“The Last Of Us” not coming to PlayStation 4

The Last Of Us PlayStation 4One of the most anticipated upcoming PS3 games is The Last Of Us, developed by Naughty Dog. The game looks incredible, and one can only wonder how much better it would be on the PlayStation 4.

This had led many to speculate whether a PlayStation 4 version of The Last Of Us was in development, but those rumors have now been squashed by the developer. Arne Meyer, one of the head developers of The Last Of Us, stopped by the forums on NeoGAF and said that they are currently just focused on shipping the game on time on the PS3.

He added that even thinking of how to make it on the PlayStation 4 would be a distraction to the development team at this point.

The Last Of Us is (so far) a PS3 exclusive set for release this Summer. It’s a third person survival horror action game set in a post apocalyptic world infested with zombies. If we don’t get the game on the PlayStation 4, there’s always a sequel to look forward to.


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  • RonaldRayguns

    That sucks, hopefully I can download the ps3 version on my ps4 when I get it.

    • Guhtere

      You can’t, sorry. It’s not backward compatible with downloaded PS3 games either.

      • RonaldRayguns

        Ha! That’s funny.

      • Cerus98

        Actually it is. You’ll be able to purchase and download PS3 titles you already paid $60 for once they decide which ones are worthy of porting and will make people want to pay for them again.

    • wiiudaily

      Can’t download, but you’ll be able to stream it on the PS4.

    • bizzy gie

      Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft suck when it comes to backwards compatibility. I don’t see how hard it is to have the ability play games that ran on a weaker console. Nintendo does it (with games, with controllers, with peripherals) and they don’t hold back.

  • You mean a game confirmed for the PS3 only is not going to be on the PS4 which is being launched months away from the game? OH NOOOOOOOO- I’ll still get it for PS3 anyway

    • Nothing5555

      Despite the pretty visuals, for all we know there is a chance this game might not be that good. If it is a good game then we can look forward to a sequel on the PS4.

  • Also, a new game for PS4 got confirmed too :3

    • lonewolf88

      get it for pc! you won’t regret it….

      • This is a sequel… I’m getting it for PS4.

        • lonewolf88

          just believe some one who owns it get it on pc when it comes…

  • Levi Johansen

    well it cannot look any better so it makes sense I guess… but being that PS3 games are unplayable on PS4 it is kinda stupid. You’d have to buy it online and play it streamed, meaning you cannot play it without super-charged internet.

    • Jake Make

      PS3 runs at 30 frames per second and ps4 runs at it 60 frame per second. That makes ALL the difference.

  • gobrowniesgo

    Hey look a port!

  • Well the Ps4 is going to have most Ps3 titles on the new Psn so I would expect SONY uploading all of their exclusives first because 1st party games are easy to release on there publisher’s console. I bet it will look better on the Ps4 too its going to be like playing a Ps2 game on an emulator. The graphics are the same but the hardware is improved so the edges/shadows will be smoother and the picture will be clearer.