Jimmy Fallon tries the PlayStation 4

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon is into technology and gaming, and frequently invites guests to show off their latest gadgets, games, and innovations. This time, he welcomes the developers from Guerrilla to play the new Killzone Shadow Fall on the PlayStation 4. We get to see some additional footage we didn’t see at the Sony PS4 unveiling a few days ago. And we get Fallon’s funny comments during the gameplay, of course. Fallon also showcases the new controller and some of its new features.

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  • Neilandio

    Wait a second, I thought that thing on the middle of the controller was a touchpad not a screen.

    • Enigma

      That’s because it is a touchpad and not a screen.

      • Neilandio

        At 0:32 they say it’s a touchscreen.

        • CChaplin

          It was just a slip-up, people make mistakes on live TV.

  • KosmoCrisis

    Yeah, I think they all botched that hands on preview a bit. Fallon was chaotic with Killzone as if he’s never played an FPS before. His reaction to the WiiU was much more exciting.

  • CChaplin

    I wish they had shown a less violent game on the show. Mind you I don’t have a problem with the game itself, it looks pretty good, but I’m just concerned with the public image of video games as a whole. You know, what with the recent resurgence of political finger-pointing at video games as a cause of violence. I mean, Killzone is obviously one of if not the most graphically violent game of the PS4’s announced lineup.