Nvidia brings PhysX and APEX for PlayStation 4

Physx PlayStation 4While graphics chip maker Nvidia won’t be featured in the PlayStation 4 — the CPU and GPU are from AMD — Nvidia’s PhysX game physics software will be available on the console, the company announced today.

Over the past years, PhysX has offered great physics performance on Nvidia graphics cards, and now it’s coming as a software solution to the PlayStation 4.

Nvidia also announced that its APEX technology is coming to the PS4. APEX is a continuation of PhysX and offers developers tools to build large, physics-based environments. With PhysX and APEX, features such as destructible environments, water and smoke effects, etc. will be much easier to implement by game designers. A big competitor to PhysX on the PS4 will be Havok, which was showcased during the PlayStation 4 unveiling on Feb 20.

The software SKD and tools will be available to developers free of charge, and can be downloaded on Nvidia’s site here. Since the PlayStation 4 is based on PC hardware, it will be very easy to use PhysX and APEX on PlayStation 4 projects.

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  • So its basically a mix of AMD’s Hardware and Nvidia’s Software… Sounds like the PS4 really is an Adapted PC after all ^^

    Now the PC Elitists won’t be able to use the console excuse ever, until 2 to 3 years later but even then the PS4 will still look the same as PC


    You got to love how PC gamers will thumbs down anything that isn’t PC

    • The Libyan

      I’m a PC gamer, but I still love Consoles. But really, PC was never in the console race. I don’t know who started that.

      • Yeah, I’m also a PC gamer but I’m getting sick of over PC “Gamers” just bashing console because we can upgrade. PCs are just in a whole different league of their own.

        I love my consoles and I just think they actually have a completely different feeling from PCs

        • The Libyan


  • bizzy gie

    Wow. I think I know what Sony is doing. They’re trying to make it easier for developers to make games on their console so they can start having games be built for the PlayStation then ported over to the next Xbox and other consoles instead of always getting multi-plat ports from Xbox 360.

  • very sweet!!!!!!!