PlayStation 4 developers have access to 7 GB RAM: rumor

The PlayStation 4 will ship with a massive 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is a huge upgrade compared to the current generation consoles. However, according to a PlayStation 4 developer PS4Daily spoke to, they have access to “only” 7 GB of RAM. The remaining 1 GB is reserved for the operating system and background tasks.

PlayStation 4 RAMSony showcased a lot of PlayStation 4 features during the unveiling in February. This includes deep social features running in the background, new sharing options where players can watch each other play, and background downloading of games. All this chews up quite a bit of memory. Still, having access to 7 GB of super-fast GDDR5 memory is a lot better than the 512 MB in the PS3.

Sony originally shipped dev kits to third party developers with only 4 GB RAM, and kept the true RAM amount secret from third party developers in order to keep it secret from Microsoft as well. Developers learned about the 8 GB of memory when the rest of the world did — during the February unveiling.

In addition to 8 GB of RAM, the PlayStation 4 sports an 8 core CPU and a GPU with 18 compute units, both part of the same APU package made by AMD. Sony worked close with developers to give them a console that’s tailored for games. Sony interviewed major game engine makers such as Epic (Unreal Engine 4), CryTek (CryEngine 3), and Id Software (Id Tech 5), asking them what they wanted out of next generation consoles. Overall, Sony worked closely with developers to create a console that made it easy to create games.

When it comes to large operating systems taking up a lot of RAM, Sony isn’t alone. Nintendo did something similar with the Wii U. The Wii U ships with 2 GB or RAM, but half of it — 1 GB — is allocated to the operating system itself. As console makers add more and more features, they need more and more memory to run those features. Microsoft is even rumored to include advanced DVR functionality in the upcoming Xbox 720, which will no doubt require copious amounts of RAM.

Sony is expected to reveal more PlayStation 4 details at E3 in June. We’re also hearing that this is when some of the NDAs will be lifted, where developers will be more free to talk about the specifics of the new console.

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  • Mafuyu


    • James

      With a piss-poor 256bit bus. Good luck with that!

      • Hacker For Hire

        Idiot. Someone should piss in your mouth.


        • Dakan45

          On the othr hand you got such great arguments to show.

          Just killyourself already.

      • matt666

        i don’t know what you got the 256 bit from but maybe you should do your
        research before posting such crap, on the play station website they have
        the official specs of the ps4 and it never even mentions anything about

        • Nintendofreak

          exactly gddr3 uses 256 bit while gddr5 uses 128 but with double bandwidth or however u spell it) therefore they give the same result but the gddr5 is less energy efficient

  • 1GB just for the Operating System?

    Nintendo and Sony seem to be doing something right this next gen

    Microsoft… well the OS in the next Xbox is rumored to use up to about 4GB which is … stupid..

    • DarthDiggler

      Nintendo is using 50% of their memory for the OS (1GB of 2GB). You are talking near tablet level hardware there.

      • Nintendofreak

        a company solely dedicated to video games that get 100% percent of their income from video games will be less willing to risk investing on a console than a company that get most of their income from selling tv n cameras n laptops etc(n the playstion 3 had like half a gb of ram of which half was for the os)

        • The PS3 had 256MB of System RAM, and 256MB of Video RAM, and of that System RAM, only 50MB are used for the OS. That’s why the XMB takes time to load in during a game, why you must quit to run other apps, and why there’s no cross-game chat.

    • rendermonk

      Makes me wonder if the Xbox720 has 8GB of RAM, but needs 3GB or 4GB for the OS (for all non-game related functions) will it again be what holds back ports of third party games? Since PS4 will have 7GB to work with, but 720 will only have 4-5GB??? That’s a big difference when your talking about texture resolutions, frame rates, and load times.

      • NintendoNoob

        They will probably only let 4 gigs work and you have to pay for the other four to work… Like Xbox live

        • rendermonk

          LOL that was good.

        • Chris Marrow

          Now that was f%kn funny!!!!LLLOOOOLLLL!!!!!!

        • maxinthefax

          hahahahhahaha touche

    • Cerus98

      While I don’t pay attention to rumors much it wouldn’t surprise me if that one were true. Neither would the always on and no used games ones floating around. MS marches to the beat of a different drum, unfortunately its not usually a good one, at least not lately. Their OS history over the decades says it all really. Seems every other PC OS they release is utter shit. They really need to step up their game for their next console. Call of Duty can’t carry them forever. They and Sony both need something new and on the level of Mario or Zelda.

