Sony planning on PlayStation 4 announcements this week?

PlayStation 4 E3 2013
According to the official SCEE blog (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), the company is planning for a “busy week” with several announcements. To to be extra coy, the blog didn’t give out any specific details.

We assume that some of the announcements will include the PlayStation 4, as Sony has previously announced big games in the weeks prior to E3.

Sony’s E3 press conference will kick off on June 10, and there is only so much time to reveal games, the console, features, etc. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the company announced a new PlayStation 4 game or two this week (or sometime before E3).

According to SCEE, we might be getting some exciting PlayStation 4 news as early as this week. Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 console at E3 this year, but we think they’ll hold out on announcing the price and launch date.


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  • bizzy gie

    Of course they’re doing this. Sony is making sure Microsoft doesn’t get that upcoming spotlight on May 21. I’m glad Sony is pushing so hard to beat Microsoft. For some reason, the Xbox 360 is considered the number one home console even though the Wii has it beat in sales software and hardware-wise and the PS3 has it beat power.

    • Most people dont think wii was a console. Well not enough to class it in the last gen of consoles, most people thought ir was a joke.

      • lonewolf88

        lol it was a console it changed gaming with motion. thats how its last gen
        it opened a door to getting casuals and it showed us another way we can play games even if nintendo didn’t get the right games besides there exclusives it still changed alot in gaming.

  • lonewolf88

    sony is such a snake let microsoft do what they want first..