Sony to ship 16 million PlayStation 4 consoles this year?

PlayStation 4 stage
According to a report from Taiwan’s DigiTimes, Sony is planning to ship a whopping 16 million PlayStation 4 consoles this year. This is based on supply chain information from various component makers. Sony will manufacture the PS4 at Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, and will aim to start manufacturing in August, in order to have enough inventory for the Fall launch.

16 million consoles does sound like quite a lot, especially for just a few months worth of sales. The PlayStation 3 sold only a few million during its launch, and so did the PlayStation 2 (which eventually went on to sell 150 million units).

It could be that the source is referring to the “fiscal year”, which would end March 31, 2014. But even then, selling 16 million consoles would make the PlayStation 4 by far the fastest selling game console in history. It just seems like too much, no matter how you look at it.

DigiTimes isn’t known for their accuracy when it comes to rumors, so we’ll take this one with an extra grain of salt.


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  • Yeah, I’ll just wait to see what Sony is going to say about the manufacturing of the PS4 before believing in this.

  • It’s mental to expect 16 million consoles to sell within the launch window. Obviously just a fake rumor posted to get traffic to the site.

    • dylanbob121

      Dougt they will,this is just gonna be like the ps2,overhyped

  • Nicholas Ketzel

    6 million is more like it depending on which month they launch.

  • Shipped isnt the same as sales.

  • bizzy gie

    Let’s see…what’s 16,000,000 times 430 and 530?

  • Sdudyoy

    If this is true they could be doing a worldwide launch.

  • dylanbob121

    wow…good luck