Nvidia: PlayStation 4 has outdated specs

PlayStation 4 boardOh boy, it appears the gloves have now come off in the PlayStation 4 vs PC wars. Just days after Nvidia said that they had no hard feelings about not being part of the PlayStation 4, citing costs, it appears now the company has thrown the first punch at Sony.

Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi, head of technology development at the company, compares the PlayStation 4 specs to a mid-range PC, saying it’s already outdated. He said that the PS4 CPU is like in a “low end PC”, and that the GPU is only “mid-range. Tamasi said:

“Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighborhood of a low-end CPU, and a low- to mid-range GPU side”

He added that based on the GFLOPS performance of the GPU, it’s got only half the performance of the GTX680 desktop graphics card, which was released in March 2012.

“If the PS4 ships in December as Sony indicated, it will only offer about half the performance of a GTX680 GPU (based on GFLOPS and texture), which launched in March 2012, more than a year and a half ago.”

Tamasi doesn’t mention that raw performance isn’t everything. Consoles are tailored for gaming and can take better advantage of the hardware than PCs. We’ve already heard developers say that the PlayStation 4 will out-power PCs for years to come. Not to mention that the first PlayStation 4 games we’ve seen so far, like Killzone Shadow Fall, look better than anything on PCs today.


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  • Nvidia… you do know that saying the PS4’s GPU is half the performance of the GTX680 is basically you guys saying that the PS4’s GPU is on par with the GTX 670 which in turn is actually a GTX 680 but with half the performance of the GTX 680. It also means your last statement that you made sound like you are saying the GTX 600 series is outdated… Nvidia… go home… your drunk.

    They are sounding like whiners now… they are going to say the same thing with Microsoft’s Next Xbox since its also using AMD only hardware.

    • NintendoNoob

      They’re saying this because they are sad that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo didn’t pick them to build their graphics cards for their consoles. So they are acting like little babies and bashing them for no reason. I don’t even care about the fucking graphics that much. As long as the console has good games I’ll but it

    • Lucifity

      Hey, 9faggot, I think you’re the one who needs to go home. First of all, you misspelled ‘you’re’ in “your drunk”, idiot.

      Second of all your statement makes no fucking sense at all. You’re implying that PS4 GPU is on par with the GTX 670 which is half the performance of GTX 680, okay, and?

      And they didn’t say It’s outdated now, but if it’s shipping in December it will be nearly 2 years since GTX 680 came out, which means their GPU is already 2 years old, considering the PS4 will run for at least 5 or so years before next gen, so yes, it will be outdated.

      I presume you’re a kid and know nothing of what you’re talking about, please go back to posting shit memes on 9gag before trying to make a point on here.

      Oh, and,

      inb4 “nvidia fan fagut”

      I don’t give two shits about Nvidia, they make graphic cards, I buy one every 5 or so years, fin. I don’t have a Nvidia t-shirt saying I fucking love them.

      • I was hoping you were a kid as well. Then perhaps it would make more sense for the use of 9faggot.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    To anyone that thinks grudges don’t affect business, take a good long read.

    • They really don’t, he is basically saying the PS4 is still power but not on the same level as some developers are saying it is.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I’m skeptical, it seems to me like the company is taking a shot at trying to put down the GPU and CPU from AMD, because Nvidia isn’t making those for the PS4 like they did with the PS3.

        I don’t think that the company that just recently decided not to make the products for SONY is the most credible company to determine how powerful a rival company’s product is. I’d like another opinion from an outside source.

        You even said it yourself, they sound like whiners.

