Sony: PS4 is “still a console made for gaming, with gaming at its heart”

PlayStation 4While developers have praised the PlayStation 4 for its PC hardware architecture, some have criticized it for being “just a PC”. While the PS4 at heart is a PC, we’ve hard from developers some that the console will “outpower most PCs for years to come“.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 as a “supercharged PC”, featuring PC components that will eventually be available for PC gamers to purchase — AMD will release the Jaguar CPU later this year, and it will be entirely possible to build a PS4-like PC.

But Sony stresses that despite the PC hardware, the PlayStation 4 is a gaming console. In a recent interview, Sony’s Michael Denny said that the PlayStation 4 “is still a console made for gaming, with gaming at its heart”.

PlayStation 4’s hardware performance is better than the sum of its parts. Compared to a PC, there isn’t a heavy OS layer (e.g. Windows) that takes up a bunch of resources. While the PS4 is technically a PC, it’s tailored and optimized for gaming. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see what the developers can get out of the new console. What we’ve seen so far looks compelling.

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  • Guhtere

    Good. I liked it better when gaming consoles were just that; gaming consoles. Now they’re like an all in one entertainment station. And sometimes I feel like the companies forget the fact that it was supposed to be a gaming console now…

    • Cerus98

      You forget that the majority of their announcement presentation was about all their non gaming features like sharing videos, letting someone play a game for you and all the social BS that has zero to do with gaming.

      • KosmoCrisis

        All of those features are meant to connect gamers to their games and the games their friends are playing. I would say that useless features of the PS3 include the ability to Print, edit videos, and editing slideshows is all unnecessary. I’ve used them before, but if the console can simply allow me to stream media from my laptop through it and onto the TV, then that’s all it needs. #savemyHDD

  • Only a few are true gamers

    I can do the same thing on my pc and the possible 600 price tag sways me off

    • Kenny_026

      Technically, maybe you can do the same thing. I just hate taking my pc under my arm and connect it to the tv so i can sit in my couch and play a game. I also dont like having a friend over and sit behind a desk together to play fifa or any other game. I have a nice pc but i hate having to look on the internet for a possible bugfix or sollution. I also dont like the fact i need to spend an avarage 200€ each year to keep up. Console gaming has its benefits for gamers and personally i think the consoles have many more games to offer…

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Yeah but 600 dollars is too much for any console but if people are dumb enough to pay that much than go for it

        • yet a good gaming PC is upwarda of $1000. Logic?

          • Only a few are true gamers

            Not having to but it i already own one and no to hell with ps4 not giving them any more of my money sony is crap…goodbye

    • My guess is that you can’t afford a nice couch, a nice big LED, and either of the consoles. That, or you might be living with mommy and daddy in your bedroom, addicted to porn, which is it?

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Wrong little man i own a 70 inch 3d hdtv and own all the consoles and trust me little boy you don’t make enough money to get what i own and your trolling skills suck too.That mommy and daddy comment has been used to many times but man i feel sorry for want to troll so don’t let those reject letters from welfare keep you down…Keep trying trooper one day you will get some help

  • I just can’t wait to throw my PC away and throw windows on the PS4.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Good for you now you can jack off to your ps4 and with a controller that has
      Oh did i tell you i do have a very nice couch.Hell i had your old lady over here last night fcking her pssy and she loved it

  • gobrowniesgo

    This article is a joke! l don’t see it ever out powering a pc EVER!