Analyst: PlayStation 4 price and launch date reveal at E3

PlayStation 4 E3 2013
Previously, we’ve made our point as to why Sony won’t announce the PlayStation 4 price and launch date at E3. But there are contrary opinions out there. Analyst Michael Pachter, in the latest episode of PachAttack, believes that Sony will in fact announce the PlayStation 4 launch date and price at E3.

Furthermore, he thinks that Microsoft will announce the price and launch date for the new Xbox as well. According to him, this will give gamers “about 5 months” to make up their minds as to which console to get this November. Sony’s E3 press conference kicks off on June 10.

While that could very well happen, we still believe that Sony will only reveal the console and some new games at E3. Then they’ll milk the suspense for a few more months before revealing the PlayStation 4 price and launch date.

Nintendo did something similar with the Wii U, where they revealed the console and games at E3 2012, but waited until September of that year to reveal the price and launch date.

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  • Since its Patcher saying it… its unlikely

  • Jon

    I’ll be surprised if it is below $600, and I won’t be planning on upgrading from PS3 to PS4 if it is over $400 before taxes. Anything more and I’ll be waiting for price drops.

  • bizzy gie

    There are analysts and there’s Pachter. Please just put his name instead of analyst. It’s an insult to the profession. James, I know you’re not as interactive with your commenters as Ashley (well you’re not really interactive at all), but consider it. Seriously.

    • redd214

      Agreed, the amountof attention his”predictions” get is maddening

  • NintendoNoob

    While Microsoft will be announcing the Ps4 price, launch date, and some games and Nintendo will be releasing 8 First Party titles… Microsoft will have the Xbox Infinity get overshadowed at E3

    • Ducked

      Microsoft just needs to stick with PC. No one wants them in the gaming market. They’ve already destroyed it enough.

    • n*ggersgetoutofctown

      No-one gives a flying fuck about Nintendo and that piece of shit system you fuckin idiot!!!

      • Ace J

        calm down

      • The Clockwork Being


        While for Nintendo and Sony I like them both so whoever gets the upperhand I cant decided it all depends on many factor. But on the long run Nintendo=Sony or Nintendo could be slightly better.

      • NintendoNoob

        a lot of us give a flying fuck. You’re the only one who doesn’t, you don’t deserve to be a gamer if you can’t accept any other gaming companies. Go crawl up in a little corner, you baby.

  • ectoBiologist

    The best price for me would be (albeit unlikely) 450$ or lower.

  • Ducked

    Why has Patcher not been fired yet? I doubt the price or release date will be revealed at E3. Its to early if you ask me. August or September seems more likely.

    • You should take his job.

      • Ducked


      • ectoBiologist


  • Sonyfiend23

    Best prices Sony can offer is $450 dollar 420 gb model or $300 250 gb model the highest $500 540 gb model. Higher than 500 and they will fail in sales