What to expect from the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013

PlayStation 4 logoThis year’s E3 is gearing up to be one of the biggest in years. Sony is expected to unveil tons of details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 console, both during their pre-E3 event and on the show floor during the event.

Since Microsoft will be unveiling the Xbox 720 at E3, and Nintendo expects to reveal no less than 10 first party Wii U games, Sony knows that it needs to deliver some big news.

The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed a few months of exclusive spotlight, and hopefully Sony will reveal enough at E3 to carry the spotlight until launch this Fall. Here’s our rundown of the things we expect from Sony and the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013.

PlayStation 4 console design reveal

Sony should reveal the final design of the PlayStation 4 console. And we’re not expecting anything radical — the PS2 and PS3 were both black boxes about the same size. And the PlayStation 4 will likely follow that trend. It’s also likely that Sony will keep things simple with the PlayStation 4.

The first version of the PS3 was a fancy design with complicated touch buttons, while the latter “slim” versions simplified things. We expect the PlayStation 4 to be simple from the get go.

PlayStation 4 games

Sony showcased a total of 10 PlayStation 4 games during the unveiling in February. We saw a few key first party titles (Killzone and DriveClub) and a few third party surprises (Diablo 3, Destiny). At E3 2013, we expect Sony to reveal a whole slew of games from its first party developers. We already know that Heavy Rain developer has been working on a PlayStation 4 game since last year.

And since the PS4 NDAs are expected to expire at E3, we anticipate that third party publishers will reveal their PlayStation 4 offerings. Finally, we think Sony will offer playable game demos on the show floor for attendees to get some hands-on experience with the new games console.

No PlayStation 4 price and launch date

PlayStation 4 priceMany expect Sony to reveal the final PlayStation 4 price and launch date at E3, but we think Sony will hold out. Sony will use E3 to create even more hype and anticipation for the new console by revealing the final design, new features, and new games. By withholding the price and launch date, gamers will have something to look forward to, the “big unknown”.

This is the same reason Sony didn’t reveal the design of the console in February. Even Sony’s own Kaz Hirai said that the tactic was to take advantage of the media hype as much as possible, as it “keeps people guessing”, as he put it.

Brand new game reveals

Sony revealed just enough games during the February event to get a broad spectrum of gamers excited. There was Killzone for hardcore gamers, DriveClub for racing fans, and Knack for the casual gamers. AT E3 2013, we expect the company to reveal more PlayStation 4 games, both first party exclusives and third party titles. Who knows, we might even get a few new PlayStation 4 IPs.

More details on PlayStation Plus and PS4 online features

PlayStation 4 E3When the console was unveiled a few months ago, Sony only outlined some of the new social and online features on the PlayStation 4. We saw that developers had access to a wide range of new social features, where gamers could play together, help each other, even watch each other play.

We expect more elaboration on these features at E3, and more importantly, the new PlayStation Plus service. Its new features, its price, the PS2 and PS3 cloud streaming service and more, should be revealed at E3.

E3 2013 takes place in Los Angeles on June 11-13.

What would you like to see from Sony and the PS4 at E3? Let us know in the comments section! Be sure to also subscribe to PS4Daily on Twitter, and like us on Facebook as well.

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  • I actually think Sony will confirm one region release date and price point for that chosen region but I don’t see us here in Europe/UK won’t get an answer until much later

    • bizzy gie

      I doubt it. People are complaining about how expensive the Wii U is at $300. The average consumer won’t care a lick about the internal specs and just view $400+ as way too much for a console not realizing how cheap that is for an almost PC.

      It would be a waste of time and money to make a show building up hype just kill it by releasing the seemingly expensive price. I do believe we will get a launch date however (for the console and OFFICIAL pre-orders).

      • extermin8or2

        Nah pricing and release info for europe will come at gamescom

  • Ducked

    Wii U price didn’t come until September, I think same thing will happen with PS4. Hopefully were see the console at E3, and more games. Uncharted 4 would be pretty awesome.

    • Well you think about it the Wii U Gamepad was shown first and then the following year the console was shown so maybe Sony might be doing something like that only they have a few months gap between showing off the controller then showing off the console instead of showing of the controller first and then waiting a year to show off the console.

      • Ducked

        True, Sony is already smart enough to reveal the PS4 four months before E3. If only Microsoft knew how much trouble the next Xbox is going to be in as late as there waiting to reveal it.

        • I’d just like to thank both of you. This is the first measured conversation I’ve seen talking about multiple consoles without childish name calling in a long time. Thanks

  • mike

    Sony has been correcting all the errors they did in the past, with the ps3. On of the biggest ones was its price.
    Now that bluray drives are quite cheap, and the amd apu should cost much less that an nvidia-intel, the ps4 could cost like 399-449$. That price is fair, for a next gen console, unlike the 600$ of the ps3.
    Maybe the apu will cost like 60-70$, a bluray player , about 15-20$, a 750gb HD, about 30$, all the other chips and components/connectors, 30$, and assembling + case, like 20$, and 30-40$ for the 8gb of ram.
    Those prices look small, but when you pay 60$ for a bluray player, for example, if you order 10-30 million units, you can get like a 40-60% reduction. The same for a 750gb HD and the other components.
    I don’t think amd, for getting the contract with Sony, would have asked lots of cash for its apu.if an fx 8350 with 8 cores cost like 200$ for the public, and it may cost like 150$ when millions units are ordered, I don’t think the apu on the ps4 will cost more than 70-80$.

    Which makes a ps4 that will cost about 200$ to Sony.compared to the ps3, where bluray + cell alone already cost like 400-500$, its a true bargain.

    This means that Sony may be able to sell the ps4 at 399$, if they want to.the same to Microsoft.or even 349$. But I think they will both sell their consoles at 449$, for not screwing their own businesses, even if they’re ‘enemies’, but at that price, they both will sell and make money. They can launch the ps4 at 449$, and they may lower the price to 399$, a few months later, if they want.
    And that is great for us, consumers and gamers 🙂

    And the low clock speed of the apu = slow heat dissipation system = small watt bills= almost no noise for our ears= perfect silent system, for gaming or watching movies, even 4k movies.
    Future is bright 😉

    • Dakan45

      The console is weak and cheap, end of story.

  • jondySauce

    Microsoft is not unveiling the 720 at E3. https://www.facebook.com/xbox May 21st.