Sony to kick off PlayStation 4 advertising during the Champions League final

PlayStation 4 champions league
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has announced that the very first PlayStation 4 TV advertisement will run during the upcoming Champions League final in May. The UEFA Champions League is currently underway and the final will be played at Wembley in London on May 25, 2013.

Recently, Sony and UEFA extended the Champions League sponsor deal to 2015. With the extension, Sony announced that they will only advertise the PlayStation brand during Champions League.

Sony has a history of promoting the PlayStation brand during the Champions League, dating back to the late 1990s with the PS1. Sony even advertised the February 20 PlayStation 4 unveiling during a Champions League match a few days prior.

It’s unknown if the TV ads will be simple “Sponsored by PlayStation 4” bits, or whether Sony has a full blown 30-second or 60-second PlayStation 4 TV spot to showcase the new console.

The Champions League final is one of the most watched TV events in Europe every year, and it’s a perfect opportunity for Sony to start raising awareness about the PlayStation 4 to the casual gamer.

Sony’s deal as the official sponsor with UEFA is worth $40 million. The PlayStation 4 is expected to launch this Fall across the globe, with a reported $100 milling advertising budget in the US alone.

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  • I’ll just wait until someone puts it up on YouTube

    • bizzy gie

      Oh yeah. Sony will do that. That’s assuming that it’s a full commercial.

  • Guest

    What channel is this on? I wanna see that new console.

  • Guest

    So many PC ads on this site. Do the mods control the ads or are they tied to the contents of a website?

  • Ducked

    A PS4 ad in a soccer game, oh joy?

    • lonewolf88

      thats what i’m saying i don’t think many gamers are into soccer i could be wrong but idk doesn’t seem right…

      • Neilandio

        Well, I know many people who own a PS console only to play PES games, so it kinda makes sense.

      • Ducked

        I guess its good, that would be like Sony advertising PS4 ad’s in a NFL game. So advertising in the most popular sport in the country is pretty smart. TV ad’s are still the best.

    • dividsmythe

      Perfect place in Europe the mainstay of PlayStation 3. As football is the number 1 sport across Europe. Also I should think champions league is going to be the most watched sporting event in Europe this year.

    • Russell Gorall

      With Sony’s stance in Europe, it makes sense. It isn’t like Microsoft running Xbox ads in Japan.

      • Ducked

        Lol, Xbox was a huge failure in Japan.

  • Perfect time to spend lots of money for an advert, when the viewers go to the toilet/fridge or bar for another beer etc…

    • bizzy gie

      Or, if they have it pre-recorded, just fast forward through those suckers on max speed.

  • Guhtere

    Just don’t make another baby doll commercial, okay?
    That thing gave me nightmares…

    • Kazzy

      Nobody really cares about a new plastic toy being advertised at sport events, unless it can cure tumors or make you filthy rich & immortal. Only idiots pay their time and money for a plastic toy and call it “valuable”…. but nobody can’t stop the idiocracy. Marketing always to make profits for the company, not the (sheepy) consumers. Mindless slaves.

      • Topher

        PlayStation is all overhype these days and it rarely delivers. No wonder that Sony went downhill massively after 2000.

        • You are talking about the Xbox… just saying…

        • Russell Gorall

          PS2 launched in 2000, went on to become the best-selling console ever. The PS3 launch was terrible, though since a few years back Sony has begun to pick up speed.

          Microsoft seems to have very little focus on gaming the past few years, and the leaks about the 720 point toward that trend continuing.

          • I have a friend who just bought another Xbox, I’m going “What are you thinking?” Moral of the story, I’m a bad friend

      • pete smith

        important stuff like beer and perfumes? what a fag