Nvidia: PlayStation 4 GPU is more powerful than Xbox 720 GPU

PlayStation 4 GPUOver the past few weeks Nvidia has been on the offensive against the PlayStation 4, saying its hardware is already outdated. AMD has since joined the fight, standing up for Sony and the PlayStation 4, saying that they gave it the hardware Nvidia couldn’t.

Now Nvidia appears to have come out on Sony’s side, for once. During a recent presentation of its high-end PC graphics card, Titan, they compared it not only to the PlayStation 4, but the Xbox 720 as well.

In the presentation slides, Nvidia compares console vs PC performance over a number of years. More interestingly, the presentation slides reveal Nvidia’s claims that its Titan is three times more powerful than the PlayStation 4 AMD GPU, and even more powerful than the Xbox 720 GPU (also rumored to be made by AMD).

It would appear that Nvidia has some inside information about the Xbox 720 hardware, as the console is represented on the graph. According to the slide (seen below), the PlayStation 4 GPU is rated about 2,500 GPU FLOPS higher than the Xbox 720 GPU.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 GPU is only marginally more powerful than the Xbox 720 — about 10%, according to Nvidia. We’ll have to wait until Microsoft reveals the full specs before we can compare, but we doubt there will be that much of performance difference between the two consoles.

Check out Nvidia’s presentation slide below, showing how the PlayStation 4 GPU is positioned just slightly above the Xbox 720 GPU.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox 720 GPU performance

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  • sweet!

  • Graham Wallace

    This must be a guess, why would AMD and MicroSoft give nVidia the exact specs

    • Because Microsoft said this:

      • bizzy gie

        Microsoft “said”? They LIVE that.

  • bizzy gie

    I thought the Xbox isn’t being called 720. It’s being called just Xbox isn’t it?

    • Well by now people are just calling it the Xbox 720 just not confuse people… but I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft did call the next Xbox just the Xbox

      • bizzy gie

        Yeah. Apple made the same move with iPad. I wonder why 360 (or where they got it from) was the subtitle for the second Xbox?

      • Jeremy

        No because the first Xbox was just Xbow. Why they are calling it Xbox One I don’t understand because they had XBOX one already, the big black box that had the green coaster in the center.

  • I still don’t think you can compare a thousand dollar graphics card to a whole system that will cost less then 400.

    • Fred

      Less than $400? Are you kidding me? I agree with your first statement, but I can’t imagine PS4 that cheap that’s some serious big boy hardware

      • Shane Muellemann

        The guestimate is $400-$450 right now. I will take that.

        • Surging

          I am buying 2 playstation 4’s on launch, 1 too play and the other to sit in the box until security is circumvented so it can be used to play super nintendo roms LOL ^_^

      • HJB

        PlayStation 4 confirmed to be under £350. Comparing a £350 console to a £1000+ PC is ridiculous. The PC costs 3x more, but it’s not going to be 3x as good. PS4 is much better value for money.

        • Fred

          look dude. I was wrong. I didn’t think there was any way Sony could pull off a console with those specs for that price and I was wrong.

  • Guest

    We know that at least 1 of them is equivalent to a 7790. We know that Titan is just over 4500GFLOPs. 7790 is 1792GFLOPS. Titan is 2.5x at best without overclocking.

    Keep in mind they would never have sold a Titan either Titans are just to expensive to be put into a console likely it would have been a GTX650ti or worse. Consoles simply don’t fall into a price range where putting a $400+ GPU in them is viable once you add the price of everything else it would be to expensive to sell to consumers.

  • what’s the new rumor, that the 720 will could have two such GPU’s,..(“Some websites reckon that the new console will use two GPUs together” mirror.co.uk)

    .. does that make any sense?.

    • Jeremy

      Both are rumored to have 2 One dedicated to graphics and the other for Physics. But only time will tell closer to launch.

  • Shane Muellemann

    Can add cost in to that graph to show what the ROI is?
    I understand that the cost of the PS4 and 720 are not out yet but we have a good guestimate of approx. $450, correct?
    So $450 for a console and how much to obtain the GPU flops of the Titan?

    • HJB


  • BDK

    Titan also costs 5x more. Nvidia will always be a bunch of retarded apes lol.