Retailer: PlayStation 4 pre-orders are “unprecedented”

PlayStation 4 preorders
Well, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone. UK retailer ShopTo reports that the demand for PlayStation 4 pre-orders is “unprecedented”. Not only that, the PlayStation 4 has been the biggest pre-order success in the company’s history.

Speaking to NowGamer, ShopTo representative James Rowson said that the PlayStation 4 pre-orders have been backed up with PS4 game pre-orders as well. So far Killzone Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs are the best sellers. ShopTo sells the PS4 console on their site for £399, which is almost $600 bucks. Of course, this isn’t the final price, and it’ll likely cost a lot less.

As the PlayStation 4 gets more and more attention from the mainstream media, we can expect pre-orders at various retailers to keep rising. Sony is expected to reveal the console design and the price at E3 2013 in June.

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  • RonaldRayguns

    I hope it’s no more than 500$. I’m going to put 100$ down to pre order it the moment we’re able to at my local videogame store and pay the rest off each month up until it’s released…. At the end of November?


  • Rockey Chaney

    Wii u had the same crazy blown out pre orders does not mean anything just the usual hype for clicks. Not hating love PS and Wiiu just saying I hate articles like this.

  • bizzy gie

    I’m positive $600 is the normal price.

  • Well seems like the PS4 is matching up with the Wii U’s pre-orders score, neat.
    I wonder what it will be like with the Xbox 720/Next?

  • Revolution5268

    It goes to show that people want next gen consoles, remember wii u pre orders, now ps4 pre orders, I won’t be surprise that xbox will pre orders will sky rocket.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    This is really starting to look like the few months leading up to Wii U
    you got a whole bunch of hype surrounding the console, pre-orders do really well, next it’ll sell great for the first few months and then drop until it gets a large library of quality games
    I love both consoles but I can’t help but notice this pattern

  • gobrowniesgo

    Thats a half a million consoles being shipped back to sony for repair! #JOB SECURITY!!!

  • Wii U had preorder stats going off the charts like this too, and now everyone critisizes it. PS4 will probably go down the same path until it catches momentum.