PlayStation 4: what we know so far

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled in just a few days, and we’ve gone through all the rumors and the leaked material. So far a lot of the leaked material has been consistent.

We know quite a lot about the PlayStation 4 on two fronts: the main console specs, and its new controller. Both have been extensively reported about for some time now, and in fact, we’d be surprised if Sony revealed something that was too different from the rumors specs.

PlayStation 4 hardware specs

PlayStation 4 consoleOver the past month, several sources have “leaked” the PlayStation 4 hardware specs, and they seem to agree on several points. So far, it looks like the PS4 specs will be:

  • 8 Core AMD CPU at 1.6 GHz
  • 4 MB L2 CPU cache
  • 4 GB GDDR5 RAM (unified, 3.5 GB available to games)
  • GPU based on AMD “Southern Islands”, clocked at 800 MHz
  • Dedicated audio processor
  • Blu-ray drive (25 and 50 GB layers)
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 500 GB internal harddrive

PlayStation 4 controller

PlayStation 4 cotrollerWe’ve heard a lot about the new PlayStation 4 controller over the past week, and thorough analysis of the controller reveals that it includes features such as:

  • A touch pad
  • New D-pad and analog sticks
  • A new “Share” button
  • PlayStation Move sensor
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in headphone jack

Other things we know about the PS4

Besides the hardware specs and the controller, here are a few other tidbits we know about the PlayStation 4:

  • The PS4 will highly likely stream games using the Gakai service
  • It’s highly unlikely that pre-owned games will be blocked on the console
  • A 2013 release date is highly likely
  • There have been consistent rumors of an upgraded and better PlayStation Plus service

As for the rest, the wait is almost over: only two days left until Sony fully reveals the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned!

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