PlayStation 4 console box revealed

PlayStation 4 box
Sony has revealed the official PlayStation 4 console box art, which you can see above. Come this Fall, this is the box that will be in the hands of millions of gamers worldwide. The PlayStation 4 box includes the console (with a 500 GB hard drive), a controller, HDMI and power cables, and a mono headset.

The PlayStation 4 reception has been strong here at E3, with gamers loving the $399 price point and the fact that it can play used games with no strings attached. Even better, Sony revealed a ton of cool games, some of which are showcased on the show floor at E3.

Since its announcement, the PlayStation 4 has been available for pre-order at various retailers. It took the top spot from the Xbox One on Amazon, and today, Amazon ran out of pre-orders — it’s already sold out.

For more photos, check out our PlayStation 4 gallery at E3, where we look at the console from almost every angle.

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  • Joel

    Really hope it’s more durable than the PS3, if it is, there is nothing that will make me choose the Xbox One over the PS4.

    • bizzy gie

      Durable? Whag are you going to be doing with your console? I think the PS4 can easily handle just sitting there.

    • GameChanger

      I’m still playing my original 60GB “fat” PS3 and it works flawlessly.

      • Dan

        Me too! Since it’s one of the rare models that’s basically 3 consoles in one, I’ve never felt the desire to upgrade it. I like how the two redesigned consoles allow for the ability to bit stream audio, but being able to play PS2 games on it was always more important to me. Granted, as I’ve been re-buying the PS3 HD remakes for all the AAA titles, the importance of its backwards compatibility is diminishing.

      • johndoe

        dam i wish i had that i would luv to play old ps2 games

    • someone never heard of the Red ring of death where u been man and if your ps3 got the YLOD then most likely you had it in a tight place and if u didnt then u never removed the dust from it.

      • Joel

        Yes, my PS3 (the older “fat” version) has the YLOD. I tried to fix it, but it’s back again? Should I buy one of the newer PS3s? That doesn’t have it?

        • well i would get a slim used or factory refurbished no point in spending full price for a PS3 when the ps4 is around the corner unless u have that much money to spare. But hey my fat is still working the fan is loud as hell but i made sure its dust free and its still working flawlessly

  • ectoBiologist


  • Guhtere

    This looks really cool! Can’t wait to throw it out once I’m done unboxing it! XD

    • bizzy gie

      Ha! Ha! I still have my Wii U box and I got in back in December. I still have my 3DS box too and I’ve had my 3DS for two years.

      • Dan

        I save them all going back to my NES Action Set box from 1988. The top of my bedroom closet is lined with system boxes LOL. The wife hates it, but they do serve a purpose of proper storage for the old consoles.

        • dividsmythe

          Yes I feel ya. I’ll just show my wife the box image and she’ll be thinking how much that God would look good in our bin. It’s almost like a alarm goes off when a new product enters our house, then theirs me like to keep every single match box. 🙂

  • DESS_M_8

    So a big selling point of the console is that it does what the wii undoes and every other console ever made before it!? Basically they will let you buy used games and lend them to your friends is a big “wahoooo!”???

    Just because Microsoft were retarded enough to restrict these freedoms? Sony are amazing for not doing??

  • David


  • Chris Smith

    399 I want 1 I have the money now how can I preorder 1?

    • Parish Gilliam

      Gamestop Buddy.

  • Jamal Brown

    cant wait 2 get this

  • Brock Puntenney

    It’s coming earlier than you think!! We’ve already got packaging!! MS is screwed!

  • johndoe

    yup i pre order ps4 day 1 and got two games with it unlike wii u i had pre order i know this will be worth it i mean wii u ok just dont have no big games but ps4 looks to be coming strong