PlayStation 4 doesn’t support PS3 controllers

PS3 vs PS4
Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 3’s controller, the DualShock 3, won’t work with the new PlayStation 4 console. The news was confirmed in a statement by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, and it doesn’t come as a huge surprise: the new DualShock 4 controller is very different in terms of features — the new PS4 controller sports a touch pad, speaker, light bar for PS Move, and more.

While PS3 controllers won’t work with the PlayStation 4, players will be able to use the new PS4 controller when playing their PS3 games on the new console. It’s interesting that Sony wouldn’t allow older PS3 controllers to work when streaming PS3 games, but that probably has a lot to do with the new functionalities of the PS4 which require the new controller, such as browsing the menus and using the many social features.

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  • Wow, you can really see the difference from the DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 .0.

    I actually like the DualShock 4 design because it looks interesting and reminds me of an alien weapon XD

    • SoulSilverZero

      Well, at least they managed to change more things this time, they’ve been using the same controller for the last 3 generations with little changes.

  • michael flynn

    What will the touchpad be used for?

  • wirl

    The reason the PS3 controller wont work on the PS4 is pretty simple: Money.
    They want people to buy PS4 accessories.
    There really aren’t any “technical reasons” for the PS3 controller to not work. While the PS4 controller is technically different (added features), it’s still using the old trigger motion detection system.
    The game developers can easily detect if it’s a PS3 controller or a PS4 controller but they don’t have to since Sony has basically _hardware banned_ the PS3 controller for reasons I’ve already mentioned. This pretty much sucks but I guess I’m still happy with Sony producing such a fantastic console (so far).

  • Boyzombie

    That ps3 controller fake it says p3 and doesn’t have sony written on it.

    • AfroXVIISamuraiI

      thats just yours bruh