Killzone developer: PlayStation 4 has no performance bottlenecks

Killzone PlayStation 4
Sony has taken great care of customizing the PlayStation 4 for games to the extent that there are no “performance bottlenecks”, according to Killzone Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla Games. The studio’s Technical director Michiel Van Der Leeuw said in a recent interview:

“We’ve got the right amount of memory, video card; everything’s balanced out. It was a very conscious effort to make sure that –- with the speed of the memory, the amount of compute units, the speed of the hard drive -– there would not be any bottlenecks.”

Of course, it’s not unexpected for a Sony-owned first party developer like Guerrilla to say good things about the PlayStation 4. Guerrilla was one of the developers who participated in the creation of the PS4 console and the selection of its hardware architecture.

First party developers like Guerrilla knew the full PlayStation 4 specs from the get go, while third parties learned that the console would pack 8 GB of RAM when the it was officially announced. Up until then, Sony told third parties that the PS4 would have “only” 4 GB memory.

Sony has gone out of their way to point out that the PlayStation 4 console was made with developers in mind, and that while it’s based on standard PC hardware, it’s still a console at heart.

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  • routerbad

    Guerrilla: Focus on making the game rather than spending cycles marketing the system. Saying it has no bottlenecks is very different than “the system is balanced”. The system is balanced based on the included components, that is like every console other than the N64. If you actually mean there are no bottlenecks, then you are saying you’ve already hit max performance of the system, because you’ve had to make zero concessions and have coded for maximum efficiency.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I was thinking the same exact thing. While I was reading I was like, “Does this mean the quality of games will be stagnant throughout the console’s life?” I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

      • routerbad

        I don’t think it will be stagnant, but yes, that’s exactly what “no bottlenecks” means. Sony and their first party devs are quite literally sounding like a “blast processing” commercial. Make good games, people will buy the system, stop touting hardware superiority when you know how little it means at this point in graphics processing technologies. Learn from every gaming generation in history, and stop focusing on the hardware selling the hardware, as that will never be the case. Let the games sell the hardware, and start showing something more interesting than just another Killzone. This marketing mode bullcrap is really a turn off.

  • Cerus98

    No bottlenecks? Really? So Sony has done the impossible and managed to make hard drives, disc drives, RAM, Internet connections, GPUs and CPUs all run at the exact same speed? HDDs alone are major bottleneck, even more so in the last decade or so as processor and memory speed has increased exponentially. Even SSDs aren’t enough to eliminate bottleneck.

    Idiotic blanket statements like this might impress less technologically knowledgable people but those who know better will just shake their heads in disbelief.

    The more crackpot statements are made the less and less excited I get for the PS4. How can I justify spending $400 plus on a new console that offers nothing new? Better graphics? A polished turd is still a piece of shit. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the wow factor that says even though none of your controllers or games will work on it it’s still worth the price tag and cluttering of space?

    Many including myself, justified the PS3 to also gaining a Blu Ray player. At least any buyers with a wife. My wife won’t be impressed by “but honey it’s got super powerful computer like hardware but I have to keep my PS3 too because it can’t play all the games you didn’t bitch about when I bought them” and frankly neither am I. I know her response, if its so powerful and so perfect then why can’t it play those games too? She’s a typical consumer. The answer -because its totally different hardware architecture will fall on deaf ears.

    • Barters

      I agree totally in respects to opinions of the other half. My WiiU plays older games, and I can stay n the same room with her while playing away happily. Awesome….

      Though I don’t necessarily agree with the thought that consoles constantly need to innovate. Though I love the Wii U for its innovation. I believe Sony is opening doors for developers to innovate in their games by offering more power etc. yeah it might end up as more of the same but prettier….but I’m hoping for something more.

      True statement about the blu ray component of most PS3 purchases too, at least in the early days I’m sure.

    • RonaldRayguns

      Don’t get one then.

    • RonaldRayguns

      allways so negative

  • Ducked

    I was thinking, really KillZone?

  • bizzy gie

    “when the it was officially announced” It’s a small error that doesn’t really matter, but I thought I should make note of it in case you wanted to fix it.

  • Mark Nie

    Basically, he means that the PS4 is more efficent and easier to program for then most PCs, because they done lots of testing with the parts and stuff. Not to mention there are no drivers.