DriveClub developer helped create the PlayStation 4 controller

PlayStation 4 controllerDuring the development of the PlayStation 4, Sony went to its first party developers and asked for feedback, and it looks like they got a lot of that. Both in terms of system architecture and the DualShock 4 controller, developers like Guerrilla and Evolution Studios helped make the PlayStation 4 and the DualShock 4 what it is today.

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios’ Scott Kirkland recently revealed how they worked with Sony to develop the PlayStation 4 controller and make sure it’s a good fit for racing games.

Kirkland said that they pushed Sony to add a high frequency gyroscope, which allows for precise controls when using the DualShock 4 as a steering wheel in a racing game.

Kirkland added that they made their own PlayStation 4 controller prototypes to show Sony what they wanted. He said:

“We had prototypes that demonstrated that the really high frequency gyros were the ones that allowed us to chuck the controller around like a steering wheel, and the ones Sony were considering meant you had to rely on accelerometers to compensate for that.”

Evolution Studios used a version of MotorStorm to fine tune their PlayStation 4 controller input, and used the game to demonstrate to Sony the benefits of more accurate analog control sticks.


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  • Michael

    So a driving game developer designed the controller without analog triggers? Not that I personally care, I’m fine with digital, but it’s just funny….

    • bizzy gie

      Wow. If Nintendo and Sony went digital (assuming that Sony isn’t ripping off every little thing in the GamePad like accel., gyro, speakers, headphone jack, etc.), then surely Microsoft will too. This is good because I assumed that, as a Wii U owner, I’d be missing out on full driving experiences. However, if all triggers are going digital then that means that digital is the future and the Wii U is up to date..

      • Actually the only side that will have digital triggers is the left bumpers, so really they aren’t copying Nintendo also the Gyros were in the PS3 controller as well and the Xbox 360 controller had a headphone jack so really Sony isn’t copying anyone.

        • Cerus98

          How accurate is the information though? All the articles I’ve seen on the topic had typos/misprints. Or why would they have one side all digital and the other analog. Would make more sense to have the L1/R1s digital and the 2s analog since they’re the actual triggers.

          • Well its actually a lot more easier to reverse in Racing games that

        • bizzy gie

          What about Sony’s decision to place speakers in their controller just because?

          • Wii U wasn’t the first console to add speakers on the Controller so saying that Sony pretty much copied Nintendo is just stupid.

            Also, just because someone wants to put a speaker on their controller does NOT mean they are copying Nintendo, also, you seem to be making Nintendo Fans seem more like PewDiePie fans thinking that everything Nintendo does, they did it first. Nintendo improves on concepts and they do it well and Sony just Improves some of Nintendo’s ideas and creates an even better device for example:

            PlayStation Move is an IMPROVEMENT over the Wii Remote (Before Wii Motion +).

            And if you think I’m think Sony is 100% perfect you are sadly mistaken, I know when Sony does stupid things like the PlayStation 3’s price at the launch of the system, the PlayStation Vita launch and so on. Nintendo isn’t perfect, Sony isn’t perfect but both companies are far better than Microsoft is now a days.

          • bizzy gie

            I stated this before. I’ll state it again. I don’t care about other companies copying just because I hate unoriginality or something of that nature. It’s just that when Nintendo makes it, it’s some crappy gimmick for little kids. When Sony and/or Microsoft copy the idea with a cheap knock-off, everyone talks about how awesome and progressive it is to gaming.

    • Actually only the L1 and L2 are going to be Digital, the R1 and R2 is just the same Analog triggers.

      • Michael

        Actually, you’re right. doh

      • SoulSilverZero

        Actually it’s L1 and R1 are digital, L2 an R2 are going to be analog, like the PS3.

        • Actually the buttons in the DS3 are analog except for PS, Select, Start, L3 and R3 and it apparently will be the same in DS4 except for the face buttons (wich i think is stupid)

      • All buttons in the DS3 are analog except for PS, Select, Start, L3 and R3 and it apparently will be the same in DS4 except for the face buttons (wich i think is stupid)

  • Oh boy! I hope the grips on the bottom of the controller is made of leather and I hopes real enough!… If no one got that reference then here is a video for you ^^

  • Ducked

    DriveClub was made for the PS4 lol

    • No 😮 Really?
      I didn’t know, I thought they just showed off the game at the conference for laughs

      • Ducked

        Orly? I was thinking the same thing.