PlayStation 4 CPU runs at 2 GHz: rumor

PS4 CPUThe AMD-made PlayStation 4 CPU will be clocked at 2 GHz and built on 28 nm process at GlobalFoundries in New York.

We’ve got an interesting bit of news regarding the PlayStation 4 CPU. The AMD-made processor will have a final clock speed of 2 GHz. So far the CPU has been underclocked at 1.6 GHz for development kits sent out to various developers.

Previous leaks put the clock speed at 1.6 GHz, but that was for development kits. The final clock speed for the 8-core AMD CPU will be bumped up 2 GHz according to our source. On top of that, the source reports that both the CPU and the GPU will be manufactured at 28nm at GlobalFoundries’ Fab 8 in New York — GlobalFoundries is co-owned by AMD. A desktop version of the “Jaguar” CPU will be available later this year.

The custom chip in the PlayStation 4 includes both the CPU and GPU — both components are made by AMD. The 8-core CPU is based on the upcoming “Jaguar” design, while the GPU is based on the Radeon 7000-series and is capable of 1.84 TFLOPS of processing power. That’s about 4.5x more powerful than the PS3 GPU.

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  • Deadmeat

    This article is completely incorrect. The PS4 APU is being fabbed at TSMC 28 nm bulk process. The Jaguar core was chosen(more like forced onto SCEI) because the PS4 APU is being fabbed at TSMC, even though SCEI’s preference was for the Piledriver cores which could only be fabbed at IBM and GF’s SOI fabs. The Jaguar cores are at the moment incompatible with the IBM/GF’s process. It is Microsoft’s Durango chipset that is being fabbed at IBM/GF’s SOI fabs, not the PS4 APUs. One more thing, AMD sold off its GF stake a long time ago.

    • spigzone

      And the GPU is 8xxx GCN 2.0 based.

      • bitcloudrzr

        That is the word going around which explains why there are really no concrete released details for either. Highly custom Jaguar and AMD 8xxx that is GCN 2.0 that will give the system basically 50% performance increase over vs Durango.

        • thebrit

          And you say this because you have the final Durango specs in your hand??!!

          • bitcloudrzr

            No, these are the numbers that websites have been posting from their sources. Everything has been spot on by the way except for the 8gb GDDR5 for the PS4 which is quite the game changer. Also how custom and other specifics like clock speed for the cpu is in question.

            The stock 1.6ghz going to 2ghz is around a 25% increase in performance. More specific details about the GPU being Sea Islands(8000) series also needs to be had because the initial specs just prove it is better than the comparable released cards.

            Go around to Beyond3D, Digitalfoundry and Neogaf, it’s generally agreed that the PS4 has the much better and more efficient hardware and a bigger gap between the PS3 and 360. Again, these are from sources that have been 100%.

          • Deadmeat

            That was all before the vgleak’s 10 rendering CU + 8 compute CU PS4 bombshell. Now all bets are off.

          • bitcloudrzr

            Sony confirmed 18 CUs unified for whatever task, Microsoft is the question now, 12 CUs and we don’t know if they split it in any way.

          • Deadmeat

            Even what vgleaks claimed suggests the Xbox 3 has 20% more rendering power than the PS4, Xbox 3’s 12 CU GPU vs PS4’s 10 CU GPU. That is before counting the extra-efficiencies afforded by the Xbox 3’s 32 MB eSRAM. The latest vgleak article was the bombshell, which revealed that the PS4 had only 10 CU for graphics rendering, and 8 are strictly for OpenCL compute tasks.

          • bitcloudrzr

            Except that was proven false when they announced officially that all 18 units are available for whatever developers want. Sony on stage saying that 18 CUs are available and is more powerful than comparable hardware on their cards today.

            The original split was 14+4.

          • Deadmeat

            Updated vgleak rumor says 10+8. And it makes sense, because AMD plans to sell this PS4 APU that don’t make the grade to PC vendors as laptop chips by disabling specific parts.

          • bitcloudrzr

            AMD plans to sell a version of that hardware to PC manufacturers. The PS4s chip is custom built for the system. Sony and developers confirmed that it was 18 CUs free for them to use however they wish. Confirmed at the press conference and confirmed by their own official spec sheet.

            Whether or not AMD will sell stripped down versions of that chip is another thing and is in line with what Nvidia and AMD did this generation.

        • spigzone

          AMD confirmed –
          “In the case of the PS4, we leveraged the building blocks of our 2013 product
          roadmap” = 8xxx.

          Sony was very smart, essentially a hardware grand slam and a game developers wet dream.

    • Neilandio

      Where did you get all that information from?

    • Snorlax

      Don’t listen to this guy. He is a mega troll. He has been banned on multiple sites now. He is also trolling on vgleaks etc.

      • bitcloudrzr

        He got banned from SemiAccurate too.

      • Deadmeat

        So which one of my above statement is false? Every single sentence is factual.

        • bitcloudrzr

          It’s FUD when every leak is suggesting that MS and Sony is using the same processor and it looks like now Sony is going to have the faster one too. Even the GDDR5 latency has been discussed all over the place.

          Everything we have in front of us, just in terms of hardware points to the PS4 being really powerful and efficient. I don’t know why you are trying to hard, going to multiple sites posting this. AMD giving up it’s GF stake? If that kind of nitpicking is your problem, you are just wasting time.

          • Deadmeat

            When will you understand that Jaguar cores cannot be fabbed at IBM/GF’s FD-SOI fabs, thus Microsoft IS NOT using Jaguar cores?

          • bitcloudrzr

            They can be fabbed at IBM and GF. You are underestimating how well IBM is at this for customer chips. Both Sony and Microsoft spent a lot of money on the current gen for custom hardware and both had custom processors.

