PlayStation 4 GPU is 4.5x more powerful than PS3 GPU

The PlayStation 4 GPU is 4.5x more powerful than the PS3 GPU, and 7.5x more powerful than the Xbox 360 GPU
PlayStation 4 GPU

Sony revealed additional details about the PlayStation 4 hardware shortly after yesterday’s event. The GPU is custom made by AMD and is based on the Radeon 7000-series desktop graphics cards. It’s capable of 1.84 TFLOPS of processing power.

The PlayStation 3 “Reality Synthesizer” GPU had a peak performance of 400 Gigaflops, which makes the PlayStation 4 GPU about 4.5x more powerful. Once you factor in the new features of the GPU, it’s highly likely that it’s even more powerful than the raw data suggests.

The Xbox 360 “Xenos” graphics processor is rated at 240 Gigaflops, which would make the PS4 GPU about 7.5x more powerful.

In addition to being a lot more powerful than previous generations, the PlayStation 4 GPU includes a lot of new features that can help off load some of the CPU tasks. For example, physics can now easily be done on the GPU, as Sony showcased during yesterday’s event.

The PlayStation 4 also has access to a lot more RAM than the PS3 and Xbox 360: 8 GB of unified DDR5 memory, compared to just 512 MB in the older consoles.

In order to make the new hardware even more effective, Sony has equipped the PS4 with a secondary chip to handle background tasks. This frees up more resources for games and apps. From a hardware point, the PlayStation 4 is definitely a true next-gen system.

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  • RoadyMike

    Jesus just imagine the price for this thing…I just hope Sony can make a decent profit this time,or we’ll be seeing the death of a titan :/

    • KosmoCrisis

      If Vita’s poor sales and PS3’s disastrous launch cannot fell the Sony giant, nothing will.

      • Techie

        $150 BILLION in still increasing liabilities with interest payments will (already about 90% of Sony’s total asset worth). Just you wait.

        • KosmoCrisis

          And yet they continue to hire, make new consoles, buy companies, and move into a new building in San Mateo. And they pay their employees well with annual bonuses

          • Techie

            They still have that ten percent, but selling non-critical assets to raise money for the things you mention will end sooner than later.

    • Techie

      They won’t. MS will undercut them by a hefty amount and make Sony lose market share and therefor force Sony to drop the price and take more losses (something they can’t afford anymore). Sony’s already dead, they just don’t know it yet.

  • Enigma

    What a fucking beast.

  • fake_account

    mmmm… and the innovation? a PC can do the same if it’s only a more powerful machine, the game industry need innovation, not more power, the cross play with VIta is boring and absurd, it’s like the kinect and the move, fun for only one or two game but useless in the big picture, it’s not like the wiimote or the gamepad of nintendo, integral part of the console (if nly nintedo put more power in the consoles u_u ), the cloud extras are boring, upload videos is boring and absurd for most the people, the controller is the same old and unconfortable. In the end it’s all about the games not power but probably all the PS3 games can be played in the PC without problems, because of that is needed the innovation IMO. Sorry if my english is not the best.

    • Enigma

      Dude there is plenty of innovation, a lot of which you just called “boring”. Which I am guessing is “boring” to you because of either your lack of understanding, or your overall refusal to acknowledge the passion and ingenuity of said innovations.

    • KosmoCrisis

      I’d agree with Enigma on this one. Fake_account says power isn’t important in a console yet says the Wii U needs more power. Huh?

      All those peripherals and inputs is one of the things that separates a console from a PC. What should scare PC owners is the fact that PS4 is essentially a PC allowing developers to easily release games on consoles without the coding hoops of previous generations. The difference now being that same game can have different ways to play whereas PC will always just be a mouse and keyboard. That sounds boring to me.

      And how do you know the controller is uncomfortable? it’s not even out yet and the form factor has changed. Hold a DualShock 3 up to the images of the DualShock 4 and notice the difference in almost every part where your hand touches. Thumbsticks, grips, L2/R2, dpad, where’s START/SELECT – gone. Totally different. But it’s still black! Guess that means it’s unchanged. LOL

    • fake_account

      The console sound good, the games gonna be awesome in PS4 but i been a gamer for years, i know about other “innovations” in several consoles and i don’t see something relevant in the PS4, it’s not like when you can’t play arcade or even NES/SNES/Genesis/PsOne, etc… in a PC anymore, now you can play almost all the PS3/360 games in your PC and them look better in a PC (a good computer), don’t take me wrong about what i said before, the console sound great but we are in a moment in the videogames story where power is not all, we need real innovation and most of the innovation in the PS4 are week so far IMO, about the controller, yes i don’t use it yet but it’s the same old and inconfortable control, i hate the controller in the PSX, i hate it in the PS2, i hate it in the PS3 and now the same concept attack again. I need to see all the new stuff in the console but for now i feel all the “innovation” pretty boring, again, it’s only my opinion, it’s like the PS Vita, i love it, it’s a great console and i think nobody understand how good it is but in the end the sales are poor and very few games. So innovation is not all, also power is not all, the future of the videogames industry is a good combination of both.

