Sony comments on 4K gaming on PlayStation 4

4K PlayStation 4
When Sony first announced the PlayStation 4, they revealed that the next-gen console will support 4K videos, but not 4K gaming. Now Sony’s Mark Cerny, the lead architect on the PlayStation 4 hardware, explains why 4K gaming isn’t feasible just yet.

Speaking to the Japanese press about the PlayStation 4 hardware, Cerny said that he’s “personally very interested in 4K”, but that the technology is still new and requires lots of horsepwer to run. Cerny explained in simple terms why there isn’t 4K gaming on the PlayStation 4:

“If we consider purely memory bandwidth, with 4K, securing 2 displays worth of display buffer requires 10GB/sec. That just for simply displaying. This is our simple answer for why we’re focusing on just the Full HD experience.”

By “full HD”, Cerny is talking about 1080p which PlayStation 4 games will support (what we’ve seen so far). There are only a handful of 4K television sets available, and they retail for many thousands of dollars. 4K gaming and 4K movies are still many years away, as other technology components need to catch up to the massive resolution of these displays.

Sony said last month that the PlayStation 4 will support 4K movie playback and downloads, but added that a 4K movie can easily top 100 GB in size.


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  • ps4ultimania

    ok.. what is 4k?

    • wiiudaily

      4K resolution. 4000×2000.

      • wampdog29

        3840 pixels × 2160 pixels to be exact… or 8.3 Megapixels

      • ps4ultimania

        the 4000 is 4096×2/304 i looked into this stuff thx tho

    • Nothing5555

      it something only useful for people with 70 inch+ displays.

    • Factoid

      Another useless resolution update that Sony is trying to push with the PS4 and will fail miserably at. Most ideal resolutions for current living rooms has been realised with 1080p.
      Hey Sony, Blu-Ray still hasn’t achieved mass market share, dumbasses!

      • Manoj Varughese

        And that’s why it’s poised to continue as the standard format for next gen too opposed to what that HDDVD fiasco MS brought to market.

        • wampdog29

          Microsoft didn’t “bring” HDDVD to market. They just backed it (mainly because their main competitor in gaming: SONY, backed and co-developed Blu-Ray). HDDVD was simply the next step for DVD where as Blu-Ray was a whole new technology.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      4k is 1920x1080p times 4 = 7680×4320 Picture Resolution. Those HDTV cost more than a Car and not even PC games support it yet. 1080p HDTVs STILL SUCK for gaming 4k would be worst. I do all my gaming Xbox, PS3, PC on a 1080p PC Monitor for less or no screen lag. I own a 40 HDTV but it sucks for gaming and more HDTV suck for gaming has well.

      • bizzy gie

        No it’s not. It’s 4K resolution. 4K resolution is 3840×2160. You’re thinking of 8K UHD which is the resolution you claimed.

      • Luka Yabuk

        Pc games support 4K, you just gotta have a good enough gpu (at least a GTX 780/r9 290x) to run them. Just look it up on youtube, and 4K looks incredibly amazing when you run games at that resolution. FYI: the galaxy note 3 can record 4K video.

    • bizzy gie

      4K is one of the two Ultra High Definition (UHD) of television with a standard resolution of 3840×2160. However, 4K resolution can also hold higher resolutions. 4,096×2,304 pixels is a density that’s also considered 4K, but with better resolution than the standard.

      The other form of UHD is 8K resolution in which the density is 7680 pixels × 4320 pixels.

    • Shaise

      The next HD :-).

  • gigantor21

    I have no problem with that. You’d barely see the difference on smaller screens anyway.

    • Stranger On The Road

      I honestly don’t mind 720p resolution, from a distance, it is hard to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p!

      Plus, I am not getting a 4k TV any time soon 🙂

      • gigantor21

        720p with every detail at it’s best > 1080p with visual concessions IMO. That the current gen consoles can’t do either consistently is one of many reasons they disappointed me.

        The next generation can’t come soon enough.

  • SONY stated why 4K gaming won’t be on the PS4. It would be seriously expensive adding it into PS4 at launch and the console wouldn’t be affordable.

