Analyst Michael Pachter talks about the PlayStation 4

Popular game analyst Michael Pachter has never shied away from expressing his thoughts on all aspects of gaming. And during the latest episode of his show Pach Attack, Pachter shared his thoughts about the PlayStation 4. Pachter believes that Sony will indeed unveil the new console on February 20th, and that several big publishers will be there with new game reveals.

Pachter also believes that Sony will not only reveal the exterior design of the console, but also the hardware specs as well. He mentioned that he had spoken to several developers who have access to the PlayStation 4, and they all told him that the new console will technically be able to do 240 frames per second, although they added that there really wasn’t any point of doing 240 FPS at this point.

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  • luke hutchison

    “Sony will not only reveal the exterior design”
    points out the obvious and still gets it wrong 🙂

  • Squid

    I really wish that Patcher would be as negative with this as they are with Wii U, sorry if you feel I’m trolling, so yeah…