    • This is not about the PC. PC has it’s sites.

      • lol donald dont they tell you that on willudaily when talking good about ps4?

        • Lol. I hear you, but people are always talking PC this and PC that, as if they are either mad that people don’t PC for gaming or to have their big brother behind them in case they cannot state their case for a system being strong.

  • Stranger On The Road

    sometime ago an AMD presentation showed that the next generation of consoles (note the ‘s’) will be using the mobile version of the Radeon 8000 series, not the desktop 7000 series.

    Any way, it is too early to make hardware judgments.

  • Playstation 4: The Creative Console,made better

    • Techie

      That was awful!

  • bizzy gie

    Please put a dislike button on WiiUdaily. We need it more.

    • Stephen Baxendale

      You do know that wiiudaily and ps4daily are published by the same people?

      • bizzy gie

        Duh. That’s why I’m saying put one on Wiiudaily. This site is new and doesn’t have a Donaald therefore you don’t need it as much.

        • Hello. You don’t like the truth huh? Don’t worry, i’ll tell it here too or shit on Nintendo here instead.

          • bizzy gie

            I like the second option.

          • it just means the majority of the immature crowed hasnt fully hit ps4 daily they had it on the wiiudaily but they just thumbs down people who didnt agree with them so would in turn hide their comment which people abused.

          • bizzy gie

            Wait. So we had it, but then lost it? Probably because of all the Nintendo haters. I could never hate the company that saved the GAMING INDUSTRY. Nintendo is the reason we have Xbox and PlayStation.

          • We have to stop living in the past, just as Nintendo does. Nintendo was a contributors, now their time is (finally) over, the new kings are here so deal with them.

          • bizzy gie

            We’ll see how well the $400+ consoles sell with everyone complaining about how expensive the very normal price of the Wii U is.

          • Well with the Nintendo systems, you get what you pay for and no more. With the other two, you know that you will get a finely crafted computing system – a real system capable of almost anything.

          • bizzy gie

            With them just putting a PC in a console, I might as well just fork up a hundred bucks more for something MUCH more powerful.

          • Yep – just like a gaming PC, a home theater PC and anything else computer controlled.

          • bizzy gie

            I want a different gaming experience. Mashing buttons on a slightly redesigned controller a prettier visuals doesn’t exactly fit that bill. Gaming would be dead if it weren’t for innovation (Nintendo). If it weren’t for Nintendo there’d be no Kinect, Kinect Sports, PS Move, All Stars Battle Royal, Smartglass, Vita to Playstation connectivity, Halo, PSP/Vita design, and the Xbox controller wouldn’t look like what it does. Nintendo controls more than you think Sexbox fanboy.

          • Once again, living in the PAST. Nintendo is done. They played their part now others are playing their role. The Wii U’s pad offers nothing useful and it was actually Sega’s Street Fighter II controller (with the six buttons) that helped form the modern controller, as well as Nintendo. People have long moved past Nintendo.

          • bizzy gie

            Tell that to the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS Wii owners out there. Did your Xbox even touch a hundred mil yet (the answer is no)? Nintendo is just getting started and, unlike you, I’m not going to blindly hate a company for nothing.

            If the PS4 turns out to be great, I’ll get it. Same goes for the next Xbox. However, your mind seems to be bent on brand loyalty which is the most stupid thing EVER. To those companies, all you are is a dollar sign. Nothing more.

            There’s NO need to pick sides and start rage waring over VIDEO GAMES. It’s suppose to be relaxing and fun not an all-out brawl. I’ll pick what product suits me and my life the best and move on.

            I know you don’t have the maturity to see that and probably never will, but try not to get an aneurysm arguing with strangers over the internet about GAMES if you can help it.

          • Who cares if the 360 did not reach 100 million? It is and has been running this generation so they already had this one won. The Wii is the past and even if it sold, it was a novelty item, which is why the Wii U has not moved many units.

            I am not brand loyal which is why I have a 360 – my first Xbox. I never own a PS. I was loyal to Sega before they went out and Nintendo before them. I see no need for a PS3 since I have a Blu-ray player and the all games are designed around the 360 anyway. Do you think that you are not just a dollar sign to Nintendo, or do you think that you magically become friends with them? Fool.

          • bizzy gie

            “It is and has been running this generation so they already had this one won.” It’s going to take a lot more than just YOU saying that for that to have a spec of truth. You clearly cannot comprehend the argument or you’re just too lazy to read.

