Metro Last Light coming to PlayStation 4

Metro Last Light PlayStation 4
The upcoming horror shooter Metro Last Light will be coming to the PlayStation 4, developer 4A Games revealed. Metro Last light is the successor to the sleeper hit Metro 2033 from 2010. 4A Games didn’t go into the specifics about the PlayStation 4 version.

The developer did reveal however, that a separate multiplayer component to the game will be released later, much like the case was with Killzone 3 and its multiplayer portion. 4A Games also said that they plan on releasing no less than 5 DLC packs for the game.

Metro Last Light has gone gold and will be releasing on current generation consoles and PC on May 17. No news on when the PlayStation 4 version will hit the stores, but we’re hoping it’s a launch title this Fall. If you’re into horror games, you’ll be happy to know that the survival horror title The Evil Within is coming to the PlayStation 4 as well.

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  • bizzy gie

    Cool. The games releasing on two current generation consoles and two next generation consoles (as far as what’s currently confirmed).

    • Did the Wii U version get cancelled?

      • bizzy gie

        No. I meant 2 current gen (Xbox 360 and PS3) and 2 next gen (Wii U and PS4). I meant there was no next Xbox version confirmed [yet].

        • Actually they did cancel the Wii U version because the developers said the Wii U had a “Horrible CPU” and that they didn’t want to put effort into porting it to the Wii U. So really its only coming to the PS4 by the looks of things.

          • bizzy gie

            A “horrible” CPU? That’s such an exaggeration.

          • I know, they just don’t have enough talent to develop for the Wii U but we’ll probably get a Director’s Cut version in the future

          • Levi Johansen


          • Levi Johansen

            It has a better CPU than PS360, so they are just full of it.

            They don’t want to risk anything on such a small install base. It’s not a system seller for the Wii U either, but it will be on PS4, so that’s not a risk.

            They might release it for the Wii U once it sells more, but then again they might be busy making another game…

          • They’ll probably pull an Eidos and make a Director’s Cut version like I said so I wouldn’t worry. Plus, PS4 is sounding like it might not be too expensive but I don’t see many people getting it day one though I’ve pre-ordered Metro Last Light for PS4 anyway so I can’t wait.

            I do hope a Wii U version comes soon because you can do so much with the gamepad and the fact that the Wii U and PS4 are going to be the only consoles this next gen that will have a stable fan base because from what I hear about the Next Xbox… more and more I feel like Microsoft is saying “Hey, Xbox. Are you dead yet?!”

          • Levi Johansen

            Yeah, I agree. Only hardcore Xbox fans wil get the next Xbox, and that’s not too many.

            I think the Wii U will sell very well after E3, because all the Wii owners will realise they are not getting any more games and have to upgrade to the nextGen.

            Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will realise they are still getting games, so why would they upgrade.

            It is all about the install base, Xbox 360 and PS3 has 140 million units combined, developers kinda HAVE to make games for these systems, and they’re powerful enough. And as long as they do, PS4 and Xbox 720 will sell poorly.

          • Sebastian Avery Simmons

            no. the wii u does not have better specs than the xbox 360 or ps3…. you are wrong. the wii u has a measily 1.25ghz x3 cpu and its gpu is still slower then that of the 360s..

          • Levi Johansen

            The specs have never been released, those are just speculations.

            The developers who have actually worked with the console says it is much more powerful, proven by games like Need for Speed Most Wanted U and Trine 2

          • Sebastian Avery Simmons

            wii u modders have the specs down…… the fact that it can already be emulated on the pc is proof.

          • Levi Johansen

            Any console can be emulated on PC, this has always been the case. PS4 and Xbox One are no different.

          • Sebastian Avery Simmons

            What did that reply have to do with anything that i said? lol you are ignorant …. i mean an emulator that can play wii u games is already publicly released and available(also plays wii games..) . There is no working emulator for either the xbox 360 or ps3.. I meant the fact that the wii u has been compromised by modders THAT HAVE DISCLOSED SYSTEM SPECS already, is actually kind of sad considering no one has successfully emulated any game other than homebrew for the xbox360 or ps3 after 3/4 of a decade!! This proves that the wii u has inferior hardware, If my mediocre pc can emulate its games already(yes i mean run retail games!..). They have stressed test the wii u cpu and gpu , the cpu is rated at little more than 1.25ghz x3 and the gpu is around 549.9 mhz(ati) . I am 99.9% positive. Good day sir, expect no more responses from me.

            edit : In fact this information is directly linked on the wii u’s wikipedia’s page

            now compare these specs to the xbox 360 and ps3’s
            -both have 3.2ghz x3 processors
            -xbox 360 has a 500mhz gpu (ati) with 512mb gddr3(shared)
            -ps3 has a 550mhz gpu (nvidia) with 256mb video memory

            So yes, the wii u has an inferior processor. and a gpu that is on par or perhaps marginally better than previous generation systems. This is horribly disappointing.

          • Levi Johansen

            It does not have an inferior processor and the GPU is far beyond the PS360 – proven by the fact that games look better and perform better on the system.

            Further proven by the next gen games coming soon, built from ground up for the system.

            To think that you can call a system weaker than others by some numbers, that are not even confirmed shows how dumb you really are. It is like saying the Genesis is more powerful than the Super Nintendo… which they actually said and failed just like you.

          • Sebastian Avery Simmons

            yes it does!, look at the videos on youtube comparing games between the systems, they most definitely do not look better on the wii u. Example: assassins creed 3 looks best on ps3! when compared between the 360, wii u and ps3 versions. Some games do look better on the wii u , don’t get me wrong. But My pc > wii u . These numbers are confirmed, from amd! the wii u uses a powerpc based “espresso” cpu which amd confirmed runs at 1.25ghz way back at e3 2011. No you’re arguing that the wii u has better specs, which it does not. Not to mention it is failing in sales.

            And there are more than a handful of developers who are publicly stating they are having issues developing for this platform..

            edit: nintendo lost 366$ million in 2012 on this system
            and since january of this year, less than 200 000 systems have been sold. more xbox 360’s were bought in march 2013 alone than wii u’s sold over the course of the entire year til now. You sound more like the kid defending the sega genesis.(which did just fine btw…)

      • lonewolf88

        i think the wii U version did get cancelled?

  • bob
    • Levi Johansen

      They could have changed their minds.