Why Sony won’t announce PlayStation 4 price and launch date at E3

E3 is less than two months away and people are already boarding the various hype-trains. Microsoft will blow the cover on the Xbox 720, Nintendo will reveal 10 first party Wii U games, and Sony will show off the PlayStation 4 and its many features.

PlayStation 4 fans are looking forward to two big reveals from Sony: the look of the console, and the price/launch date. We’re pretty certain about the first part — the PlayStation 4 design wil be revealed. But we’re not so sure about the PlayStation 4 price and launch date reveal. And here’s why.

PlayStation 4 at E3 2013When Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 back in February, they deliberately did not reveal the design of the console. That was a marketing decision. According to Sony boss Kaz Hirai, the company didn’t reveal the PlayStation 4 console — nor all of its features — in order to create hype and anticipation. As Hirai puts it, they did it to “keep people guessing“.

By withholding such an important piece of information, the media and gamers are kept guessing and anticipating the next major event: E3 2013. The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed months of exclusive next-gen coverage, with many guessing what the console will look like.

We think Sony will use the same tactic at E3. They’ll reveal the look of the PlayStation 4 console to get us interested and hyped, but they’ll withhold the price and launch date announcement until later (probably GamesCom in August). This way there will be plenty of speculation and interest around the console, as everyone will want to know what the PlayStation 4 price will be.

Nintendo did something similar with the Wii U. They revealed a ton of details and games at E3 2012, but did not reveal the price and launch date. They milked that suspense for a few more months before revealing the launch date and launch price.

It’s all about creating anticipation for a product. If everything is revealed up front, there’s no suspense, there’s nothing to wait for. We’re guessing Sony will get us all excited about the PlayStation 4 at E3 with a shiny box and tons of great games.

But the PlayStation 4 price and launch date will be unveiled a month or two later. Likely during GamesCom in August or perhaps another Sony event like the one in February.

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  • So they are doing a Nintendo… clever

    Update –

    *Facepalm* Why are people voting me down just because I said Sony is doing something clever… They are doing what Nintendo did which was to build up the console until the full announcement

    • Ironic since I already own a PlayStation 3 and I’m a huge Sony fan.
      Stop bitching, your trolling is getting moron all over the site.

      • Guest

        Yeah it’s not trolling at all saying how much you love your Nintendo on a PS gamer site, not trolling at all. Shouldn’t have insulted you though.

        • So you instantly think I “Love” Nintendo?… how is that not trolling? -_-

          • RonaldRayguns

            Well don’t you?

          • The Unknown Legacy

            ignore him. just like you i love sony and nintendo and i agree that sony is following nintendo’s steps ( WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING FOR THOSE WHO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS). and last time i remember, this site isnt restricted to sony fans only. this is for news about the new ps4. so dont bother with the guest, hes not worth the time.

          • Guest

            you have no rights here noooob.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Why doesnt my comment just delete itself

    • Ace J

      stop your fucking crying. what is your problem? the article even mentions Microsoft and Nintendo yet your complaining about someone commenting about Sony doing something similar to what Nintendo did for E3 last year.

      • bizzy gie

        What was the comment? Deleted it.

  • Snake eyes 211

    You will be proven wrong at E3 every PlayStation product has announced their price point at prior E3 so why should this be any different it won’t you will get the price point you’ll get to see the System it’ll be announced at E3.

  • Agreed august is way too late with 10 million on the first to know list you must be forgetting about proordering

  • Snake eyes 211

    You can end up being right but what I meant is I think Sony is not going to follow Nintendo strategy as we all see that strategy backfired on them. I just feel personally that holding a price point back is not a good strategy as I might build buzz for media as journalists but not for the consumers that want to know what pretty penny they have to put away to save for the system of their choice as there will probably be two SKUs

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Honestly, I think it would be better to just go ahead and get the price tag for the PS4 out there at E3. It’ll give people enough time to save up the proper amount of money between now and the fall, and also allow the price to grow on people, because it will most likely be expensive. And of course, the free media coverage from it would help with the hype too.