      • RonaldRayguns

        The beginning to Beethoven’s fifth should be played at the end of all your comments.

        • Cerus98

          Anything by Elton John would suit yours perfectly.

          • RonaldRayguns

            OOoo Rocket Man please

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Microsoft may not have a large variety of exclusives, but Sony has plenty. Little Big Planet is a great platformer that can compete with Mario. Uncharted may be a third person shooter, but it plays like an adventure and puzzle game in a similar way to Zelda. Sony has also shown that they are capable of producing new IPs.

        • Cerus98

          I’m not saying Sony doesn’t have exclusives. LBP 1/2 were great but they aren’t making anymore that I recall. It seems to happens a lot with Sony/MS. They bring out a great adventure game, maybe make a sequel then they’re done. Some more Ratchet and Banjo K games would be nice. Knack looks like tons of fun though.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I was just explaining how Sony does have games to compete with Mario and Zelda, in regards to this…

            “They and Sony both need something new and on the level of Mario or Zelda.”

            Also, Little Big Planet 3 has been rumored, and although Sony “Doesn’t comment on rumor and speculation”, there is no reason to believe that it isn’t coming eventually. Little Big Planet started in 2008 and has since released 2 console games, 2 handheld games, and a console spinoff. I see no reason why Sony would cancel a successful IP.


    • James

      Remember that already many of those next Xbox rumors are turning out to be false, like the always on DRM or used games (VGleaks latest article).
      WIndows 8, which will power the base OS for the next Xbox, already uses less than 2 GB and the new 6.3 Mini-kernel (Windows 8.1) uses far, far less when everything is in use.
      If anything Sony’s system will be very limiting in multitasking with this RAM setup.

      • Hacker For Hire

        You’re an idiot, you xbot. So please just STFU and keep your stupid lies to yourself. Dumbass xbot fanboy.

      • fistsofjustice

        The fact that Sony have built separate custom chips to handle all the other functions means it will multi-task incredibly well. And it won’t impact on main RAM at all, Sony have already covered this at the reveal event in February. You X-bots are the dumbest people I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across.

  • It has around 175 gb/s of memory bandwidth, a decent number for a GPU but
    still quite low compared to the high end.

    That ram is
    indeed shared for the CPU in order to avoid further design complications,
    in this case we really don’t know how much bandwidth will go to the CPU,
    but that’s besides the point because each core is clocked at around 1.8
    ghz, making fast ram even more useless.

    I’m sitting with 8
    threads @4.6 ghz and even i can barely feel a difference between my RAM
    going from 1333 to 2133. I went this route for perfectionism and my own
    enthusiasm only, surely not because i even remotely needed to.

    Also does it not have 2 CPUs, if that is the case the cpus will have to share the ram.

    • DarthDiggler

      It has around 175 gb/s of memory bandwidth, a decent number for a GPU but still quite low compared to the high end

      175 Gb/s isn’t low performance.

      I’m sitting with 8 threads @4.6 ghz and even i can barely feel a difference between my RAM going from 1333 to 2133.

      Likely the memory is not the bottleneck so making changes there won’t produce the best results in terms of performance. The PS4 is a pretty balanced system.

      • Dakan45

        and guess what? killzone garbagefall already uses 4.8gb and the os will be 1gb since it will also have web browsing and capturing for sharing. So 5.8gb already used. Hooray for next gen and lots of ram.

    • James

      It won’t fill up that fast with just the 256bit memory bus, that is used for the entire system CPU+GPU on the APU on the PS4. That’s just piss-poor and that’s not balanced at all Darth as your PC has many times the buswidth, which makes all the difference, especially when the GPU has a separate already much bigger bus (384 or 512bit).

      • fistsofjustice

        The bandwidth is 176GB per second. It doesn’t have a 256-bit bus you twonk!

  • DarthDiggler

    according to a PlayStation 4 developer PS4Daily spoke to, they have access to “only” 7 GB of RAM.

    They said at the PS4 reveal that the developers would only have access to 7.5GB of RAM. Another 500MB isn’t going to be missed if they have moved that goal post slightly.

