Playstation 4: Live at GDC

We’re here at the 2013 Game Developer’s Conference and today should be a big day for Playstation 4 Fans.

GDC Guide Cover

The show floor opens today, and along with Nintendo, Sony has the largest booth located right at the entrance to the expo. It’s expected – after all, it IS Sony – but we’re hoping there will be some never-seen-before Playstation 4 goodies if we’re lucky. And of course, we’ll be immediately sharing whatever we find with you folks here, including pictures, videos, booth tours, and all the infos.

PS4 GDC Session

There’s also a special session about the Playstation 4 for developers titled “Overview of the PS4 for Developers” at 11am Pacific. We’ll be there, sending back any pertinent information as quick (and with as much quality) as possible.

While you’re waiting for the goods, why not head over to our Playstation 4 Forums and keep the conversation going? Stay tuned!

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