared to the launch ps3s 5% failure rate ?

          • Dan Martinez

            no the 360 had overheating issues xD and reports say the xbox one is too

    • Guhtere

      A lot better than the Xbox One. Xbox One looks terrible. But Wii U also looks nice.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Xbox one doesn’t look so sleek and new… But the controller looks nice!

        • radixe

          For $100 million it better be!! DS4 looks better though.

      • kansasdude

        Xbox One looks like an old VCR

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Agreed. I like the paneled look, with one section being dark black. Wii U doesn’t look bad either. It doesn’t look as artsy as the PS4, but there is something to be said for going simple.

  • Nintendofreak

    the first one was fucking huge i have the slim n i thought it was huge ( no the slimmer one) but hell no

  • Joel

    I hope the PS4 won’t have the same overheating problems as the PS3.

    • ppSucks

      Laud created a second account, how cute…

      The Xbox 360 had the worst overheating issues in history; google RROD to inform yourself.

      It’s also confirmed that the Xbox One IS overheating. They might even have to further downgrade the already inferior hardware.

      PS3 do not overheat; it features one of the best cooling systems in console history. Why do you think the Xbox One is in such a large ugly box, with a huge fan, and so many openings? That’s poor heat circulation. The PS4 design can go smaller; as Sony are experts at hardware design.

      Sorry fanboy; creating multiple accounts to agree with yourself; does not make it true.

      Google “low eSRAM yields for xbox one”.

      • datdude

        Don’t forget the fact that even though the Xbox One is the size of a bus it still requires a ridiculous external power brick. “Next gen” indeed.

      • Joel

        Ever heard of the YLOD? Fanboy?

      • James Michaelis Franklin

        where was it confirmed that the xbox one is over heating? I’m guessing out your fanboy ass

        • Dan Martinez

          ALOT of reports say the E/s ram * what supposedly makes it be able to get close to the ps4’s specs, is having manufacturing issues that cause it to overheat and that’s why they could and never would be able to supply more xbox’s on launch day than the ps4 * even if more people pre ordered it it just couldn’t happen* But sources have leaked is that they are STILL trying to figure out a way to make the chip work , they probably will find the best one that probably will still overheat and basicaly play chicken and then start manufacturing the closest they can pull it off till launch . I honesty doubt they will fix the S/E ram issue in three months..

  • The Unknown Legacy

    I still have the 60GB version of the PS3 and it hasn’t overheated. ._.

    • greengecko007

      My fat PS3 has given me no problems in 7 years either.

      • Ace J

        same here my fat ps3 still hasn’t given me any problems

        • Joel

          Mine has. It pisses me off to no end. 🙁

        • Unova

          Well you guys are pretty lucky.

          • Daniel

            My fat PS3 80gb, died after 2 years,but as Sony is such a Company, they game me a new one for free! 😀 (no joke)

          • Dan Martinez

            mine still works..

    • datdude

      I’m on my 4th 360, 3 of which were returned to Microsoft for repairs during the warranty period, one of which is the Xbox slim which I purchased once my 3rd 360 quit out of warranty. I’m on my first, and only, PS3. Great engineering, Microsoft. Keep up the shitty work. Between the hardware unreliability and the lack of exclusives late in this console cycle, the choice for any self-respecting gamer is clear….PS4. Sony’s exclusives are some of the best games of this generation, and I’m certain next gen will only continue their dominance. If you’re planning to purchase an Xbox One, your sanity, and your testicular fortitude (excluding the ladies), really has to be questioned.

  • ATherohatch

    looks awesome! i think the best console design ever was the gamecube

    • Dan Martinez

      meh , i never muched like it but it was a pretty cute looking console . My favorite has to be the 2nd slim ps2 and the original ps3

  • ConCity Soldier

    I own the model on the bottom. The original CECHA01 model is mines. It has backwards compatibility unlike the newer models, and it has 4 usb slots. 🙂

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks bigger than it actually is. Pretty nice. I just hope it breathes well. Consoles sit in a spot forever most times, I wouldn’t mind giving up space in exchange for a cooler console.

  • Ernesto Avilez

    In a few years, there probably be a ps4 slim and a super slim like ps3.

  • Rashid Al-Haqbany

    i just unpack my ps4 any try it for the 1st time , very disappointed ! as no support for ps3 games , you can’t custom colours or change wall paper , no apps i donut see why should wist money on it .
    but the joystick is amazing i love it , i have no ps4 camera yet but .

  • farthead9