    You know instead of posting RUMOR, why not try getting in touch with Sony and at least get the canned response.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Isn’t Sony’s response always “We do not comment on rumor and speculation”?

    • rendermonk

      Because Sony isn’t talking about it now, if they were, we’d all know about it and in turn be posting “Report:” articles.

  • NintendoNoob

    7 Gigs is more than enough to play games!

    • James

      It will reach its limit very fast. Current games with texture mods on the PC use that already and the new Battlefield 4 demo already used a frame buffer of 12GB. 7GB will soon bottleneck many modern games at high resolutions and PlayStation will always be second or even third best in comparison to that.

      • vini77

        This is not a very good analogy, PC gaming is a different beast. With consoles, developers can optimize and squeeze every ounce of power out of the consoles because they know that every user out there has the same hardware, with PC gaming every game runs differently with different types of gaming setups, so it’s much harder to optimize, especially when developers out there always have systems that are better than yours.

        With these specs, PS4 can have cutting edge graphics for a few years to come, maybe 4 or 5 years later, it will be considered ok graphics, but that’s a long way to go.

      • rahstar

        That 12gb they used was un-optimized code. Go back and read the entire article next time

      • Hacker For Hire

        Sigh, more ignorant comments by this xbot fanboy. Listen, you know jack shit about the PS4 so why not just shut up?

      • Levi Johansen

        Then why do The Last of Us look so good with 256 MB?

        Console gaming is something completely different than PC gaming!

        • Nintendofreak

          true more ram will only upgrade the textures a little n let the developer waterless down the original game therefore faster releases but the graphics overall will stay the same over the course of the console life….other than faster loading times and better drawing distance there is no real thing that the 7 gbs will help (unless u want more trees in a jungle or trash on the road etc)

  • T.Vu

    6 for Dev and 2 for the system would be perfect. So the system would run with no hitches and if Sony need to add some new feature they would have that extra ram to do it.

    • 1GB is plenty with an optimized OS. The PS3’s OS is a memory hog with great programmers you don’t need more memory. Think about it. a PC uses around 1-3 GB dedicated to the OS a console doesn’t need nearly as much memory.

  • I remember Sony saying before though that they had a chip on the ps4 dedicated to the OS so that they wouldn’t have to use any of the 8gb of GDDR5 Ram, this is coupled with a dedicated Gaikai/Bluetooth/Vita chip so that streaming and NFC functionality wouldn’t take a toll on the system. This is what I’ve heard.

    • oddvintagetaco

      its a arm chip for Gaikai/sharing/downloading. but maybe they can add a stronger arm chip so the OS can run there too?

  • I think it’s great that they’ve dedicated a decent amount of RAM for the OS without reducing the amount for games significantly, In fact devs have three more gigabytes to play with than they had expected. They could even assign more RAM for games as the OS matures and it becomes more optimized in the form of software updates, like they did with the PS3 and like when they overclocked the PSP.

  • Ray01x

    7 gigs will make games Look better, but is that it?
    Is that all we’re gonna get Next-gen from the PS4? Playing the same Shooters/Cinematic Movie type-games with More Realistic graphics with ENORMOUS Developement costs(Where not even 5 million sold copies make a Profit)?!
    That is not the route Videogames need to go, Its possible that it could cause the Next Videogame Crash. :/

    • TheDocMontalban

      How about letting the devs start making games with all the new headroom in the console and the new open x86 architecture, before crying that the sky is falling, Chicken Little.

  • bizzy gie


  • bizzy gie

    Seven gigs is still a lot to develop for as opposed to 512 megs. That’s a crazy jump upward.

  • The amount of RAM the PS4 was going to have kept changing…it wasn’t “kept secret to keep MS from finding out.” They found out later in the development cycle that they were going to be able to acquire more RAM from their suppliers so they bumped up the specs.

  • Garrison Shields

    This appears to be the only verifiable source story for the rumor that PS4 was supposed to run on 1GB for the OS. You may wish to consult your developer source if you want to counter the current internet storm and land a lot of hits. (Or, transversely, avoid a massive public lashback.)

  • ollie

    5 GB !

  • logat890

    size isnt everything! that’s like pullin down your pants to show off your cock! whats the clock speed on the ram? memory bus? are we looking at a shared memory architecture here? bec that’s what it appears to be. 8gb but 1gb reserved for system.