PlayStation 4 supports 4K videos

PlayStation 4 4K moviesSony has confirmed that its upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support 4K movie playback and downloads. Sony is working on a new download service which will offer 4K movie downloads. The company says that 4K movies will weigh in at over 100 GB (!).

Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux said that the new 4K service “won’t be disappointing”, and said that because of the large file size (100+ GB), there are still some challenges facing the company. It’ll take quite a while to download a 4K movie, where as 1080p movies can be had for a few GB these days (depending on quality).

However, he also confirmed that Sony is working on getting 4K movies on a Blu-ray disc, which so far only hold 50 GB in dual layer format. There are 100 GB BDXL discs, but those aren’t as widespread.

The PlayStation 4 supports 4K video and images, but does not support 4K games. 4K games, as 4K televisions sets, are likely a generation away from being feasible.


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  • Chris Bingham

    So Sony could be in the works of making a Ultra Blu-Ray Disc?

  • Dallas Scott Cooper

    Seems worthless at this point. LCD and LED televisions have just finally come widespread and the market is still trying to push 3D television sets on us. I don’t see why you’d push this kind of tech when it won’t be widespread for another decade. That kind of effort could’ve been brought elsewhere. And 100GB per download would cost you a fortune in bandwidth costs.

    • Neilandio

      They are pushing 4k because they sell 4k tvs, that simple.

  • Chris Bingham

    Bit of News for ya
    AC 4 is coming to PS4 and could also have leaked the release date of the PS4

  • Nothing5555

    Unless I buy a 70 inch TV what good will 4k do?

  • bizzy gie

    I know it’s tax season, but unless someone gets a return of 20,000-25,000 dollars, I don’t think this will be much use to anybody. I’m still glad to see Sony living up to all the crazy rumors people predicted. First time I’ve ever seen anything like that.

  • NintendoNoob

    4k resolution, if that’s in the Ps4 the price will rocket