New Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 screenshots

Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 screenshot
Watch Dogs is shaping up to be one of the key third party PlayStation 4 launch titles. As shown in a previous Watch Dogs video diary, developer Ubisoft is working on tailoring the PlayStation 4 version for the new console, utilizing all the new features.

Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4 will also include 60 minutes of exclusive content which will be downloadable via the PlayStation Network. We assume this exclusive content is an extra side mission or mini game. Ubisoft has released more Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 screenshots, which you can find below:

Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 screenshots

Watch Dogs is scheduled for release on November 19 as a PlayStation 4 launch title.

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  • bizzy gie

    I’m seriously anticipating this game more than GTA V. Largely because it’s coming to the top 2 platforms I’m considering getting it on (Wii U and PS4).

    • Ducked

      Same here

    • Metal_Man_v2

      For me, it largely depends on how the gamepad is used on the Wii U. If it’s cool stuff, and not just basic touch buttons (which I’d be surprised if that were the case) I’ll probably go with the Wii U, even though the PS4 version is getting a little bit of extra content. I can’t pay for the same game twice though.

  • Ducked

    The lighting is just amazing.