Ubisoft: Xbox 720 is similar to PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox 360Now that Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 4 specs, the ball is squarely in Microsoft’s court. Many have speculated what kind of console Microsoft is working on, but most expect the hardware specs to be similar to the PlayStation 4.

Now it appears that the Xbox 720 will in fact be similar to the PlayStation 4. A senior developer at publisher Ubisoft recently revealed that the Xbox 720 will be “aligned with what Sony announced”. Not just similar in terms of hardware architecture, but in features as well. The developer says that just like Sony, Microsoft will focus on social, on streaming, etc.

Earlier today developer Epic, makers of the Unreal Engine 4, praised the PlayStation 4, saying that it’s “the perfect gaming PC“. Microsoft is rumored to announce the Xbox 720 at E3 this year. According to latest reports, the company is very confident in the Xbox 720, and has no problems with Sony taking the spotlight until E3.


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  • of cause it is similar lol

  • The Clockwork Being

    Well I hope it is not the same as the last gen of gaming. Wii(completely new thing) vs Xbox 360 and PS3. Xbox and PS3 being the same in the specs department while the Wii is completely different and innovate. Although I had a Wii and was mostly on PS3 side, the last gen better not repeat itself. I mean Wii U(completely new) vs PS4(somewhat new) vs Xbox 720(similar to PS4). Im still going with Nintendo(Wii U) on this one and ive been set on the PS4 too. I’m mostly going for exclusives and not being a graphics whore that why i’m going with Wii U(you know the drill with the epic games) and PS4(you know the drill. Game exclusives here too…yeah they are epic too.)

    • The Unknown Legacy

      Well in my opinion the wii u isnt really new. its technically the DS + Wii. And another thing, they literally took sony’s remote play idea and just perfected it. But i do agree with many others, microsoft should step up their game if they dont want to lose supporters. i have my eyes set on ps4 and the wii U. and sure gameplay over graphics but why not both? 😀

      • Nintendofreak

        considering that nintendo started testing the remote play with the ds i guess dey stole it…being honest xbox dont give shit come on other than halo, n gears there is nothing…playstation twisted metal, god of war,…well thats it i suppose xd

      • routerbad

        Nintendo have been doing something along those lines since Super Gameboy, It was definitely not Sony’s idea first, and the Vita integration and Smartglass were direct reactions to the gamepad. Gameplay over graphics, and you can have both, with both PS4 and WiiU. PS4 will definitely be a powerhouse, but considering the diminishing returns we have been witnessing with graphics technology, there isn’t going to be a big enough difference in actual display capability to even really argue that point anymore. Both will offer unique experiences and have excellent exclusive titles that are worth the price of admission.

        • youdoneyo69

          Sony had talked about using the PSP as a second screen but never went through with it so they have been working on this for awhile.

  • Michael

    Xbox 360 was lucky to succeed this generation due to its superb online and some major exclusives (Halo and Gears) to make it stand out on its own….But now those series are drained out, Sony is very much on the ball with their online (PS+ is extremely consumer valuable), so then what is even the point of the new Xbox? We know that MS is going to be more likely to wring out players wallets. And most important of all, who wins in the quantity AND quality department of exclusives? Sony.

    Obviously, we have to wait and see what they got, but I do not see how they are gonna succeed this gen. There isn’t room for both MS/Sony this time around, MS’s success alone this current gen will not cause the next console to succeed.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Right now my opinion is that if the next xbox sells well it will be on name alone. Haven’t heard anything spectacular about the next xbox, and being last (out of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) to crank out news and a new console has obvious disadvantages. I also know many xbox360 lovers that say they are converting to Sony this gen. Microsoft needs to step it up if they don’t want this to be a Nintendo-Sony generation.

      • Nothing5555

        I think exclusives will determine whether the nextBox or PS4 “wins”. I remember the original xbox had more exclusives than just Halo.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Well, Microsoft stepping up their game library by adding exclusives would obviously help. I’m not saying that they are incapable of doing so, but they haven’t released any news on new IPs, and don’t seem to be focusing in that area unfortunately.

    • bizzy gie

      Exactly. People aren’t going to keep paying for online when they get it for free on a much better system. People will realize that achievements are a completely useless way of showing how much free time you have to play video games. Games will definitely be easier to develop on PS4. Good luck Microsoft. You’re gonna need it.

  • not sure but im thinking microsoft has a thing going on around april 26th talking about there new console

  • Ducked

    I don’t think xbox will make it through the 8th gen. They always relied on xbox live and fps games, but now that Sony is improving on that, they don’t stand much of a chance.

  • Let see a console that will break constantly when I first start it up or a console that has free online and can last for years on just one System…. hmmm… Yeah its WAY too easy, PlayStation 4 is the one for me… next to the Wii U of course but none the less PlayStation 4 FTW!

    • Nothing5555

      Back in 6th generation, I own all of the systems, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2 as they offered different gaming experiences and had different games. Then came the 7th generation, I initially planned to buy all of the systems again but after waiting a few years for the price to drop I ended up owning the Wii and PS3. I skipped the Xbox360 since most of the games were ported to the PS3 and the fact the PS3 has more exclusives. It seems I will be repeating the same scenario this gen as I will definitely get the Wii U then choose between the PS 4 and Xbox 720 (leaning towards the PS4 ATM).

      • routerbad

        Sony fan planning to get a Wii U? Why don’t we see these people in Wii U daily comments, rather than the trolls? I haven’t decided which other system I will get, but time will tell which is going to be the best value proposition for me as a backup to my Wii U.

        • Nothing5555

          Hmmm..I don’t label myself as a Sony fan. I just like playing games.

          • routerbad

            touche, good sir 🙂 Apologies for applying the label.

  • Nothing5555

    Hmm..if both of the consoles have very similar functions then it will boil down to the exclusives and perhaps the online community.

  • Ace J

    as a nintendo fan iam actually starting to like ps4daily better. no body here is arguing about how microsoft is doomed blah blah or that the ps4 is trash or anything. guarantee you that if you post this same exact article on wii u daily, all the trolls will come out saying how one console is going to shit on wii u or any of the other 2 consoles.

    • NintendoNoob

      tru dat

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Wii U daily is doomed. The articles are nice, but there is just so much stupid in that community I can’t take it anymore. I saw a recent article where the entire first page of the comments section was just a “trolling” argument that had nothing to do with the information in the article. It’s sad really.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Unless Microsoft gets their act together and REALLY starts getting great ideas and games (and stops killing great developers like Rare), I feel like Xbox is gonna die this gen
    and I’m definitely not the only one saying this