Ultra high res photos of the PlayStation 4 controller

PlayStation 4 controller
Sony has released some high-res images of its PlayStation 4 controller, showing all the little details we haven’t seen before. The PS4 controller features a brand new touch pad, new D-pad, new analog sticks, a Share button, a speaker, and standard head phone jack. On top of that , the new PS3 controller sports a light-bar for the new PlayStation Move sensor. Check out the high-res gallery below.

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  • Roy

    That is one ugly muthafucka!
    Nobody wants battery draining Move functionality or a useless tiny touchpad.

    • Ray

      Why do you even come to a PS4 website if you are an xbox fanboy? Looks like someone is jealous and is trying to be as negative about the PS4 as possible.

      • it’s a troll, don’t feed the trolls, let themstarve

  • ps3boss

    Speak for yourself shithead. Thats one sexy remote.

    • tokay

      It’s ugliest thing ever pauperbrain.

      • Guest

        you too

      • *Cough* Original Xbox Fat Controller *cough*

        • SoulSilverZero

          Atari 5200 Controller? *cough* *cough* *hack*

    • Chris Marrow

      Very sexy indeed I can not wait hold this baby in my hands!!

  • Tyler Beisel

    well done sony, looks fantastic.

  • andy williams

    Is the back of it textured, looks like a kevlar type design very cool looking controller.

  • where are the start/select buttons?

    • Felix Johnson

      There is only an options button now.

    • Select wasn’t used as much so Sony decided to just replace both the Select and Start button with the Option button

  • Akumi

    I really don’t like how the controller looks. Can we just go back to the PS2 controller?

    • Tim

      Neither do I. It looks like another ergonomic nightmare with tacked on useless features. How is one supposed to reach the touchpad over the sticks? It’s junk.

  • Stephen Baxendale

    I hope they don’t shove the touchpad in the middle of the controller down your throat.
    (Like swiping across it for a quick time event knife kill)

  • Sdudyoy

    I like the PS2 controller, I don’t see the point of a touch pad on a controller, although I said that about the Wii u and I seem to enjoy that, So who knows what cool or gimmicky stuff developer’s will do.