            The easiest explanation is that they use IBM technology in their chips, eDRAM is a perfect example of that. GF can fab whatever AMD needs still even if they are moving out eventually. Q4 2012, they still were throwing $115 million at GF for chips. IBM was committed to design and production of 3 very different chips for 3 different consoles starting in 2005.

            Unless you are saying that every leak about hardware is wrong and you are right, you’ve got to come up with better than that. You aren’t even paying attention to facts about the GPUs except making up assumptions to side with your view.

            Stop trying to hard,because people aren’t biting. Just because you make accounts on every website talking about this hardware doesn’t mean you are proving anything.

          • Deadmeat

            No, Jaguar cores cannot be fabbed at IBM. GF never fabbed Bobcat/Jaguar based APUs before, it is TSMC exclusive. If you need some education, read this.

          • bitcloudrzr

            The site you were banned from? Sure

            You realize that this doesn’t change anything. The hard evidence of what is out and that points to a customer, stock clocked Jaguar with a relatively weak gpu. You aren’t even sticking to the facts that the PS4’s gpu is 18 unified CUs with no split.

            The Jaguar used in the PS4 is a custom chip, high clocked and very efficient with the GDDR5. It is a very real observation that the PS4 is going to be around that 50% performance gap. Why does that get you so worked up you roam around to every site you can find?

            If you had a hardware spec leak that is as accurate se everything else countering Jaguar leaks, you would have something. Unfortunately everything being presented is pointing to that.

          • Deadmeat

            In case you missed the news, AMD said they were going to sell binned PS4 APU to PC vendors this fall, meaning the PS4 APU is “stock” enough to run Windows 8. “John Taylor, head of marketing for AMD’s Global Business Units, said that a version of the same chip without Sony’s technology will be available for consumers later this year.”

          • bitcloudrzr

            No one is even talking about that, In your own quote, you are stating without Sony customizations. Also, the headline and first line of the article says cut down version. That isn’t stock at all.

            From the interview, “Taylor told The INQUIRER that the AMD branded APU chip will not have the same number of cores or the same computing capability as Sony’s part.”

          • Deadmeat

            So you never heard of chip binning, where the chips with non-functioning cores are disabled and clock speed-lowered to be sold at a lower price. John Taylor was talking about chip binning here. Historically console chips were not chip-binned as all consoles had to have same spec. Not the case with the PS4 APU, which is stock enough to run Windows 8.

          • bitcloudrzr

            Yes I know what that is, that isn’t what he is talking about. The stock chip they will sell will not feature any of Sony’s customizations and will have less units and be less powerful than the PS4. Stripping the chip of cores and customizations is exactly what will impact performance like this.

            This has nothing to do with Windows 8 which can already be run on worse hardware.You keep ignoring the fact that he specifically says customizations. All this just adds up to being a chip with much lower performance.

            A stock Jaguar at 1.6ghz in say 2 core variations was suppose to be used in low end laptops anyway.

          • You’re a funny man.

  • And how reliable is this info, where is it from?

  • I don’t know the NY “fab 8” plant “With high volume production in full swing in early 2013”. Sounds risky to have it manufactured at a newly started factory.

    • Deadmeat

      GF Fab 8 is producing Xbox’s chipset “Oban”, not PS4 APU. All Jaguar based APUs including the PS4 APU are fabbed at TSMC.

    • Deadmeat

      It’s really simple to understand. If you want your chip fabbed at TSMC, then the Jaguar is the only option. If you want your chip fabbed at IBM or GF, then either a PowerPC or the Piledriver are your options, but the Jaguar is not possible as it is TSMC specific at the moment. PS4 APU is being fabbed at TSMC and has Jaguar cores. The Xbox 3 SOC is being fabbed at both IBM(The lead foundry) and GF, thus it has to be either PowerPC or the Piledriver.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    i dont understand, isnt the cell processor 3.2 ghz faster than ps4 processor 1.6 ghz ,

    • Well just like the Wii U vs the PS3,

      The PS4’s CPU has better architecture and its more modern whilst the Cell Processor is out of date tech so really even if it sounds like its faster it really isn’t since its using older tech that is out dated by today’s standards.

      So really clock speed has been irrelevant

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        A good example would be ; “Cell Processor” in a factory , a single machine does all the, very fast,but “PS4’s CPU” their are multiple machine doing different work at once in normal speed, therefore, its efficient, less damage(easy to program), consumes less power, does the work faster than cell Processor. But if the cell Processor is utilized well, then u can get the best out of it.

        • Actually, the Cell Processor was developed in that manor because Sony want developers to only develop for their platform and in terms making it harder to import games to other systems such as the Xbox 360 and so on.

          Also, you keep forgetting that its OLDER TECH meaning the CPU in the PS4 is more powerful in terms of Architectural and NOT clock speed which like I said has become irrelevant

  • wampdog29

    CPU speed really deson’t mean much on its own anyway….

    • DemonRoach

      It’s a real processor, not an IBM or ARM pos.

      • I still can’t take you seriously even on here XD

      • Also, IBM CPUs are actually used on Space Ships so really you are saying a powerful piece of hardware is weaker than a run of the mill PC hardware

  • Maweh

    Deadmeat calm yourself. Masturbating on transistors is not by any means the term ” Special Sauce “.

  • GaySkull

    Shaguar! Yeah Baby!

  • RattleGore

    Quote.. “That’s about 4.5x more powerful than the PS3 GPU.” Decent upgrade but the ps3 lack was RAM, which this system seems to got a reasonable amount…