GameStop: there will likely be PlayStation 4 shortages at launch

GameStop PlayStation 4GameStop is the biggest video game retailer in the world, and is gearing up for this Fall, when the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 are expected to launch. And just as it was the case with the PS3 launch in 2006, GameStop expects shortages of the PlayStation 4 on launch day. Several retailers have already started taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 4.

According to GameStop president Tony Bartel, the retailer expects PlayStation 4 shortages at launch. He also confirmed that GameStop will offer PlayStation 4 pre-orders, where the first ones offered to pre-order the console will be gamers on their “First to Know” list via their PowerUp rewards program.

He says that the PlayStation 4 price will be very important for the success of the console, and that most gamers will trade in their current gen console and games for cash going towards a PlayStation 4 purchase.

Bartel also said that he doubts Sony will block used games on the PlayStation 4. Used games are big business for GameStop, accounting for almost half of their sales. In the interview, Bartel said that there is a lot of excitement from gamers and GameStop staff about the PlayStation 4, and he praised Sony’s emphasis on social features

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  • bizzy gie

    I want to pre-order and avoid the Wii U mess I had to deal with this past Fall. Now all I need is 400-600 dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

    • I’ve been saving $800 a month for the past few months. I’m pretty much covered. Just need a release date or at least pre-sale opportunity now.

  • I already pre-ordered my PS4 three days after they announced the console in GAME and I have enough points on my GAME card to cover the cost of the system so hopefully I’ll be able to get the system for less than the price they put it at like i did with the Wii U in which I saved up about £290 on a gift card plus a few points on my card to get the 32GB Wii U for only £7… I am dead serious… I got the System for only that price… also 4 games (Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, ZombiU, Darksiders 2) plus the free game (NintendoLand) and all that came to £78… I love you Nintendo but… I’m a cheap ass bastard XD

    • Ducked

      I was gonna trade in my PS3 to go towards a PS4, but sadly it doesn’t look like PS4 will be backwards compatible with PS3 games.

  • I think it is too early to pre-order the PS4, especially as Microsoft are still to announce their console. It is hardly beyond the realms of possibility that the xbox will appeal more than the ps4. More likely however they will be closely matched and it will be a tough call. A call you make when you know all the facts – something none of us are currently in a position to do…

    • lonewolf88

      i agree to half of what you said its to early to pre order…

      • Why do you disagree with the other “half”?

        • lonewolf88

          you said the xbox will appeal to half and it won’t… for sure why? look at youtube… right now the xbox looks like its going to do terrible if everything that was posted is true no one will buy it….
          if its not then yes it could but it won’t appeal to everyone since the 360 was a fps console so will the 720 there will be no changes and right now how sony says there going to and how more fps keep coming to it i really dout it and new news wii U has a huge game line up for E3 said by reggie and miyamoto…

          • Fair enough, I disagree with why you conclude PS4 will clearly be better. As I said nextbox hasn’t been revealed – what your conclusions are based upon are rumours – possibly true or possibly stirred up by PS fanboys (who knows?) Which is my point – why make a decision when the facts are not known!

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m excited for the PS4, and it seems to have a good deal of hype, but they only way I could see shortages of a new console in this economy is if the retailers choose to keep a low stock. I remember there was hype for the Wii U, with Pachter even saying it could be sold out into the Spring of 2013. Obviously that didn’t happen.

  • Ducked

    The Wii U had shortages at GameStop, of course the PS4 will too. Its probably the most hyped up console since the PS2. Probably…

  • SWEET!!!!

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Oooo a console will have shortages at launch
    You mean like every other console at launch

  • Michael

    While it looks like I won’t be able to resist buying a PS4, I think I’ll hold off until a little later in it’s life, maybe a year. I bought a Wii U first day (which was my first time buying a console at launch) but that is just because I am admittedly very fond of Nintendo and their efforts.

    I know I’ll eventually get a PS4, but I’m gonna hold off for a great bundle or possibly a hardware revision.