Quantic Dream has been working on PlayStation 4 game since mid-2012

Quantic Dream PlayStation 4 game
Last month we revealed that Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has a PlayStation 4 project in development. Now the developer reveals that they were one of the very first studios to receive the PlayStation 4 dev kit, and that they started working on their PlayStation 4 game in the middle of 2012.

Quantic Dream’s Vice President Guillaume de Fondaumière said that pre-production on their PlayStation 4 project started in the middle of 2012. He said that it’s a “very ambitious project”, and that the PlayStation 4 game won’t be like anything we’ve seen on the PS3. They see the PS4 as a reason to innovate and create something entirely new.

Currently, most of the Quantic Dream staff is working on finishing Beyond: Two Souls, which will be released exclusively on the PS3 this Fall.

Quantic Dream was present at the PlayStation 4 unveiling, where they revealed some of their technology for the new console, like the “old man” real time rendering seen above.

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  • Heavy Rain is the best game ever.

    • bizzy gie

      Heavy Rain was actually pretty good. It was very cinematic and added new gameplay mechanics (unique button scheme and the controller shaking). But seriously I’m tired of lazy rehashes like Battefield 4 or 3.5 (basically a $60 DLC).

      • I wasn’t a big fan of Heavy Rain because it was basically was my worse nightmare came true… Quick Time: The Video Game.

        • ZER0-C00L

          it was basically was

        • bizzy gie

          I can see that. It wasn’t like a powers/magic fantasy game. It could actually happen in real life which is the scariest part.

          • So constantly shouting “JASON!” is considered realistic?

            Its only realistic because of the motion capturing but everything else its just one big quick time event which me and many other people hate. The story to me is decent but nothing to get depressed over like a lot of people and I’m more into games like Dear Ester or Amnesia because they have good in-depth story with unique gameplay to boot. I could care less about games like Call of Duty or Final Fantasy.

          • bizzy gie

            Most parents would yell their child’s name if they were looking for them. I don’t see how that’s not realistic, but I was refering to beginning when you get to know the family and you’re prepping for the party. How the husband and wife split up after Jason’s death. The coma. The blackouts. More along those lines. Those blur effects also helped.

  • bizzy gie

    “the PlayStation 4 game won’t be like anything we’ve seen on the PS3.” They better live up to that. This means making use of motion controls, Move technology, and the touchpad.