    Just my opinion, whether or not Sony actually does is another story entirely.

  • Unfortunately Nintendo just announced that they won’t have a big press conference, so most of their news will be low key. Sony and Microsoft have the eyes of gamers this year. E3 is the battlefield and will define just how much hype each console has. I already made a long post about how PS has anticipation built up and they’ve been building the biggest hype without attracting any more rumors. Xbox has to dispel rumors which will disappoint and enthuse gamers at the same time, but won’t have the “one-two punch” that Sony’s been building with anticipation, Xbox has very little time to build hype post-Nextbox announcement on the road to E3. Sony stole their thunder this time and now they have the upper hand and will reveal the design and price at E3 to solidify the base of customers.

    • Nintendofreak

      nintendo is making a closed door thing at e3 n showing the public on nintendo direct

    • The Clockwork Being

      Keep in mind that during E3 of this year, PS and Xbox are going to steal the show even if you like it or not, its the truth. So the best thing to do is announce so pretty good titles and a few screenshots then but some playable demos during the E3 conference. Then make a Nintendo Direct a week after E3 that will be announcing multiple titles and things to will make the gamers and fans jump in their sets.

      It was shown that many people pay attention to the Nintendo Directs so its logical. I mean what would choose. To advertise a software and its games at a show that wont be yours or make your own show with your screen time and you being the star of it. So for me, NIntendo did the right thing. Im sure if the Wii U was going to be presented at this year’s E3 they wouldnt have made this decision

      • You keep in mind, that my original argument was whether or not Sony will release the design and pricing details of the PS4 at E3 . Of course they’ll both take the show, but I’m referring to the article’s position talking about how Sony won’t give details away. I really couldn’t care less about Nintendo’s announcements or lack thereof. They were rated the worst conference last year and they were the first to start the nextgen cycle. I want to see Microsoft vs. Sony and I’m sure Sony will take the show as they did last year.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Hmm, this definitely screams Nintendo for some reason
    I hope PS4 doesn’t slow down as much as Wii U has recently (ie drop from over a million a month to under 70,000 a month)

    • There is absolutely no danger of that happening. Every other question I am asked by a customer is “when can I preorder the PS4, Can I preorder the PS4 yet, I don’t want to Preorder watchdogs because I want to get it on PS4 Instead. Add to that that there are hundreds of Xbox fans telling me straight up that if even half the rumors of the new Xbox are true they are switching to PS4. And the amount of customers who have already traded in their 360 or PS3 in anticipation for PS4 (This I don’t understand enjoy your system and games until a solid release date is established.)

      Nintendo is notorious for brilliant advertising and horrible followthrough
      Sony is notorious for horrible adveritising that looks really cool but tells you absolutely nothing about their actual product, but then making amazing games, but not properly advertising said games so no one even knows about them unless they look on videogame sites.

      Then Microsoft doesn’t really excel or fail at anything in particular they have pretty decent advertising campaigns and though the exclusives they have are few and far between they are generally well-made excluding Kinect. The horrible failure rate of their systems (yes even the newer ones talking about maybe a 70% failure rate to about 35% still a huge improvement but lower then the 25% failure rate PS3 has. YLOD TT

      So no that won’t happen there are many people clamoring for it that even if it is insanely high (it won’t be though) it will still sell. As long as has the advertised features available at launch (or is at least honest about not having them) doesn’t release a mediocre flash drive size harddrive, a mandatory update that takes up 90% of the space on said harddrive, and get the majority of all third party game development studios in the world turned against them. Then no you won’t see numbers like that. I love what Nintendo used to be and I hate what they have become. I blame Reggie Fils Aime.

  • The Xbox had more Hype after the PS4 event then the PS4 itself!! The Sony event was a failure.

    • John

      Correct! But you’ll have a hard time convincing people on this site.

      • I dont need to do that, it’s my opinion. At the same day Microsoft anounced the reveal day, Sony launched a video over the DS4… the only thin we know about the PS4

  • Ducked

    Of course they won’t reveal the price at E3.

