Developer: PlayStation 4 was designed for American gamers

BlazBlue PlayStation 4Japanese developer Toshimichi Mori, the man behind the BlazBlue fighting games for the PS3, recently commented on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console.

While Mori was generally impressed and looking forward to it, he had some reservations about the social features Sony is building into the PlayStation 4.

In a recent interview with Japanese PlayStation magazine Dengeki, Mori shared his thoughts on PlayStation 4’s social features and how they’re not suited for the Japanese market.

Mori said that the PlayStation 4 social features and the integration with social networks such as Facebook was created for American and European gamers, as the Japanese are generally much more private. Facebook isn’t as popular in Japan because people prefer not to use their real names online.

Sony has confirmed that it’s possible to use your real name in your PlayStation 4 account, or your PSN user ID.

Mori said that the PlayStation 4 was designed for North American gamers in particular, where Facebook, YouTube, etc. are popular, where people share a lot of content. It isn’t that way in Japan, where most people prefer to stay anonymous online. But Mori understands that “the Japanese market is unique”, and that there are big culture differences between the two sides.

Finally, Mori confirmed that he and his studio are working on a new PlayStation 4 game. He didn’t give any further specifics, but we expect it to be another entry in the BlazBlue series. If you haven’t heard about BlazBlue, you’re not alone. The fighting games have only been released in Japan.

The Japanese gaming culture has always been different from the Western world. Game arcades are still very popular in Japan, and the type of console games they play can be quite different from what we play. For example, first person shooters are some of the worst selling titles in Japan, while in the US and Europe, they’re always at the top of the sales charts.

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  • EmptySkyForm

    If you haven’t heard about BlazBlue, you’re not alone. The fighting games have only been released in Japan. ??? All Blazblue games have been localized so far.

    Anyways to cater to the Japanese they need a nico app to substitute for youtube (which the vita already has) and anime apps (ps3 already has some).

  • The Unknown Legacy

    I swear the title got me worried. I thought the PS4 will turn into Microsoft with FPS games everywhere. Thank god they meant the social features. Japanese games are what makes Sony and Nintendo awesome.

    • The Clockwork Being

      you have no opinion noooob]

    • Nintendofreak

      they probably arent going to bring it here

    • Ducked

      Lol! I thought the same exact thing.

  • bizzy gie

    That last part of that last sentence in the article disappointed me so much.

    • Ibi Salmon

      Your disappointment doesn’t make it any less true.

      • bizzy gie

        I know…unfortunately.

        • Ibi Salmon

          Look on the bright side, though. When a game genre rises in popularity, it eventually fades in to obscurity. It has happened with platformers and fighting games. It’ll only be a matter of time before the same will happen to the FPS genre.

          • bizzy gie

            I hope so. It’s a shame pointing a gun at a body and holding the r trigger until they fall down is what’s considered the best of video games in the west.

          • Ibi Salmon

            Not that I don’t agree with you, but one could make a similar statements about other genres when they were popular.

            Platformers: “It’s a shame a person jumping on glorified blocks and dodging random obstacles is what’s considered the best of video games.”

            Fighting games: “It’s a shame two people beating each other up senselessly is what’s considered the best of video games.”

            I could go on, but you get my point. When a genre gets popular, there will be a lot of games that will get made that incorporate the basic elements of that genre. But people will get sick of that popular genre with time and spend their money elsewhere.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s not that it’s popular. It’s extremely repetitive. Kill Zone, Battlefield, Black Ops, Tom Clancy, Medal of Honor, Crysis, etc. There are way too many games doing the same thing and people keep buying into it over and over again so much so to where in tops in sales. Battlefield 4 isn’t even all that different from BF3. It pains me that lack of creativity and rehashing tricks Americans so easily. People here are generally stupid and I just hate to see it is all.

          • Ibi Salmon

            I’d like to think that it isn’t that they’re being tricked in to buying these, but that most American gamers just stick with what they know because that’s what is familiar to them. Any genre other than shooters is relatively foreign to them and they don’t know whether they’ll have fun with those games. Not everyone is like that, of course. I know quite a few people who play these types of shooters, but they’re not afraid of playing games from other genres.

            I think it’s worth mentioning that good FPS games do one of two things:

            1. Make shooting things rewarding. This can come from giving you a variety of weapons, fighting challenging enemies, giving you a variety of tools to take enemies down. I think the old-school Call of Duty games are good examples of this. Call of Duty 2, especially(the original COD2, not modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 2).

            2. Do something original with the genre. A fine example would be Bioshock. You’re given a variety of weapons, both familiar and creative ones as well as different types of ammo that have different effects on enemies(A feature sorely missed in Infinite, but that’s a different story). You’re also given special powers that allow creative ways to take down enemies. Not to mention, you’re put in an immersive, dystopian environment that added a sense of tension as well as taking part in an engaging storyline that explores the themes of philosophies and the flaws behind them.

            A part of me likes to think that before FPS games became repetitive, they were a lot of fun and there were good FPS games that helped rose the genre in to the popularity it has today.

          • bizzy gie

            FPSs aren’t horrible. I like them. I actually owned Call of Duty 3 (not Modern Warfare 3) and currently own Black Ops 2. They’re fun to play especially with objectives like diamond camo and different modes like Zombies, but I don’t think it’s enough to top sales.

            I guess you’re right about gamers not wanting to try different genres. Gaming is an expensive hobby and I’ll never pay $60 for an RPG or MMORG.

            Still though, there seem to be so many FPSs. They should try something like hand-to-hand combat when you’re out of weapons. That’d be so fun in Black Ops (or any shooter for that matter).

            Or allow you to operate vehicles like cars.
            Just switch up overall gameplay a little bit.

          • Ibi Salmon

            True. it’s pretty clear most FPS games don’t offer a lot of variety. Variety is something that’s needed. Otherwise, it has no business being a $60 game.

          • dpg70

            Pulled that idiotic comment out of your ass, eh?

          • bizzy gie

            Not really, but if you have insight, please do share. 🙂

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Did anyone else get concerned when they read this article?
    I like america and all but FPS is the dominating genre here and I fucking hate FPS games (aside from a select few like Metroid Prime, Half-Life, Portal, and Bioshock)

    • The Clockwork Being

      Yeah true. But Metroid is a FPS/Adventure, Bioshock’s story is perfect and Half-Life is just too good. But we need more genres of video games, I mean work on the adventure, the fantasy, the puzzles or mix them up a bit, you know what I mean

  • I can’t take a breath thinking every time I read the title .

  • Ducked

    For a minute I thought the PS4 was gonna be just like Xbox. Thank God its just social stuff.

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