Whoops: PlayStation 4 can’t play audio CDs

PlayStation 4 wont play audio CDs
Here’s an interesting bit of PlayStation 4 news that came out from a recent interview with Sony’s Mark Cerny: the PlayStation 4 will read data CDs, but will not play audio CDs. While CD music has been on the out for many years, it’s interesting that Sony would omit such a basic feature.

The PlayStation 4 will play Blu-ray and DVD movies, but apparently, Sony has decided that audio CD playback isn’t necessary. Which is an interesting choice no matter how you cut it: Sony has a large music empire that still sells millions of music CDs every year. Adding audio CD playback doesn’t require any additional hardware, it’s just a software/firmware addition to the console. Which makes Sony’s choice even more puzzling.

Just like the PS3, the PlayStation 4 will play MP3 music files and a variety of video files from external storage devices (such as USB sticks).

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  • Utterly bizarre decision, I’m fairly sure a firmware update will be able to address this should enough requests be made…

  • Laud

    This isn’t really a big deal to me.

    I see gaming consoles as gaming consoles, not a place to listen to CDs.

    Besides, who even uses CDs anymore? Quit living in the stone age.

    • Brock Puntenney

      I agree physical disc format for music has pretty much been eliminated. I expect the same will happen to our games and movies halfway through the next gen cycle.

      • I really hope you’re wrong, especially concerning movies.

        I enjoy having the physical copy, free to take it to a friends house to listen to/watch/play as I please. The idea of taking my HDD with absolutely all my media on is a risk I’m not yet willing to take (yes, I could have a second as a backup, but how many of us actually regularly backup our files? I intend to but probably get round to it once a year or so…).

        Despite having all my music ripped from CDs to listen to on my phone, I still use a CD player in my Kitchen and car frequently.

        My other issue lies with property rights. Digital copies cannot be sold or passed on as I choose fit.

        • therealruben1


        • Laud

          Yeah you can, you can put it on an USB flash drive, those will be around for quite some time. Longer than CDs.

        • Actually you are wrong, Digital copies of music can be sold via Amazon since now they are starting up a thing in which you can sale your unused music to a friend or give it to them for free.

          • That’s a positive, but you can’t do it with UV movies, itunes etc. Also what happens when you die? When you purchase digital copies you effectively are renting the right to use the media on any device you choose when you choose.
            I’m much happier having the physical form first and getting the digital version by ripping the CD/DVD/Bluray or downloading the digital copy, which is how I have been doing it for a long time.

          • You do know you can give your computer or MP3 to a family member when you die, right?

          • Marcus2012

            Yeah, torrented music, but when you die, your iTunes account disappears, and no one can access it, google it dude, it’s seriously happened before.

          • Oh, funnily enough I just read this on the BBC news website today!


            Seems like digital music sales won’t be allowed after all!

        • Brock Puntenney

          The problem is in the costs and waste. Costs to the consumer, costs to manufacture, and the waste we create by running off 10 million copies and only selling 5 mil. The ultimate solution is digital purchases saved in cloud storage that is streamed to you through a service that is accessible from your game console, pc, smart phone, and tablet etc…

          • Brock Puntenney

            Think of it like Netflix instant streaming, but for all of your content. Music, Games, Movies, even Books/Magazines. Your whole library saved to the cloud and accessible anywhere from any device. The only thing required would be a log in.

        • tronic307

          It doesn’t look as if 4k movies will have a physical medium. BDXL doesn’t seem large enough. The 9th gen consoles (if any) could be digital only, with mechanical HDDs completely phased out by either 9th or 10th gen.

          • An interesting point, but SS memory is cheap these days, whats to say you won’t buy 4k movies on a “micro sd card” of the future able to hold 128GB or more.

            I’m sure I read a year or so ago on the BBC website about a CD able to store 10 Terabytes or more (it was very much in early development though and probably not very commercially viable).

