Sony: PlayStation 4 architecture is what developers wanted

PlayStation 4 hardware

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 as a “supercharged PC”, and so far, the hardware design and architecture has been well received by developers. However, some have criticized the PlayStation 4 for being “just a PC”, and nothing special.

Sony famously announced that the PlayStation 4 was made in cooperation with developers, and now Michael Denny, vice president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has reiterated on the PS4 hardware design, explaining why they chose to go with PC components. He said:

“I think the main reason behind it is that’s what the development community wanted. That’s what the development community want in terms of ease of development and making the best games they possibly can.”

It’s much easier and cheaper to develop games for PCs than consoles, because the architecture has been around for decades, and every programmer usually starts out by coding on PCs and x86 designs. Denny added that Sony wanted to give developers “the best shot” at making great games for the platform, and that’s why they chose to go with PC hardware.

While we know most of the PS4 specs, we’re still unsure of a few things. For example, we don’t know how big the internal harddrive will be, nor do we know the specifics of the CPU and GPU. The CPU is rumored to run at 2GHz. We’ll have to wait until E3 for more details on the hardware.


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