[UPDATED] ‘Future of PlayStation’ possibly bringing Battlefield 4 along for the ride


If the official @Battlefield Twitter account is anything to go by, they’ve retweeted a tweet from @GameStop saying someone’s seen Battlefield 4 in action. That sort of makes it official and less of a rumor than say the price of the PS4.

There are many ways to look at the ‘Future of PlayStation’ and the media seems to be generally focused on the hardware. While this is important to the fans mostly, if Sony doesn’t put the focus on what changes they have made to the backend of PlayStation, then PS4 won’t be as much of a step up as standard definition in PS2 was to HD in PS3. The Vita improved greatly on the PSP in both hardware (dual analog, front/rear touch inputs, motion input, front/rear cameras, no UMDs, HD OLED screen) and software (new OS, multitasking, augmented reality, backwards and side compatibility).

PC games continue to improve with every new graphics card release. The main purpose of home video game consoles is to eliminate the need for new hardware so soon after just recently upgrading. It’s also to allow developers to become familiar with the dev tools and architecture, but what if those two things were simplified by making them more like the PC and less like what PlayStation has done.

PS2 and PS3 were both headaches to develop for according to so many studios. Costs can easily be reduced while the sheer number of high quality games is increased. Developers will actually want to bring their games to PS4 as well as Steam with Big Picture. Good games will sell the PS4. Many think Vita is not selling well because it hasn’t been bringing the games. Starting with Battlefield 4 is a good move for both the future of PlayStation and for EA.

The Future of PlayStation will be known to all in just a handful of hours, watch it here. Now we can speculate about which games would sell the most PlayStation 4s. Which solitary game franchise or character do you think would sell the most PS4s? What changes do you feel need to be made to the future of PlayStation Network?

UPDATE: EA made no such appearance on stage to talk about PlayStation 4 or any IPs they may be working on. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t something more to this story as the twitter share could only be debunked by the notion that both GameStop and Battlefield Twitter accounts were hacked.

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