        • The PS4’s GPU outputs 1.84 TFLOPS vs a 680 which pumps out 5.22 TFLOPS. You think Nvidia are making this shit up? lol

          • Kyle Pazandak

            The PS4 which has a 1.84 TFLOPS system is equivalent to between a 660 and 670 GTX; However, the cost of the entier PS4 which is guestimated around $400 is basically the cost of a 670 just by itself.
            However, I don’t think TFLOPS is a relavant benchmark. Look at amd’s FX series vs Intel’s 3rd Gen I7 series. Even though the FX has more cores and a higher clock it gets trounced by the i7. TFLOPS while correlated to performance isn’t a true measure of performance. 1.84 TFLOPS with efficient API could do graphically the same as a 2.X TFLOPS Nvidia system running through the windows stacks/DX API.
            My system is a 3rd gen i5, 16gb ddr3 , 650 Ti My games don’t look nearly as good as what sony was pushing out. I am not bashing computers I think they are amazing and probably will still play alot of PC games, However, you can’t beat the affordability of a console.

          • Indeed. Consoles have to have median of quality/ function and price. PC’s can be upgraded to the users liking for the right price.

    • douk noukem balls of steel

      nvidia makes more money with the mobile market, and will be making more money in the future

      they have no need of the console business

  • AAAkabob

    Maybe this is true, but the PS4 is 100% focused on gaming.

    • Yep, PC are focused on more business rather than gaming but can be used for gaming if need be.

      That’s why I don’t see the whole “PCs beat console because -insert obvious answer here-” fight because really PCs are just that… PCs… Console are basically PCs with the main focus on gaming.

      • Cerus98

        PCs are personal computers. They are focused on whatever the consumer wants to focus on. Just about any PC can run any game. Consoles are really not PCs except in the type of technology but you cannot do much else besides play games.

        • lonewolf88

          no they can’t normal computers can’t run crisis 3 and planetside 2 on ultra settings

          • Cerus98

            Who said anything about ultra settings? Any PC, any game.

          • lonewolf88

            your wrong again a normal pc can’t run planetside 2 on low settings to even get close you would need to turn off shadows shrink render distance and sight distance…. meaning sniping wouldn’t go well…..
            crisis 3 can not be ran on a normal computer…
            not even star wars ultimate sith could run on my friends computer so you are completely wrong….
            assassins creed,borderlands 2,tomb raider,crisis 2, and alot of other games wouldn’t even come close to running on a normal pc that was not bought or built as a gaming computer sorry but since i’m saying gaming computers over all i haft to add alien ware…

          • zajac1661

            a normal computer? What is a normal computer? You can say average computer… 6000+ series gpu, 8gb ddr3 + i5/phenom is midrange. Can’t run planetside on low settings? that is a crap statement. I would gladly youtube a video with my old desktop, to proove you wrong. It runs with a 6870hd and phenom x6 high settings.

          • This is playground talk, you clearly have no idea what your talking about

          • NintendoNoob

            I have a five year old laptop that can play modern games, I don’t put them on ultra because I ain’t a graphics whore ok?

          • lonewolf88

            dude tell me your specs then. because unless you updated ur laptop it won’t meet system requirments… planetside 2 is a power house since its so huge and its shadows are like dynamic! some 600 dollar gaming pcs and only get 40fps idk what u play at but 40fps isn’t good… you must play at 10 lol

          • NintendoNoob

            I can’t play planetside but I can play games like TF2 on high with an average of 20 FPS, not good but still playable, it goes to 60 at low settings, I’m planning to upgrade but I have a

            Acer aspire 5532
            AMD athlon 64 processor (1.6 GHZ)
            3 GB of DDR3 RAM
            ATI radeon 3200 series graphics card with 1408 hyper memory

          • lonewolf88

            and this is what i mean.. a game like crysis 3 wouldn’t play on high or normal or it would but with bad fps and at that point isn’t really worth playing i’m not a pc fan or anything i’m just stating a fact

          • Guest

            what’s a ‘normal’ computer?

          • What’s a ‘normal’ computer?

