More Detailed Look At The PlayStation 4 Controller

Yesterday we posted what appeared to be the prototype PlayStation 4 controller. IGN broke down the different features of the controller featured in the photo, and found several interesting technologies.

For one, the large part in the center seems to be the touch pad. On top of that, the PlayStation 4 controller seems to have a PlayStation Move-type sensor at the top, which is seen in its clear plastic encasing. The controller also features a speaker and a “Share button”, which was rumored last month.

Besides those additions, it looks like the PlayStation 4 controller will be getting a new D-pad and new analog sticks. It also looks quite a bit larger than the regular PS3 controller. Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 in just 5 days.

PlayStation 4 controller


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  • morganneverstill

    5 days til we find out what “unknown port” does….

  • RoadyMike

    That prototype looks a bit….cheap.I hope the real one gets a more attractive redesign