PlayStation 4 creator knew that PS3 had problems back in 2007

Sony has time and again said that PlayStation 4 was designed with gaming and game developers in mind. The old PS3 had tons of issues when it came to game development, as Sony settled on exotic hardware that took developers a lot of time to figure out. As a result, multiplatform titles on the PS3 usually under-performed.

Mark Cerny PlayStation 4And Sony knew this as far as back in 2007. The lead architect on the PlayStation 4, the guy pretty much in charge of everything about the console, Mark Cerny, put it frankly in a recent interview, saying:

“Clearly we had some issues with PlayStation 3. The biggest thing was that we didn’t want the hardware to be a puzzle that programmers would be needing to solve to make quality titles.”

He added that when he got in charge of developing the PlayStation 4, he started looking at x86 (PC-based) processors back in 2008. Sony sent out requests to game studios and third party middleware makers, asking them what they wanted for the next generation console. Most of them replied that they wanted unified memory and “at least 8 cores”. The PlayStation 4 packs an 8 core processor and 8 GB of unified RAM.

However, not everyone is happy about the PlayStation 4 specs. Recently, a developer called the PS4 “meh”, while graphics juggernaut Nvidia said that the PlayStation 4 specs are outdated.

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  • Metal_Man_v2

    No kidding the PS3 was hard to develop for. Did you hear about the Skyrim fiasco? Released nearly broken on day one, with DLC released almost 8 months after the xbox360 and PC got it.

    Glad they are taking this into much better consideration now.

    • Though its strange since Naughty Dog, Gurellia (Guys who made Killzone) and so on actually managed to make awesome games for the PS3 with no problem. I think if Sony would have helped with the development of some of the 3rd party games it wouldn’t have been so bad to develop for.

      • Cerus98

        Some games are harder than others to work with on a given console. Programming generally gets easier as time goes on. Just look at any launch title vs now. It’s like playing on a different console thats 10x as powerful for some games.

  • To be fair, McGee was talking about innovation, not about specs. And it’s only natural Nvidia would poo-poo PS4’s specs as they’re invested in a pc/streaming future.

    Consoles will never be quite up to the level of PC for two reasons: 1) console manufacturers need to plan several years ahead but new technology is constantly resurfacing and 2) price point needs to be attractive for consumers, limiting the raw power they can give a machine.

    I believe in order for the PS4 to remain relevant, they need to keep the price competitive. I suspect 379.99 as the max price point for PS4. Better to sell at a loss than try to compete with the cheaper Wii U and the whole slew of current-gen systems, most notably the Xbox 360 (which has been doing quite well, consistently outselling the Wii U and the PS3).

    But for gamers, PS4 will still be awesome!

  • tronic307

    Man, they should have known the PS3 had problems before they built the dang thing! Didn’t they waste billion$, and over half a decade developing that ‘itanic’ Cell CPU?