Bobby King confirms The Pinball Arcade coming to PS4


Bobby King popped onto the PlayStation Blog this morning to talk about upcoming DLC pinball tables for The Pinball Arcade on PS3 and Vita. He also took that opportunity to reveal that FarSight Studios is optimizing a new engine for PS4.

We are super excited about this. Pinball Arcade looks really nice on PS3, but just wait until you see it on PS4! We’ll be adding rendering tech for per pixel ray casting, area lights/shadows, point lights and screen space ambient occlusion (which is a fancy way to say even more shadows). We’re very confident that we can add all of these features on the PS4 and maintain the smooth 60 fps that you need in a pinball game.

We’ll also be updating the physics and gameplay on all of the DLC tables we release. The Pinball Arcade on PS4 will be amazing!

All kinds of PS4 exclusive technology for the new engine, updated physics and gameplay on ALL of the downloadable tables, and it will be amazing? I love my pinball games, and have been suspicious as to when FarSight Studios would announce their PS4 efforts, so I am very excited about this news. But nothing will replace playing these tables and the Zen Studios offerings on the go via the Vita.

Are you guys big into pinball video games or are you holding out for more blockbusters? PS4 will undoubtedly surprise us with more PSN-only titles, so stay tuned!

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • bizzy gie

    Cool. Wii U gets Zen Pinball and Zen Pinball 2. PlayStation 4 gets The Pinball arcade with some DLC.

    • KosmoCrisis

      All of the Zen Pinball tables will be playable on PS4 care of Gaikai streaming of PS3 content. We await an announcement from Zen Studios about what they intend to make for the next generation of PlayStation console.

  • Revolution5268

    i wonder what will this ver will bring out? i hope its not just graphics jump.