      • lonewolf88

        not when you make a gaming pc lol

      • zajac1661

        what are you babbling about? Buisness…??? The PC is what you make it. And have the ability to do beyond one focus, with more force, better hardware, stronger power supply. Every option : better suited for the given task you prefer. Focused on gaming? i have way better abilities to setup my Desktop, both with hardware and controls. It is almost two years ago i upgraded hardware superior to the new consoles. I really look forward to the new consoles, but im definitly not biting my nails.
        I think a gpu similar to the 7970m laptop GPU/GTX 570 is faar from impressive. If they focus on gaming, as you say.. at least they could have made just a little step away from the midrange, slightly outdated hardware.
        None the less… it is a good thing they are comming. The game development will step forward with stronger hardware. But we will probarly see the console hardware holding back and bottlenecking the software market in a couple of years, just like we have seen with the current gen consoles.
        Not that this is a huge problem. It is a statement of reality. Power is not everything, but the discussion around goes alot about that. Some people out there make up their own truth about the power of hardware, instead of looking at facts.

    • Revolution5268

      meh i would hold on to that just yet, from what im seeing is the ps4 is not trying to be a 100% at gaming, its trying to be a social thing. where do you think 8gb of ram goes to? most games don’t need that much ram. I would never imagine a 2d game need 8 ram to work, a game like open world would fit this.


    • NintendoNoob

      give me some legitamate reasons why it’s better than the Wii U other than better graphics

      Uh huh, yeah thought so. You have no evidence that it is better

      • gobrowniesgo

        Don’t forget it has to work in order to play games..

      • Graphics
        streaming gameplay
        loading / startup time
        although at this point they both have about the same amount of games announced which i guess makes them even even tho ps4 isnt out yet…

  • Michael

    That’s because the Killzone demo WAS running on a PC…..

    • No, it was running off the actual console. You should read more.

      • Gregory Edcius

        euh no they said themselves it was running on a pc with a similar setup.
        you should read better.

      • mchelski

        no one can know that actually, sony says that but we never saw the machine. on the other side, I really like that new robot game

      • Don’t fall for the hype, save up and get a gaming PC, you have just under a year…

        • you’re like… a jehova’s witness for pc gaming

    • ?!?!?!?!?!?! are you stupid? this was a ps4 demo revealing this stuff was all off the console power durp brian

  • Sdudyoy

    Now watch as Nintendo fan boys come to Troll.

    • Enigma

      They really can’t, considering that the PS4 is so much stronger than the Wii U. Calling the PS4 low end would be calling the Wii U ULTRA-low end.

      • wiiu is next gen for the media but again fails to meet the power next gen end again… witch is were they lose me they make great games and if there console did strike the next gen in power there games could be amazing but no nintendo always under power after gamecube its was just like wtf did they get a mental child to make the power for the new consoles

        • NintendoNoob

          Graphics don’t make better system, I hate you little kids who think if the game looks better one one system it’s better than all the other versions. Go buy a gaming pc you even said your a Nintendo fan, but you bash the Wii U’s graphics capabilities?

        • lonewolf88

          the ps4 isn’t as powerful as you think now there cpu and gpu may fail which is really bad you don’t need 8 gigs of ram to run any game….

    • im a nintendo fan boy but im not trolling siny has just made a console i actually like

      • Sdudyoy

        I’m a Nintendo fanboy to, but most of the time Nintendo or Microsoft fanboys come to troll on these kind of post’s.

        • lonewolf88

          you have been doing that for a long time….

          • Sdudyoy

            Doing what? What do you mean?

          • lonewolf88

            you troll or act droneish on other sites like wiiudaily …….

          • Sdudyoy

            I don’t have any idea of what your talking about so why don’t you actually read some of my post’s before you try to troll.

        • The Libyan

          Same vice-versa. I hate how our gaming community is just a bunch of people arguing like children. I just wish people would stop bitching about everything else and just enjoy their damn console.

          • Sdudyoy

            I agree.

      • Revolution5268

        um no you are not, in wii u daily you act like a drone of sony. “but im not trolling siny has just made a console i actually like” um in Need For Speed Most Wanted U not getting DLC you bitch non-stop.
        You no fan of neither sony or nintendo you are just a troll.

