High-res screenshots of PlayStation 4’s user interface

PlayStation 4 UI

Sony has released some high resolution screenshots of the PlayStation 4 user interface. The screenshots show a user profile page, some of the share functions, the video editing app, screenshot sharing, and more. Check out the full gallery below:

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  • bizzy gie

    Glad to see Sony moving from that XrossMediaBar stuff. No offense, but it just looked plain boring.

  • wober2

    That blue is very ugly in my opinion hopefully it is customizable. Some of those look like mockups because the grid format does not stay consistent especially on the screen shot for what appears to be a news/status feed. I for some reason have always had a hard time liking Sony’s UI and graphic design choices. They seem to always have an air of sleek, cold, space odyssey look that feels a bit empty to me. Especially with this social vibe i guess i was hoping for something friendlier, The boxie design and the jumbled grid format for statuses does seem familiar though… cough… cough… metro… cough… :O