How will Microsoft respond to the PlayStation 4?

Last month, Sony revealed the full PlayStation 4 specs and features, and it wasn’t just the “supercharged PC” hardware that surprised gamers, it was the next-gen features they built into the console. Features such as streaming gameplay videos, streaming older games, and a bunch of social and sharing features that made the PS4 feel truly next gen.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox 360Microsoft will announce their PlayStation 4 competitor next month (according to reports), and it’ll certainly be interesting to see what they’ve got inside the box. Microsoft has been rumored to focus on DVR and media with the next Xbox console, and there have been suggestions that the console could be sold or bundled by cable companies. While Microsoft no doubt will make their next gen system a powerful one, we’ll have to see if they have the same focus on games, cloud, and social as the PlayStation 4 does.

Sony realized the mistakes they made with the PlayStation 3 hardware, in particular, the Cell CPU. With the next generation PlayStation 4 console, they went and talked to developers to see what they wanted from a console. Not just in terms of hardware specs, but the controller, the social features, and online connectivity, etc. Has Microsoft been doing the same with the next Xbox console? Time will tell. Sony’s approach certainly impressed developers around the world — the PlayStation 4 has received a lot of praise for its hardware and features.

Another thing to look out for — and perhaps the most important thing — are the games. Sony showed a wide variety of games during the PlayStation 4 unveiling, including action games such as Killzone Shadow Fall, a racing game (DriveClub), and many others. So far, 11 PlayStation 4 games have been confirmed, most of them will be launch titles when the console hits the store shelves later this year. Let’s see what kind of lineup Microsoft has for its new console — the company certain has plenty of exclusive franchises to take advantage of.

According to rumors, the Xbox 720 will feature about the same specs as the PS4: 8-core CPU, powerful Radeon GPU, and 8 GB of RAM. However, rumors so far have indicated that the next Xbox will use a much slower GDDR3 interface, compared to the PS4’s GDDR5.

But, rumors are rumors, and they did prove wrong before: everyone was saying the PS4 would include 4 GB of RAM, and Sony went on to surprise everyone with double that. It’s likely we might see something similar with the Xbox 720. One thing is certain: it’s far too late to change the specs of the console at this point for Microsoft.

Sony set some high standards with the PS4, and it’ll be interesting to see Microsoft’s counter. According to various reports, the next Xbox will be unveiled in April.

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  • I think Microsofts new console will be less powerful then the PS4, sony seems to have a knack for bringing out powerhouses, just look at the PS3, PS4, PSP and PSVita. Now this does not mean that more power automatically succeeds, just look at the PSP and the PSVITA they never really hit the market especially not compared to Nintendo’s handhelds (Which so far have never been beaten by any other handheld even though often they simply are not the most powerful handhelds) but their consoles always seem to have a success eventually, I just hope for Sony’s sake that the PS4 will do better then the PS3 in it’s first few years. PS1 and PS2 did great from the start, PS3 lacked behind in the beginning, maybe because it was incredibly hard to program for the PS3 in the beginning, or perhaps it was the price tag of €600,- in Europe and $600,- in the US at launch, I don’t know.

    As for the consoles at the moment it seems like PS4 will be the main powerhouse this generation, Xbox likely will fall somewhere in between closer to PS4 then to WiiU. And WiiU probably again has to do it from the games, sadly mostly Family and friends games like all these crappy party titles available now and more to come (I hate the party titles, prefer real games like their first parties, Zelda, Metroid and second parties Xenoblade, Last Story etc. and the few 3rd parties like MH3, Tales of Symphonia, Final fantasy Crystal Chronicles etc.)
    I still love Nintendo, and I will for sure get a WiiU even if it’s just for first party titles in the worst case scenario. And the second console will either be PS4 or 720, but definitely not both.

    I’ll just wait and see what Microsoft will bring with the 720, as I’m affraid the PS4 with the hardware as it is now, will be wayyyyyy beyond my budget the upcoming two years atleast, but we’ll see as soon as Sony announces the price for the console, and we know how Microsoft will respond to it next month. Sony and Microsoft will once again go head on.

    • Jacob

      Historically, the powerhouse of the generation has never come out on top. If MS does have slightly inferior hardware and the games wouldn’t show it, they could make it a very tough financial pricewar with Sony and that’s something that could neck Sony as a company atm as they are already selling assets/buildings and value bonds to raise money and pay off massive debts.

      • mchelski

        I believe only snes won the market being stronger than sega genesis, correct if I’m wrong

    • jerrific

      While they haven’t revealed the price yet, Sony has said that the ps4 won’t be as expensive as they’ve ps3 was when it released. A big reason behind that catastrophe was the expensive development cycle for the cell processor. By using a more mainstream approach they should be able to release it at a decent price without too much of a loss. My guess is they won’t talk price until they see what Microsoft is doing with their console.

    • Dakan45

      News flash, thats what you said the last 2 gens and xbox was more powerfull both times, also who cares? ps4 uses pc x86 architecture and it is less powerfull than a high end pc. Give it 2 years and everyone will own pcs more powerfull than the ps4, so ps4 will be asbsolute.

  • AlexJones4President1995

    MS will respond by literally CRUSHING $ony like a little bug. I know the specs and the apps that are going to be included, plus a coupla stolen exclusives 😉 ( uncle works on the project. ). Trust me, last gen xbox360 left ps3 in the dust…this gen, it’s just going to be embarrassing 🙂

    • Wow you have hatred for PS3 it didn’t get left in the dust completely

    • htdhgchjv

      you know the specs?? LOL! nice try spreading junk rumors… If your
      uncle (an adult) worked at the project he certainly would not let you (
      not an adult) know. Cause you would naturally get him fired and fined.

      are putting Microsoft in a tight position by spreading these rumors.The
      more people are going to believe you, the more MS is going to let a lot
      of people down if they don’t have to show alot concerning your

      Don’t try fighting MS their battle..

