Your PS3 discs are useless in a PlayStation 4

PS3 vs PS4
The PlayStation 4 has no hardware nor software emulation on the console, which means only a PS4 disc will play.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be able to stream older PS1, PS2, and PS3 games. However, it has now become apparent that there really is no native PS3 disc support. If you insert a PS3 Blu-ray game into your PlayStation 4, it won’t play.

In other words, there is no hardware or software emulation on the PS4 — all PS3 games will be processed on a server at Sony, then streamed to the player.

The PlayStation 4 will use technology from Gaikai to stream older games to the new system. Sony has also confirmed that not all PS4 cloud services will be available at launch, and that they would be rolled out gradually after the console hits the stores this holiday season.

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  • KosmoCrisis

    Don’t trade in your PS3!

  • im just gonna stick with my my PS3 for now.

  • im going to keep my ps3.

  • Elmelwin59

    I will keep my PS3 since i have many imported games

  • bakdroid

    Biggest questions is……will you have to re-pay for games you already have in PS3 or will you be able to use the UPC on them to get the stream version? The PS4 is sounding like more and more a dud every time I read something.

  • Joe

    The best idea would be to have all PS1,2, and 3 titles available on GAIKAI on day one. Allow disc owners to insert PS-legacy disks into the system Monster Rancher style and use the unique ID on the disk to register the owned game to the users cloud account. Then simply force the user to insert the disc for license verification. This would give users access to titles they own on day one and systematically force used games out of the market. Updates to existing PS3 consoles could also check these ID’s for prior registration against a PSN ID. Meaning if you didnt register it you also cant play it on a PS3. I don’t blame them for wanting to kill used games. I’d rather pay 10 more bucks for a game when its new it it cost 39.99 or less.

  • Red Ninja 1k

    oh interwebz, you always amuse me with crap, bullshit, etc. etc. like this crapster….

  • CChaplin

    It seems to me like this whole “streaming older games” thing is just a way of dodging the fact that the PS4 really ISN’T backwards-compatible with your older disk-based games… It would be okay if the system could read an older disk well enough to be able to tell what game it is and then stream that game from the server, but nothing to that effect has been said yet, unless I’m mistaken.

  • RoadyMike

    A real shame,but I’m not surprised.The PS3 didn’t support PS2 disks(I think they did at first,but then stopped suddenly..)There’s also the issue how you can’t transfer your PSN purchases from the PS3 to the PS4…
    Sony had BETTER have at least 1/6 of PS1 and PS2 games on their cloud service,or I’m not getting their next console

  • freddy_uk

    well der . we know that. although you can play ps1 games on your ps3 still.