PlayStation 4 GPU has 50% more raw power than Xbox One GPU

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
Earlier this week Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, its next generation console. And just like the PlayStation 4, it features an 8 core CPU and 8 GB of RAM. However, the similarities between the two consoles end there.

Over the past few days, several details have emerged about the Xbox One hardware. For one, only 5 GB of the 8 GB will be made available to games, compared to 7 out of 8 GB for the PlayStation 4. Not only that, the PlayStation 4’s RAM is a much faster GDDR5 compared to DDR3.

The Xbox One GPU, while featuring the same architecture as the PS4 GPU, only sports 12 compute units, compared to 18 found in the PlayStation 4. This fact, combined with more and faster RAM, no doubt means that PlayStation 4 is a more powerful console, giving developers more possibilities down the line.

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  • bizzy gie

    PS4 FTW!!

    • Last Titan

      PC for the win,at least we can get decent ports now.

  • greengecko007

    Having good hardware is expected, but the PS4 having superior hardware means that consumers may opt to buy multi platform games on the PS4, for enhanced stability.

    Contrary to what some people believe nowadays, hardware doesn’t just mean better graphics. It allows for bigger, more stable games, with better and more precise engines running tasks for games, which in turn allows for a more enjoyable experience.

  • NintendoNoob

    Whooo! I hope the devs put that extra power to good use while still making a great game with lots of new gameplay innovations

  • Well it was pretty obvious from the get go because Sony likes their consoles to be a powerhouse

  • Перндр човкса

    Well, I guess this will make up for Microsoft having DirectX.

  • Cerus98

    Not that I’m supporting the Xbone in ANY way but DDR3 and GDDR5 are comparable and each have their pros and cons. They’re both in the same “generation” of hardware so to speak. Just because it has a 5 doesn’t mean its far ahead and automatically better than DDRs 3. That’s just playing on consumer marketing that perceives bigger numbers as better. Most games also don’t need more than 4 gigs of RAM but again, its playing to that marketing strat.

    However the article does say “raw” power which is mostly correct but if that power isn’t and can’t even be utilized then its an irrelevant point. It took nearly their entire lifespans before games came close to fully utilizing the PS360. Good for longevity but bad for our pocketbooks.

    Anyway – the PS4 doesn’t need better hardware to beat the Xbone. MS handed the competition over to Sony and Nintendo with their rediculous launch event. The Wii U and PS4 could run on sunshine and rainbows and they’d still blow the Xbone out of the water.

    Why is MS always trying to do something that other devices/programs have done better for far longer? Any smartTV, HDDVR, smartphone, BR player/Roku like device and any browser other than IE.

    • Dominic Singh

      The PS4 has 50% more teraflops than the Xbox One GPU. However that does not mean the GPU is 50% more powerful. The PS4 GPU is actually 15% more powerful. Percentage difference in teraflops does not equal percentage difference in performance. A GTX Titian is the most powerful GPU in the world and cost more than an Xbox One and PS4 Put together and it runs at 4.5 teraflops. So according to this article that means the PS4 GPU is almost Half as pwerful as a GTX Titian but actually it may not even be one tenth the power of a Titian. So this article is wrong and the it should say that the PS4 GPU has 50% more teraflops but is actually only 15% more powerful. 15% is not a big difference in power so the consoles will be almost identical.

  • Markus Hudobnik


  • Taylor Stoll

    I’m just curious, where are you getting your Xboxone GPU specs from? I know a while ago there was a leak as to the specs but since that I have not seen the official GPU specs listed. I was looking for them all over the net but could find nothing but assumptions based on previous leaks. So are you (the story writer) using actual official specs or are you assuming that the previous leak is correct?

  • qiangqiang

    I’m just curious, where are you getting your Xboxone GPU specs from? I know a while ago there was a leak as to the specs but since that I have not seen the official GPU specs listed,