    • NintendoNoob

      I’m a fan boy but I respect other companies too. I believe Sony has done something right with the Ps4 here, releasing IPs when the console comes out. Great competition for the Wii U

    • mchelski

      I am a videogame fan boy, I love nintendo and sony, and by all means specs aren’t everything, gamecube for example was 3x weaker than original xbox and could do games as pretty as ms machine, considering sony will custom its hardware, I think it will be ok

  • A PC takes even a small amount GPU to run Windows, throw a game on it, you see it being used 99% in GPU-Z. From the conference of Sony, they were only running 1/3 of the power the GPU inside the PS4. With people seeing that 33% of the GPU and a quarter of the ram being used on Killzone, I am blown away. I am a true PC gamer and have been for a long time, and I saw some things in that conference, that a PC could handle but only with 3k$ worth of product. Intel’s i7, 2x 680’s in SLI, 16 gbs ram, MB. 2 680’s alone is 1k$ the Intels i7 Ivy bridge is 350$, 16 gb of ram at 2200 is 180$ A decent MB is 200-400$ Add a case, HDD, Monitor, mouse and keyboard. Anyway, my point being, PC is full of hackers now a days, and I will be buying a PS4 not only to quit the numorous amount of upgrading and trouble a PC can cause but, to have the potential, raw spitting performance the PS4 will produce.

    • Cerus98

      A PC with those specs is far more powerful than the PS4. The rest of your post I will ignore because its complete BS.

      • windows carries a lot of overhead, and if your saying that a console cant perform better then a PC, well… Lol enough said and I have made my point. Check out the ps4 announcement one more time.

  • Zygrith

    pcs are too powerful nowaDAYS

  • bizzy gie

    Does power really matter THAT much to THAT extent? I mean the PS4 has double the cores of a standard PC with double the RAM as well. They said they were using the X86 chip because it was the easiest to develop for. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. At the end of the day, the over-powered PC won’t have KillZone or Infamous, the equally over-powered PS4 won’t Halo 4 or Gears of War, and the next Xbox won’t have SSB or Mario Kart. Games are the most important part of GAMING.

    I thought video games were made to create a fun experience done in one’s leisure time. Not argue which is better than which. It’s petty and stressful. Give me good-looking, FUN games that I can create memories over. If I were Nintendo and knew video games (FREAKING VIDEO GAMES!) would cause this much chaos now, I would have just let the gaming industry die in the 1980s regardless of all the money I would have made.

    • lonewolf88

      man if everyone thought like you did the community would be amazing…

    • NintendoNoob

      You sir should become a gaming analyst, You’d do great things in the gaming world

    • zajac1661

      Well killing the gaming industry for some online chat chaos, is not the dealbreaker at that point hehe. The deal is that the gaming market, could have been pushed way further than it is. The old consoles kept back software development. Imagine what improvements the gaming industry could have as a standard, if they just went with a slightly better gpu as a example. It is standard on the pc today, and not a big deal. Im not just speaking about graphics as a subject, but general development of a market. Yes it is about fun and fun gameplay mechanics, not nessecarily meaning that it have to be a techbeast on steroids every time. But it could be moved in a better direction. It will be fun with the upcomming consoles, but they just don’t push the game industry in the development lane as they could, and in my opinion should. There have been a big slowdown on the market because of console limits. The leap from last gen is no way near a big jump. It might be good gameplay, but a chip similar to a 570gtx is a bit dissapointing.

  • Barters

    Like the ancient Chinese proverb……

    Doesn’t matter how powerful any console/PC is if it becomes too expensive to build the games to utilise that power.

    Chew on that for a while….. πŸ™‚

  • Kenny_026

    Going into the press like this is beneath them!!

  • ah so this is the ps4 daily i like i think itll be an amazing console there tasks have proven when not having to focus on internet browers or word or any other bigger tasks a console of a mid range pc and be amplified to out power a high end pc but look its using a 8gb gddr5 that higher end not mid range the cpu tho is 8 core amd x86-64 thats more mid ranged but again not having as many tasks as a pc the power just for games can be highly amplified to out run the high end pc’s

    • Cerus98

      Try using some punctuation.

