Project CARS looking for funding for a PlayStation 4 version

Project CARS PlayStation 4
The upcoming racing simulator Project Cars might come out on the PlayStation 4. There’s just one issue: funding.

Project CARS is an interesting game. Developer Slightly Mad Studio is using crowd-funding to help pay for its upcoming racing simulator. The game has been in development for two years and is coming out next year on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U.

The developer recently told gamers on the official forums that they have been certified as PlayStation 4 developers, and that they are looking for more crowd-funding in order to make a PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 version.

The studio has been under the spotlight recently by the British authorities for its funding scheme, which they believe is a false investment opportunity for those who are funding the game.

Project CARS features a bunch of gameplay modes, tons of tracks and cars, and some very realistic graphics. Check out some screenshots of the game blow (which are for the PC and could look even better on the PlayStation 4).

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  • bizzy gie

    No fair. They already have Drive Club. Why do they need funding to get two awesome driving games? 😀

  • ps4ultimania

    cuz project car will have much more driving veiws and i think will be better not that both wont be good but yeah

    • bizzy gie

      Was this suppose to be a reply to my comment?

  • KosmoCrisis

    Driving games are notoriously the first best impression a new console can make. It used to be that Ridge Racer launched with Sony systems. Then there was Ridge Racer on DS that sucked, followed by Ridge Racer on Vita that didn’t launch but was absolutely atrocious at $39.99 for basically a demo.

  • I’m getting this for Wii U but if it comes to PS4 I might get it for my PS4 when i get it :3

    • bizzy gie

      Same here.

    • The Clockwork Being


  • Wait for some reason I thought this title was PS4 exclusive… hmmm dunno

    • sdfsdf

      because ur a moron like most other ps4 fans

      • Well go fvck yourself bitch…

        • lonewolf88

          thats impossible unless you did it O_O

  • sdfsdf

    What for? This $700 monstrosity isnt gonna sell more than 100 units…..