Gears of War creator: PlayStation 4 could win next-gen

SCE PlayStation 4Ex-Epic director and Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski says that Sony could win the next-gen battle with the PlayStation 4 if they get certain things right.

Specifically, he said that if the PlayStation 4 gets its online connectivity and share feature right, it could win the next gen race.

He commented on the new PlayStation 4 share button, found on the new DualShock 4 controller, saying it will be much easier to share content and live stream gameplay.

He also commented on Sony’s embrace of the indie community by working hard to get indie developers and their games on the PlayStation 4. He said:

“It feels like Sony’s embraced a lot of that [indie] vibe thus far, as far as indie games go and whatnot. I feel like Sony’s really embraced that vibe, and [the] homebrewed and homegrown movement that’s really taken over, and what a cool thing that somebody in his garage made as a mod that is going to go viral tomorrow.”

He added that “whoever embraces that vibe for next gen wins”. Bliszinski is known for his work on Gears of War, which was an Xbox 360 exclusive. He has since left developer Epic and is rumored to be working on a new project.

Read the full interview with Bleszinski at Engadget for more on his thoughts on gaming and the future.

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  • The increase in indie games are also happening on the Wii U so that really isn’t much of an accuse. Also, I think the PS4 might only slightly “Win” the Next Gen because though Sony has some good 1st Party games, they don’t have as many as the Wii U.

  • News just in – sony/microsoft/nintendo might win next gen console war…

    • But more likely they will all sell well to varying degrees and release new consoles in 4-7 years time.

  • Ducked

    8th Gen Prediction:

    1: PS4 (84 Million units)
    2: Wii U (67 Million units)
    3: Xbox 720 (42 Million units)

    • You spelled the last one wrong, here you go I’ll fix it for you:

      3: Ouya (42 Million Units)
      4: GameStick (23 Million Units)
      5: Neo Geo X (10 Million Units)
      6: Xbox 720 (1 Million Units)

      • fu

        I love bullshit on this site! 🙂

      • Ducked

        Haha thanks

  • NintendoNoob

    Depends, Sony has to nail the bullseye to fight against the Wii U after E3 because once Nintendo releases their FP games it will be a slaughterhouse. Sony has to think really carefully about what they do

    • n*ggersgetoutofctown

      Ain’t Nintendo winning jack shit lol! You Nintendo nerds be lucky if they don’t go the way of Sega after that uber piece of shit that is the wiiu

      • You do know that Sony will be in the same boat since not many people have the money to pay for a brand new console..

  • bizzy gie

    They cooooouuuuuuld… if the console wasn’t going to be tablet-priced.

  • Henk

    Well, what would you do? Buy the PS4 that’s 500 dollars starting price or buy the Wiiu that can handle what the PS4 do ( graphically ) + you get more experience with the Wiiu just for around 350 dollars or something. BTW, sorry for the bad English and maybe the bad arguments but what I just wanna say; A developer is making a game for both PS4 and Wiiu both the console footage looks exactly the same, but the difference is PS4 is much expensiver then the Wiiu. Well would you go for the expensive PS4 or with the Wiiu that can almost handle actually the same things PS4 can do (graphically). People that are low on money for some reason ( bad jobs or whatever) would easily go to a nintendo console cause its cheaper but ofcourse the PS4 fanboys will go with the expensive console. In the first 2 years we wont see much different in both the console’s but after a while you see (probaly) the wiiu framerate drop, like BO2 zombies on PS3 and Wiiu ( I played both) you can see the PS3 will stuck alot more then the Wiiu ( Wiiu did never get laggy or whater in BO2 zombies). You see where I am getting at? And for all the people who will respond and say; YEA, rrrright but so YOLO okay for second YOLO so yes mmhmh le me thinkkkk well the Wiiu can’t handle the PS3 and XBOX 360 games so its sooooo stupid and omg omg god suck my dick please oh yes! Well did the first games on the PS3 looked that well? No i dont think so ! Give it some time and if Wiiu sells still bad next year, the n you can say to me ; HAHA LOSER , FUCKIN IDIOT ! Then its alright. 😉 . But for all the people think the Wiiu is doomed cause of No games and shit like that, well my guess is with a price around 500 dollars or 400 whatever for the PS4 , i just don’t think its gonna sell more then the wiiu , it probally would end up selling bad as shit in the beginning like PS3 and then slowly grow , just like with the Wiiu. And please wait till big games come out for the wiiu! MHU3 big game = Selled aloooot of units! And again sorry for my bad English bad arguments, but I don’t speak English so… 😉

    • Nintendofreak

      ur are right in everything u said except for one thing….u see they both are like ps3/xbox360 difference away but the ps4 has more ram ( less loading times n higher resolution textures , n more shit on screen) so that will drive sales for the ps4 u know like those idiots that buy a new iphone when the new iphone2 or 3 comes out ….so yeah the console market is suffering but not from sales or because tablets or anything its because of shitty games or games that have sequels been made to the point to where one doesn’t give a shit about it anymore..before games competed on game play, innovation n fun……when now games compete on looks like if it was a beauty pageant or something

      • Henk

        Yeah, I totally agree bro! But I think none of the company’s are gonna fail, cause Nintendo has got the innovation, exclusives. Sony has the Hardware and games. And yeah XBOX got … I don’t know ( I’m a PS4 and Wiiu fan only so). 😉

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      “the Wiiu that can handle what the PS4 do (graphically)” This is false.

  • Nintendo Troll

    Wii U already won next gen;

    Any appeal the PS4 might have with it’s near-CGI graphics will be killed by the huge size of the console and its $700 price tag.