    • your stupid for thinking they’ll add it later he himself stated they don’t have enough power to push that

      • ps4ultimania

        not neven the gen after this will be seening 4k gaming it would cause for serious coustom made new hard ware as gpu and cpu cuz curent ones cant do it 20+ gigs in ram lots and lots in storage memory the console will be 4grand plus!!! the tv’s will never be able to be made affordable any time soon the sizes must be forced smaller for the tv’s itts not sensable for the next 2-3 gens

        • I wish most people would know that and stop hyping 4k with fanboy comments.
          It makes them look like real idiots

  • Even the current best PCs couldn’t game in 4k, the hardware isn’t there yet. Streaming 4k will definitely be possible.

    • Flap Drol

      There are setups that run 5 fullhd monitors which is a higher res combined. If you have highend gpu’s with displayport you can game in 4K.
      Expensive though.

      • Okay yes that is if you break it up. However, that is not true 4k. One screen is much higher res than split over multiple monitors.

        • Zeros

          This is a six months old post to which I reply to >.>

          Anyways… What? How can you say something stupid like that? You can play on 6x1080p monitors.. each screen keeps it’s resolution and the game has a part on one screen another part on another screen and so on 6 screens make 3840×3240 that is more than 4k horizontally. Also 2 times GTX780 or 2x 780ti or 2 times R9-290 or 2x GTX Titan or 1x 7990 or 1x GTX 690 or 2x 770(or 680) or 2x 7950 or 7970 look how many cards can play on 4k. Yes maybe not all games at 60fps (not considering that currently all monitors run at 4k only at 30Hz.) can play games but all games are playable… even if you have to set one or 2 settings to high(and not ultra) you get a better performance. And let’s not forget that you can have 3 or even 4 GPU’s in one system(not that I would recommend more than 2 cards but it’s there and it works).

          Also maybe 6 months ago the Asus 4k 32″ monitor was not yet available but there are benchmarks with it already.

          • Alright so again I will restate. If you link multiple monitors that are 1080p to equal 4k that is not true 4k resolution. Each screen is only displaying upto 1080p. You can’t magically go out of the bounds of a 1080p monitor. You can’t just take numbers into account and call that 4k. When you go to the movie theater that is usually in 4k. We have monitor that are currently 1440p which some systems can barely run at. You need to look up more than just the numbers. One last example I’ll give. If I had one 4k monitor it would look better than the 6 1080p monitor you mentioned earlier. It is not always a numbers game. You need to look at the specs of each monitor. Sure you get a kick ass panoramic view of cockpits or other scenery, but that is not true 4k. This article was talking about 4k gaming over one screen. Thanks for the reply.

          • Zeros

            Why can’t you understand that you see 4k resolution/pixels with 6 screens? It’s obvious that it wont be as good as one 4k screen. Heck I wouldn’t want 6 screens on my desk. But it’s still 4k, even if it’s how you call it “true” 4k or not the graphics card has to produce that 4k resolution. For the graphics card it’s the same if on 6 screens or one screen. The monitors and the HDMI/DVI connectors are the limit now.(Though HDMI 2.0 will support 4k -I forgot what specs it will have, I know that HDMI 1.4a/b supports 4k at only 24/30fps, which is just not enough for some-). Anyways as I said it’s not about what you have in front of you that limits the game.. be it one 4k monitor or 6x1080p because the GPU has to render that resolution anyways. I bet it’s harder to display it on 6 screens and making sure all screens are well synchronized.
            Also let’s not forget that in the article it talks about the PS4 which now has x86 architecture. Those specs it has, PC’s already have and even better. (And yes I know games made for the consoles will run well, but did you hear the recent news that some games will be 1080p 60fps, some 1080p 30fps and even upscaled 720p 60/30fps games. It’s obvious that these consoles are not ready for 4k. But PC’s are… just don’t look a the the price xD)

            For as long as we don’t swear at eachother I’m fine replying :D.

    • Scott Varner

      lol ok

  • joker

    i’m fine with 1080p and 60fps

    • totallymichael

      And, sadly, that’s still going to be a rarity.


  • Dmoney

    The 4k tvs will upscale gaming and regular dvds truste and you want never move

  • Dmoney

    I have a samsung and sony 4k tv 78 inch and 70 from bestbuy and they will upscale anything gaming ps4/xbox1 ps3 xbox360 standard dvd and you want believe it all u have to do is on a 4k tv any size 40″-80″ 4k tv tall 4k are not expensive doesn’t matter wat brand u get