    • gobrowniesgo

      YOU WISH..They are going to be heavily involved with social media and thier os is going to take atleast half of the cores. so lt would ‘Maybe’ run off 3 at best..

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Anyone else being reminded of the months leading up to Wii U?

  • NintendoNoob

    my god, Nvidia. I love ya’ll but seriously, Sony’s playing it safe. If they went all graphics whore mode like they did with the Ps3 they would sell another 599 dollar unit and make losses. It’s gaming but I hope Sony focuses more on the gameplay other than graphics this time around

  • mchelski

    of course consoles won’t be as powerfull as pcs, since you can modify them all the time, the question is, can the console use all his power, so far, the last generation was awesome, but, I don’t like the x86 idea, ppc have been great for video games, hope I’m wrong

  • ofc this is true, which is why I would never fall for the con of a console over a proper gaming PC. Who cares what a developer has to say when the chip makers speak out! As we know, PC gaming is now booming what with steam moving over to Linux and some of the upcoming PC exclusives look mind blowing, its worth the extra money imo.

    • gobrowniesgo

      So if l were to get a mid range pc, what would it run me?

  • Guest


    • douk noukem balls of steel


    • I love how this photo uses the currently undeterminable fact “maximum facial expressions possible”…

  • I mean, with games like Star Citizen and Cyberpunk 2077 coming!! (PC exclusive)

  • gobrowniesgo

    HAHAHAHAHA..What comes around goes around! And how does it feel to have a remake of a Wii game look better than any game on ps3? Same with NFSMW!

  • gobrowniesgo

    Why are Sony fanboyz so scared of Nintendo? Maybe they should complain to Sony for being generic. They had the most power but couldn’t hang graphically with the 360..

  • ζ΅ͺι»’ι›· (Roland Gmyrek)

    A PC-GPU hardware producer trash talking a console using its main competitor’s GPU – shocker!
    PC elitists don’t care about consoles, otherwise they wouldn’t spend 1000$ on a GPU alone. I don’t get NVidia’s hate. Their loyal sheeple will never purchase a PS4 over the latest NVidia GPU. Now NVidia just sound like jerks.

  • Ya know, It’s not really about that anyways. PS4 is a powerful machine. I won’t be buying it, not in the first few years at least. But this constant destruction of character is ridiculous. I remember when I had fanboy fever and would fight these battles for Nintendo. It doesn’t matter… It’s a video game console that’s going to have some wonderful games built for it. If I buy one that’s what will sell it.

    AND besides whatever my drunk ass just said there… it’s a dedicated gaming console. PCs have to run their operating system and all of this other crap all the time. PS4 isn’t going to have to run freaking Windows. It’ll be running an OS built for that hardware.. and it will run it well. I have no doubts that PS4 will produce visuals that some PC gamers only wish they could afford for a while. And once affordable gaming PCs pass that point, it’ll still hold it’s own. I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

    • Aside from the price, and third party support possibilities. I hope the best for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. If I could afford it I would buy all of their consoles.

  • The Libyan

    Great!!!, Now Nintendo fans and Sony fans can come together on the idea that GAMES make the console. Not the power. πŸ˜€

  • douk noukem balls of steel
  • Manoj Varughese

    Nvidia bitterness continues.

  • Manoj Varughese

    How can MArch 2012 be more than a year and a half?

  • leafsfan73

    Maybe, but unfortunately anything Nvidia says about the PS4 is moot. AMD produces the PS4 hardware, so what else is Nvidia, AMD’s competitor, going to say.

  • mark

    All ps4 owners need to excuse such articles . if not today then by spring 2015 the ps4 will be outdated if not then by fall 2015 ..Its obvious that a console that gets a new upgrade every 5 years cannot hold a position versus current high end graphics cards. Ps 4 is meant for games . Either u like n buy them or u dont . Just enjoy your console and forget about pc and card compares. Coz theres no end to it