      You are not so great at it….

      • Jacob

        Same goes for the Sony fanboys. Sony have let many people down during the gen and underdelivered on many of their promises as well.

        • So the PSOne was a let down? PS2 was a let down?
          I don’t think so.

          • Lol I’m getting thumbs down by the same people who agreed with someone who pretty much got burned

          • Dakan45

            Or, you are just an idiot

    • Massacred

      This post makes little to sense. Lets break this down, how could you possibly know what aps are included? If you “uncle who works on the project” leaked information about code name Durango, in all likely hood, he would have been fired (this is in accordance to how strict Microsoft has been with anyone who leaks any information about the console)

      You also say; “plus a coupla stolen exclusives.” Now, might I ask what those may be, well we already know they can’t be anything first party because Sony owns the IP to those titles. So that rules out; Resistance, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Infamous, Heavy Rain, LttleBigPlanet, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, MotorStorm, Jack and Daxter, PS All Stars, Gran Turismo, Socom, MAG, Starhawk, Warhawk, Jack and Daxter, Last Guardian (team Ico), Killzone, The Last of US, Twisted
      Metal, Knack, Flower, Flow, Journey or Driveclub. (as well as others I apologies for not listing all as my memory fails me)

      So then it must be a third party exclusives right? Well let me ask you, what third party exclusives are left at all. Metal Gear, DMC, Final Fantasy, Bioshock, Mass Effect and almost all others went multi-platform this generation. What major titles are there possibly left to steal? This argument makes no sense.

      Finally, this leads me to my last point of contention with your argument. You state that this gen “xbox360 left ps3 in the dust.” Ignoring the incorrect vernacular and lack of proper spacing and capitalization, there is a much more fundamentally flawed issue in your argument. First if you are speaking in terms of sales, you would be incorrect in saying that the Xbox is ahead. In terms of world wide sales figures the latest counts by Microsoft and Sony are: Xbox 360, 75 million sold, PS3 77 million sold. Evidence that neither one is blowing the other out of the water and Sony is slightly ahead. But maybe your not talking about consoles, maybe your talking about core games? Well seeing as Microsoft, recently has moved further and further away from its core gaming routes and sticks to putting out Fable, Forza, Gears of War (IP is not owned by Microsoft) and Halo there’s really no competition.

      I could go on with this put I believe I have displayed enough evidence to make my point.

      My personal perception is that Sony and Microsoft will both do well this next generation but they will fill different needs for different gamers. Sony will focus on the core gamer and Microsoft will expand on Kinect, casual gaming and the Xbox as a family friendly media hub as it has for the past 2 years.

      • TristanPR77

        Very good reply, you just burned a troll in the eyes.

    • With just Call of Duty, Gears of War and Halo…. oh yes I can see that happening…. NOT!

      So why did you come onto a PS4 site? Oh yes because you trolls don’t have a brain to think with I forgot. PS3 is CRUSHING the Xbox 360 now in both Japan and World Wide.

      Also, have fun with your constantly breaking console ^^

    • Also after reading Massacred reply to you… I’d recommend this:

  • therealruben1

    In order for the xbox 720 to sell,why doesnt microsoft actually focus on the games!!!!!!!!

    • Jacob

      Exactly! With now more and bigger first party studios than Sony, this shouldn’t be a problem for MS, but we’ll have to wait and see if those titles are full Kinect (which probably are meh) or optional/no Kinect titles (which could be big AAA titles).

  • Microsoft:

  • Guhtere

    PS4 daily? My dreams were just realized!

  • jerrific

    If you have a pc that can handle games, ps4 is the way to go. Many Microsoft exclusives are released for the pc, or are eventually ported to it. With the increasingly pc like architecture of consoles that trend will only become more popular. However, the only way you’re going to play amazing games like the last of us and uncharted is if you buy a ps4. Of course if you’re not into pc gaming then just go with which ever first party titles prefer. The differences in technology may mean a lot to devs and some more astute consumers, but for the average fan it probably won’t matter.

  • Dakan45

    Supercharged my ass, current high end pcs are more powerfull.

    “Yeah but consoles….”

    PS4 uses x86 architecture, which is pc architecture, therefore, pc is more powerfull by default.

    • who the hell cares? go to a pc gaming site and talk shit about the PS4 there.

      • Dakan45

        k, let me tell you what due to x86 architecture you wont be able to play old ps3 games. Since it will be like trying to port them to pc. Speakign of which, since ps3 are similat to pcs, making emulators and running ps4 games on pc will be something highly possible.

  • TristanPR77

    The next box could be sold or bundled by cable companies? Microsoft ‘s focus is on media, TV channels and stuff like that. I like Sony’ s focus more, they are all about developers, games and gamers.

  • bizzy gie

    Hardware is the hardest part of making a console. Once you make a powerful enough console, then securing game exclusives deals should be easier, not a walk in the park, but easier. I think the PS4 has a real chance to be the main console developers make games for. Especially since it’s focusing primarily on gaming.

  • Sean Reihani

    I thought the rumors said 8gb-16gb

  • bizzy gie

    Microsoft better make a new console. Not a redesign.

  • bizzy gie


  • bizzy gie

  • NintendoNoob

    By making the Durango have a tablet like controller, have 5k resolution, and have big blockbuster exclusives like Killzone and OOPS! I forgot! Microsoft can’t come up with their own ideas so they copy other companies!