    • CD’s sound better than MP3’s. I do admit that I prefer a USB drive though./

      • Marcus2012

        rip your cds to flac and join the 21st century.

    • Cappernougght

      And if Xbox One did this they would be burnt at the stakes.

    • subbie

      Anyone who doesn’t want the crappy quality of 128kbps digital downloads?

  • Sdudyoy

    Who care’s? I see audio CD’s for the car more than at home anyway.

    • In truth probably not that many. But seeing as it is just a matter of firmware it is surprising enough to be reported in my opinion.

      The only people I see being inconvenienced are those who use their current console to play music on who won’t want more than one machine connected to their TV set-up. For example, if you have a decent home entertainment system with a quality amp and surround sound speakers, using your ps3 as a cd/bluray player then this might irk you to learn you now need a separate cd player should you wish to upgrade to ps4. Again, I realise this probably won’t be many people.

      I am not one who is affected, like you I generally use my CDs in my car!

  • Barters

    Is there a new super high fidelity CD format on the way? Maybe a reason to ditch vinyl for once? And anyone who listens to mp3s at home through a good stereo is either deaf or ignorant. Analogue all the way baby…..

  • Cerus98

    What a cheap cop-out. Lots of people play audio CDs. I use my PS3 to play my sons baby music CDs through my AV system. I can see it now – a year after launch they’ll release a firmware update that enables audio CD playback to try to appease loads of pissed off people who are awaiting all the “planned features” and hyped up but delayed games. No other reason to exclude it if its merely a matter of firmware which I’m sure is still being worked on.

  • Randall Johnson

    So…nobody cares that it’s April 1st?

  • ps4ultimania

    i dont think its will be that highly missed as this is meant for gaming not listening to classical music to put you to sleep lol

  • Retro Cool

    Who listens to CDs when everyone should be listening to Vinyl’s anyway!

  • Well its actually pretty useless and outdated by today’s standards, plus people have laptops, computers, smartphones, regular phones (That are cheap and can also play MP3s), iPods, Tablets, Cheap MP3 players and even a 3DS/Vita/PSP that can play music so really the CD is already dead.

    I don’t see it as a problem since my PS3 is mainly used as a Blu-Ray player and Games console anyway so I really don’t bother with the audio feature. I’d rather buy my music digitally than on a disc, even when I do get them on disc I tend to use my PC, not my console.

  • bizzy gie

    It’s a console first.

  • Not a big deal for me. I actually haven’t listened to a music CD in years. ipod was the end of that.

  • Brian Reedy

    I haven’t listened to music on a CD in a long time. Even my car (’03 cavalier) had an aux input for my phone or MP3 player.

  • RVM3

    ridiculous. i suppose the ps4.5 will add this in as a “feature”

  • Nicolas Nic Nac Chiaramonte

    I use Cd’s but usually rip them first so I get the better quality than would load them onto my PS but I mean they could always add it on since its firmware/software addition

  • CPK94

    I still use cassettes…I wish that feature wasn’t excluded as well. Thanks again sony.

  • metaldude

    Not everybody uses this Digital Crap lots of people still uses CDS i still do and Cassette Tapes as well i have alot of CDS that’s out of print and alot of the stuff i have is rare and out of print and isn’t readily avaliable for download on itunes or any other website i have alot of music only released on Cassette and Vinyl and not on CD and plus CDS is made out of Digital Technology and they sound a heck of alot better than MP3’s the PS4 will hopefully eventually add CD Playing Technology and also backwards compatiablilty i like having Physical Copies of my music, movies and video games the digital stuff is hard and complicated to use.

  • Kristel Kate

    There are new technologies that are keep on coming but what important is the right stereo installation for better audio performance.

  • Bjorn

    I miss ps3

  • Guest

    I guess I’m old fashioned but I always liked playing my CD’s on PS3. I am disappointed PS4 won’t support the format.

  • Batchat

    Laaaaaayme Sony. No CD’s or MP3’s or music visualizers? you used to be cool