PlayStation 4 marketing slogan is “Greatness Awaits”

PlayStation 4 marketing
Sony has trademarked a new slogan which will be used for the PlayStation 4 marketing campaign. The new slogan is “Greatness Awaits”. On top of that, part of Sony’s PlayStation 4 marketing campaign script has leaked as well, which was presented as presentation slides.

In one of the spots, with the presentation slide above, it pitches Killzone Shadow Fall in a PlayStation 4 ad, with the title “How dare you not be great”, and finally, the marketing slogan appears: “Greatness Awaits”.

We previously reported that the PlayStation 4 marketing budget will top $100 million in North America alone, and that the Sony will start the first PlayStation 4 TV ads during the Champion’s League final in Europe.

Sony is set to unveil the PlayStation 4 console on June 10 during a special E3 presentation.


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  • Ducked

    E3 awaits

  • Guhtere

    My TV awaits.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Are they trying to see if the wait kill us?

  • NintendoNoob

    Sounds good but I want it to be more realistic. “Greatness Awaits?”
    How about “The console that will change the way you game, forever. Ps4”
    And for my hating Microsoft slogan “The Ps4 and Wii U will have greatness, Microsoft can go suck our high resolution d*cks”

  • bizzy gie

    Greatness Awaits? Really? Why not try some wordplay?

    Example: Eu4ia Awaits.

    That took me less than 10 seconds to come up with. I bet it took weeks and hundreds of thousands of dollars for them to eventually come to “Greatness Awaits”.

    • Why does it need to be a play on words? I like the sounds of “Greatness Awaits” than (if Microsoft goes with it) all the slogans that will come with the Infinite.

      The 360 never had a play on words: Xbox 360, Life’s Short. Play More (2005), why can’t Sony do the same?

      Plus, this gives Sony different chances to spice it up if they decide to redesign their console…again

  • Nintendofreak

    being honest………………………..i prefer the “it only does everything” shit over this