Sony: PlayStation 4 more popular with developers than any other console

PlayStation 4 eventOver the past few months, Sony has again and again praised its new PlayStation 4 as one of the most developer friendly consoles ever. The PlayStation 4 was designed with game developers in mind, with Sony going to first party developers to get their input. They even went to third party developers such as Ubisoft to get their take on the PlayStation 4.

Now Sony’s Shahid Ahmad says that the PlayStation 4 is more popular with developers than any of the previous Sony consoles. Speaking to Gamasutra, Ahman said:

“We’ve got more developer engagement on PlayStation 4 than we’ve had for any previous console, so that’s a really healthy sign”

Ahmad added that Sony isn’t just looking to add games to the PlayStation 4, they’re looking to build relationships with the developers. Sony has put a lot of effort into reaching to indie developers for the PlayStation 4. Ahmad said:

“Games are important of course, but more important to me were the people making the games, because those are the people you’re going to make the relationships with, and what you’re interested in is what they’re going to be producing”

So far, 20 PlayStation 4 games have been confirmed. Some big third party titles will even have exclusive content. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will have 60 minutes of exclusive PlayStation 4 content. The latest game to be confirmed for the PlayStation 4 is the MMO War Thunder.

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  • sdfsdfdsf

    lol, it wont be popular with consumers though, with it’s $700 price tag, rofl

    • n*ggersgetoutofctown

      Its said to be $500, you fucking idiot cocksucker!

  • bizzy gie

    Again I hope we see faster development times. 9 months to a year would be ideal.

  • fred
  • Jon

    well, seems great however from all the stuff they seem to want to put in it… are people going to be able to afford this system? people complained about the Wii U being $350. I know I won’t be getting a ps4 if it is over $400 before taxes… so I’ll be waiting a bit. Plus by then there should be lots for it.

  • lonewolf88

    over rated nothing is best its just peoples opinions.