  • heavenshitman1

    Nintendo probably did the best to keep their price down on WiiU, alas delayed a price reveal as much as possible.
    If PS4 were going to cost a few hundred (US), we’d all know about by now. Sony knows the price will be a painful stab to their customers. They haven’t wanted to announce because they’re afraid. Much like their initial plans for world wide release appears as though they will fail to deliver on
    PS4 has massive tech, it will not be cheap, and tech takes time to manufacture.

  • bizzy gie

    Not even pre-orders?

  • Adrian

    Bastards (for holding out)! If I was considering getting a PS4 I would be pissed!

  • One can only hope its not $600+. Didn’t the PS3 release at 499? Or was it 399?

  • sdfsdf

    the ps4 is doomed for failure. Here’s why:

    1. The console will be too expensive for the mass market; I expect it to be at least $600.

    2. even if significant numbers of morons buy this crap console, they wont have many games to play on it, EVER! It’ll take too long to develop games for this thing; and dont gimme that shit abt a “similar to a PC architecture”……

  • So I had never heard of this site before reading this article. After having now read all these comments I feel sick. I get the “trolling” nonsense. The problem is a lot of these comments don’t seem like trolls they seem like people who are genuinely offended by someone else’s opinion or thoughts. There is a reason why even though I work in videogame retail, occasionally review games on the side, and have played them obsessively for the last 25 years (not bragging it is a really bad addiction pretty much consumes my life) that I stay away from the majority of forums and sites. Why can’t people have a civilized discussion? Why?

    Chris Bingham stated something completely and entirely accurate. Sony is indeed pulling a Nintendo. I despise fanboys I loathe them to my very core. I used to be a huge Playstation fanboy probably one of the biggest in the world. Then I grew the hell up. You can all whine back and forth over who is or isn’t the best company or has the best products. The fact remains that during this particular console generation. ALL THREE OF THEM HAVE SCREWED US. I still prefer to play Playstation mainly due to the game selection and free online, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t made a ton of mistakes. I repeat again ALL THREE COMPANIES have screwed ALL OF THEIR FANS this generation. There is no one company any more or less to blame for the fiasco that was this console generation. Yes we got some great games, we also got some of the biggest lawsuits, buyouts, and closures in videogame history. Anyone who tries to tell me one company is “better” then the rest I can counter. There has yet to be a Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony, rep I have spoken with unofficially or officially that has been able to give valid reasons for ANY of the biggest screwups in videogame history. ALL DONE BY ALL THE BIG THREE.

    Quit your fanboy bs and grow a pair. Quit defending the companies who make the products you love and start making them take accountability for the bs they have pulled. Nintendo is without a shadow of a doubt the best at marketing between the three. The only company that has been there from the NES days on. The other two are late comers. I have information from all three sources that I am not privy to tell, because unlike most people I apparently respect NDA’s and so forth. Between Microsoft’s horrible failure rate, forced price hike of XBLA ,hacking, and reputation for how they treat third party studios. Between Sony lawsuits of modding/hacking, removing linux compatibility, reducing supported video/audio codecs, constantly “upgrading” one form or another of the Xcross media bar yet somehow ALWAYS without fail failing to implement the most basic of functions. Like oh I don’t know sorting your downloaded game collection alphabetically? Constant update that don’t give you any indication of ANY kind as to what is being updated? (they used to tell you verbatim what was being changed)

    Don’t worry I saved the best for last. Nintendo beloved by many in their early days for many the start of their foray into the world of videogames. Took a massive dump on every single one of their fans with the release of the Wii. Yet their fanbase is so insanely loyal that instead of getting upset they simply said….oh well I guess I need to adapt. NO YOU DON’T make them take accountability. All Three of Them.

    The current state of the videogame industry is a joke, and it breaks my freaking heart. That Ladies and Gentlemen is the true state of affairs in the gaming world. The more you accept the more crap is going to be dumped on you. But hey that is your choice I suppose.

  • Mudds

    One good thing i noticed sony is that there good at making puzzles for us consumers

    So Salute Sony for that

    And its good that there building up the console war crap thing
    but they have too unveil it price, bundles and especially the RELEASE DATE