            I stated “If the PS4 turns out to be great, I’ll get it. Same goes for the next Xbox.” I like Nintendo because they offer a unique, ORIGINAL gaming experience and I don’t hate them for nothing like you and every other tool out there.

            You don’t see me on some Xbox 360 site crapping on everything Xbox does trying to claim the trolls as facts. Honestly, and this is a tip for when you return to WiiUDaily, keep your thoughts to yourself.

            Nobody is listening to you and your so called “facts” have A LOT of bias behind them and negativity with little to NO backing. You’re not helping anybody and no one will EVER care about what you have to say if you keep this immature, ignorant BS up.

            You’re just a troll to EVERYBODY on that site and no matter how many times you try or how many comments you type, people will NEVER see it your way. There’s nothing you can do about it.

            I recommend you take a break from Daily, spend ALL that time on an Xbox site or some site you actually LIKE, learn what it’s like to positively comment and have multiple supporters and how agitating trolls are, and then come back ready to benefit WiiUDaily with mature, factual input based on information from your head not your ass.

            Or better yet altogether just hop off the internet and go live in the real world and interact with real people (assuming you’re not a little 10-year-old).

            I highly doubt a guy like you would consider something like that for half a second, but I should at least put the idea in your head. I hope you grow a pair someday, but until then, I assume you’ll continue to waste away with your life arguing with people you’ll never meet and who will never agree with you until it physically hurts you.

            I feel so sorry for you.

          • ” I assume you’ll continue to waste away with your life arguing with
            people you’ll never meet and who will never agree with you until it
            physically hurts you.”

            That sounds like you…

          • bizzy gie

            Bro, I’m not arguing. You just make NO sense most of the time and, again unlike you, I actually ENJOY WiiUDaily and will continue to visit the site for news and information regarding the Wii U’s future. You, however, don’t own the console and NEVER intend on getting it.

            When I go to the comments section for a mature conversation, you’re always there trolling it up because you have absolutely NOTHING better to do. It’s annoying watching you consistently pretend you know what you’re talking about when you’re just some kid. Who are you? Why is YOUR opinion SO important? Why do I care what YOU think about something you DON’T own or know anything about. Your opinions carry NO weight because you’re nobody. Period.

          • IS this Wii U Daily?

          • bizzy gie

            Remember, this entire conversation spawned from discussion of WiiUDaily.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “Well with the Nintendo systems, you get what you pay for and no more.”
            That’s the same with every console…

            “a real system capable of almost anything.”
            30 years later: PS4 is SUPER weak, the PSY is limitless.

            30 more years later: I can’t believe people said the PSY was powerful.

            You see where I am going with this…

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            If I DID take you literally, everybody lives at least 80 milliseconds in the past.

          • tronic307

            The truth is: You are here to kill our mood.

          • Ahiam94

            Get a life.

  • I think they said the console was 10x more powerful than the PS3 on the Jimmy Fellon Show when they were showing off the PS4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Still it is a really good sign for the PS4’s future

    • KosmoCrisis

      Overall I’m sure the console is 10x more powerful. James is only reporting on the GPU.

      • simplemaths

        Which is incorrect, the figure he used for gflops is from wikipedia, and [citation needed] is after the value.

        It is ~12x more powerful than the “RSX” and 9.6x above the “Xenos”.

        PS4: = 1.84tflops, confirmed by Sony PDF. (1154SP, 18CU)

        (shader * flops-per-cycle * core clock) = single precision flops. Core clock is in Mhz.

        “RSX”: (24 * 10 * 550) + (8 * 4 * 550) = 132 + 17.6gflops. Pixel and vertex shaders cannot contribute 100% at all times. The “Cell”‘s performance is much harder to gauge, and cannot make a 100% contribution to graphics as it clearly must still function as a standard CPU.

        “Xenos”: 48 * 8 * 500 = 192gflops. The “Xenos” was the first GPU to have unified shaders.

        PS360 are known as the “HD Twins”, they’re nearly identical in performance. And the “Xenos” is also widely known to be more powerful than the “RSX”.

        • KosmoCrisis

          This is good information. Now let’s see its effects on gaming. I really do hate this speculation and debate stage of a new console announcement. E3 people. Just wait till E3.

  • Techie

    That’s not a big improvement. The last gen jump was like 30-40x more powerful over the previous gen.

    • Because it was a leap from SD to HD. Now its from HD to Super HD/ UD (Ultra Definition) which is still a big improvement but not by much

      • Nothing5555

        But didn’t Sony says only movies will be played at 4k and not the games?

  • Mestace

    No it’s about 8 times. RSX real gflops performance is 232 Gflops

  • D3vOtiioNz

    and 2x more powerful than Titan 😀 LMAO