Developer: PS4 is an “adapted PC”

It’s no secret the PlayStation 4 is based on PC hardware. Sony even calls the console a “supercharged PC”. It features a standard, x86 8-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and a Radeon-based GPU.

According to developer Creative Assembly, creators of the upcoming Total War: Rome 2, the PlayStation 4 is even less of a console and more of a PC. Speaking to Eurogamer, Creative Assembly’s Dom Starr said that the PS4 is “an adapted PC”, when speaking about the PC’s demise in the gaming world. Starr said,

“PS4 seems to pretty much be an adapted PC just goes to show that the platform is strong and [we’re] likely to not see the death of it any time soon.”

Developer reaction to the PlayStation 4 has been overwhelmingly positive. Sony built the console with developers in mind, and practically all of the console hardware is based on PC parts. It’s no coincidence the PS4 is called a “supercharged PC”, but we would call it a lot more than just an “adapted PC”.


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  • Cerus98

    Supercharged PC? Maybe a 5 year old one but its still nothing compared to my own PC that I built two years ago or a mid range one that you can buy today. Consoles will never come close to equalling the power of home PCs – not if they want to sell to more than the super rich. Intel and Nvidia might have put them a bit closer to fitting that description but alas – they had to go with AMD and ATI.

    • Kamille

      AMD CPU’s are the worsts but to me ATI makes the best GPU’s. And you could build a PC with similar or slightly more powerful specs than the PS4 but PS4 games will still look better because it’s a closed platform. Having standardized hardware means that developers will be able to squeeze it way beyond a PC with similar specs.

      For example: you can be sure that by the end of the PS4 life-cycle (or even sooner since the architecture is more streamlined) games will be using all the 8 cores on the PS4’s CPU but how many PC games you know about that are programmed to take advantage of so many cores? Yeah, there are none and that’s the aspect PC gamers love to overlook. Developers only push the GPU on PC development and not even to its full potential because Window OS does not let them.

      It’s too bad that TIMOTHY LOTTES deleted the blog entry because it was very interesting comparison between a high-end rig vs consoles but I did copy/paste a very interesting paragraph:

      “TIMOTHY LOTTES (creator of FXAA): As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend most of my days in frustration knowing damn well what I could do with the hardware, but what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont provide low-level GPU access in PC APIs. One simple example, drawcalls on PC have easily 10x to 100x the overhead of a console with a libGCM style API.”

      • Cerus98

        Most PC games use multi-cores and have for years. Many games are CPU reliant instead of GPU and vice versa. But what you’re saying is that in 8-10 years games will finally utilize all of the PS4s power. You think in 8-10 years hardware and games won’t have advanced at all do ya? You think PC programmers will halt advancements so that games look just the same? PC components have always had an advantage over consoles equivalents and most hardware is outdated in a matter of months. The advantage going to PCs since you can upgrade them at any time.

        For every step consoles take forward, PCs take 10. Nature of the beast. I won’t be buying a PS4. Not because of power but because their biggest mistake is dropping BC. Sad – I’ve owned/own every other console.

        • redd214

          If you own every other console, why would BC matter…?

          • Cerus98

            Well I’m running out of space for starters. Having to get a PS2 when my old BC PS3 died along with keeping my Wii to play GC games is bad enough. I’m fine with the WiiU not being BC beyond the Wii but the PS4 not even going back one gen is just sad. More to the point is there plan to have the the majority of PS4 games as downloads. While I have an uncapped 50mb connection most aren’t that lucky. I feel for them when there favorite PS4 game isn’t offered as a physical disc.

            Would have been nice to retire my PS3 to a streaming/Bluray player in another room or something.

    • bizzy gie

      A keyboard and mouse just aren’t made for gaming.

      • Ultranist

        You know that the xbox controller is supported on PC by default and the dual shock 3 is too with unofficial drivers?

        • bizzy gie

          But that’s the thing though. If computers are oh so superior, why would PC gamers want to use a controller for an oh so inferior console?

          • Ultranist

            because some games are controlled better with a gamepad like sport, driving and 3rd person games

          • bizzy gie

            My point being: if PC gamers are going to brag and boast so confidently about how PCs are better than consoles, then they need to stick to that 100%. Not, “consoles suck so hard, buuuut I still use a console controller”. It doesn’t work that way.

          • Ultranist

            endlessly customisable is one of many benefits in PC games so we can play games with any controller but on console you are forced to use a gamepad or a wheel in some driving games

          • bizzy gie

            Or a you can use standard controller. You’re never forced to use anything. And third party devs like Niko have make Xbox designed Pro Controllers for Wii U. We get customization as well. No racing game requires you to use a wheel. And I highly doubt any console gamer is going to want to downgrade from a dedicated gaming controller with analogues and triggers to a multipurpose keyboard and mouse.

  • bizzy gie

    I’m tired of PC fags. They’d claim that if the PS5 runs a 27 core, 2 terabytes of RAM, Radeon 6,000,000,000 series GPGPUx 3,000 with virtual reality, it’s only almost half as good a stupid PC. PCs are only so powerful. Consoles aren’t THAT far behind.

  • So that settles it then, the PS4 is more powerful if not on par with the PC 😀

  • Kenny_026

    @Cerus98 you could never have build a PC 2 years ago with the same specs as the PS4. People, i guess that’s you too, compare the 1,6 or 2,0 Ghz of the PS4 to the 3,6 Ghz of their pc’s a few years ago and that’s a big mistake. The amount of Ghz tells almost nothing about the speed of a computer. Much more important is how clock cycles a cpu needs to execute a certain amount of instructions.

    How many times did your parents tell you as a kid to walk twice to bring something to your room? Because you only wanted to walk once, you dropped something every step.. Walking twice would save you half the time. Same goes for a cpu…. And a cpu thats is made or adjusted to a single purpose will surprise you.

    The Ps4 will not suffer under the weight of an operating system or unnecessary services running in the background. Furthermore, and maybe even more important than the cpu is the GDDR5 memory. Why do you think your graphics card is so fast? It is because the GDDR5 memory is much faster as the DDR3 you have in your pc. And that superfast GDDR5 memory is not filled with crazy processes like a windows updates, antivirus software, printer spoolers, explorer and other windows processes.

    You cannot compare a machine that is made for gaming only to a multipurpose machine. I think the PS4 will surprise most PC gamers…. At least the first year…

    • Cerus98

      And you – like most “people” are in awe over the PS4s “8 core” CPU (which isn’t even really 8 cores) and GDDR5. I made no mention of clock speeds. Only overall power. You think because it has a 5 in it instead of a 3 that its better. That’s comparing apples to oranges.

      Power isn’t just about specs on paper of what a machine COULD do. It’s about what it can actually achieve in the real world. PC games have always looked and performed far better on computers.

    • Gregory Edcius

      sorry dude but bragging about cores that supposed to be in touchpads and notebooks is not very smart those 8 cores your talking about can handle 1 task per core and the architecture your talking about is the same as wii and wii u and the new xbox as well its called out of order execution